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Miller Family

  • AR-MS-611
  • Familie
  • 1897 - 1984

Georgia A. Miller, was born August 27, 1897 in Castleton, Ontario and arrived in Edmonton with her family on June 17, 1902. Her father, Raymond B. Walt, became the assistant town clerk. The family resided at 102A Avenue. After attending Normal School in Camrose Georgia taught at the Queens Avenue School. She also earned her ATCM Diploma from the Toronto Conservatory of Music and taught music and was a piano accompanyist for many years performing with Amelie Lane Gubbins, nee Brooks. Georgia was a lifelong member of the United Church of Canada and held positions as President of the Edmonton Presbytery 1942-1943 and Alberta Conference President of the Women's Missionary Society, 1948-1951. Georgia died at age 86 on February 17, 1984. Georgia was predeceased in 1956 by her sister, Winnifred Empay wife of Dr. Howard S. Empay of Vancouver, formerly of Edmonton. She was survived by her husband Clarence E. Miller of Edmonton and a niece, Frances Empay of Vancouver. Clarence Miller worked for Calgary Power in Wetaskiwin as a salesman for Northern Hardware in Edmonton and as an electrician.

William Henry Sheppard Family

  • AR-MS-651
  • Familie
  • 1862 - 1944

William Henry Sheppard was born in Newmarket Ontario in 1862. He married Annie Elizabeth Lowe on April 13, 1892. Together they came to Edmonton in 1894 and ran the Raymond Hotel and then the Hotel Edmonton in 1896. He built the Sheppard Block in 1907 and began a political career serving on the First Strathcona Council in 1899 until 1901 then 1903-1904 and again in 1908-1909, until being elected mayor of Strathcona in 1906. Mr. Sheppard also owned and operated the Yellowhead Brewery in Rossdale. He died in November 1944.

Graham Family

  • AR-MS-144
  • Familie
  • 1881-1967

Graham, Eva M. 1887-1967
Graham, George L 1881-1956

George L. and Eva Margaret Graham lived in Edmonton AB from ca. 1906. George Graham worked for the Edmonton Piano Co., ca. 1907, before establishing the firm of Graham and Reid Home Furnishings, with Horace P. Reid in 1908. The business began at 10373 Namayo Avenue (now 97 Street) and in 1917 moved to 10115 Jasper Avenue.
In 1932, Graham & Reid Home Furnishers became Henry, Graham & Reid located at 9905 Jasper Avenue. George Graham was president of the firm until ca. 1949. The business was sold to Harold Sprague in 1949, eventually becoming Sprague Furniture.
George Graham died in 1957 and Eva Margaret Graham died in 1967. They are buried at the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.

Myroniuk Family

  • AR-MS-149
  • Familie
  • 1893-unknown

Myroniuk, Annie Zayda 1901-unknown
Myroniuk, Peter 1893-unknown

Peter Myroniuk, born ca. 1893 in Sniatyn, Austria, lived in Beverly from 1929 to 1930 and worked at D.R. Fraser & Co and as a labourer and a miner. Annie Zayda, born in Melnesey, Borchew, Poland in 1901, lived in Edmonton in 1930 and worked as a waitress. Peter Myroniuk and Annie Zayda were married in Edmonton in 1930. It is not known what happened to Annie and Peter Myroniuk after their marriage.

Caine Family

  • AR-MS-1164
  • Familie
  • 1882-2016

Caine, Annie 1917-1922
Caine, Bertha Violet Todd 1890-1943
Caine, Harriet 1918-2015
Caine, Harry Lawrence 1882-1974
Caine, James 1927-2012
Caine, John Todd 1920- 1995
Caine, Louella 1923-2016
Caine, Robert 1929-2007
Caine, Susan 192?-?
Caine, William 1932-2007

Harry Lawrence Caine was born in 1882 in Addleston, Surrey, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1901. Bertha Violet Todd was born in Huntingdon, Quebec in 1890. Bertha and Harry married in Edmonton in 1916.
Bertha and Harry had eight children: Annie (1917-1922), Harriet (1918-2015), John Todd (1920- 1995), Louella (1923-2016), James (1927-2012), Robert (Bob) (1929-2007), William (Billy) (1932-2007), and Susan (192?-?).
The Caine family owned and operated a 16 acre mink farm near Queen Elizabeth Park (by present day Kinsman Field House) in the early 1900s. As the residential area developed and Harry Caine added fox to the farm, the residents began to complain and the Caines were forced to move south of the City limits around 1929. The new farm, located in Pleasantview near the present day Southgate Mall was a mink and fox farm. The Caines also operated a seven acre market garden where they grew raspberries, currents, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, and turnips, as well as a variety of fruit trees such as plum, and nut trees such as beechnut and butternut.
Bertha Todd Caine died in 1943 and Harry Caine died in 1974.
The Caine family began selling off their farm land in 1945 as Edmonton expanded and the Pleasantview neighbourhood developed. Caine Memorial Park (5420 – 106 Street) was named after John Todd Caine, and is located in the former site of the Harry L. Caine Market Garden.

Aitken Family

  • AR-MS-765
  • Familie
  • 1893-1979

Aitken, Marjory Adella Mallory 1893-1979
Aitken, Robert Mallory 1925-1946

Marjory Adella Mallory was born on Jan 14 1893 in New Brunswick, Canada.
On 15 Sep 1923 she married Albert Emerson Aitken, a clothier in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Marjory and Albert’s first child, Robert Mallory Aitken, was born 4 Jun 1925, in Edmonton, Alberta. His sister, Shirley Anne (Fisher) was born 11 Jun 1928 and eventually moved to North Battleford, Saskatchewan with her husband until her passing on 23 Sep 2001. Robert attended both Westmount and Westglen High-School and graduated in 1943. During his time in Edmonton he was active in a variety of sports. After graduation, R. Aitken joined the Canadian Army Airforce and received R.C.A.F. training in Edmonton, Abbotsford, B.C., and Vulcan, AB. In October of 1944 he won his wings and commission in addition to the C.O.’s award as outstanding athlete in his class. After the Second World War, R. Aitken was transferred to the army Fleet Air Arm overseas. On 29 Oct 1946, R. Aitken was killed in a flying accident at the Royal Navy air school at Eglinton, Northern Ireland. Upon recovery of his body, he was buried in Cumberland, Wigton Cemetery, U.K.

Marjory Adella Mallory Aitken died 29 Jan 1979 and is buried in the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.

Byron, Percy

  • AR-MS-1192-S-2
  • Familie
  • 1878-1959

Percy Byron was born 21 Sep 1878 to Julia Lewin and Joseph Byron in Nottingham, England. In 1899, he emigrated to the United States with his parents and siblings – Maude, Georgiana, Florence, and Philip. His father, Joseph Byron, became a celebrated New York photographer.

Percy emigrated to Edmonton in April 1906 with the intention of homesteading or ranching. Realizing there were no photography businesses in Edmonton, he quickly sent for a ‘photographic engraving plant’ and by August of that year had set up business. A year later he was joined by his brother-in-law, Gustave May, and the Byron-May company was formed.

In 1908 Percy married Louise (Lulu) Marrin in Richmond, New York. Louise returned to Edmonton with Percy. They had four children, all born in Edmonton – Elizabeth (Betty), Grace, Joseph, and Jane.

The Byron-May Company fell on hard times with the coming of World War I and the business was sold to McDermid Engraving in 1917. The following year, Percy moved his family back to New York. He continued in the photography business, specializing in steamship photography.

Louise Marrin Byron died 31 Jul 1956 in New York, USA.
Percy Byron died in 9 Jun 1959 in New York, USA.

May, Gustave

  • AR-MS-1192-S-3
  • Familie
  • 1881-1943

Gustave Henry May was born 2 Jun 1881 to Estelle Lebrethon and Gustave C. May in New York, USA.

In 1905 Gustave married Florence Byron, sister of Percy Byron, in Manhattan, New York. A son, Gilbert, was born in 1906 in New York.

The following year Gustave, Florence, and Gilbert moved to Edmonton where Gustave joined his brother-in-law, Percy Byron, to form the photography business Byron-May Co.

Gustave and Florence had three more sons, all born in Edmonton – Joseph, Gustave Jr., and George.

In 1912 Gustave May was elected to the Edmonton City Council. He was popularly known as the ‘Water Alderman’ for his strong advocacy for fixing the city’s lack of water for bathing and firefighting.

The Byron-May Company fell on hard times with the coming of World War I and the business was sold to McDermid Engraving in 1917. The following year, Gustave moved his family back to New York. Gustave went on to work in the newspaper industry.

Gustave H. May died 31 May 1943 in New Jersey, USA.
Florence Byron May died in 1956 in New Jersey, USA.

Samuel McCauley Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-4
  • Familie
  • 1855-1987

McCauley, Catherine MacLean 1864-1944
McLean, Catherine Anne McCauley 1887-1987
McCauley, Daniel Alexander 1884-1951
McCauley, Elizabeth Lucinda 1890-1926
McCauley, James Hector 1899-1979
McCauley, Mary Eleanor 1885-1957
McCauley, Matthew Allan 1895-1948
McCauley, Samuel 1855-1903
McCauley, Samuel (Jr.) 1892-1892
McCauley, William Fred 1902-1930

Samuel McCauley was born 18 Sep 1855 to Eleanor Latimer and Alexander McCauley in Owen Sound, Ontario. Following in his brother Matthew’s footsteps, Samuel came to Edmonton in 1892 with his family. Upon first arriving in Edmonton he got a job running the Lower Ferry (near the site of the Low Level Bridge) and then worked as a teamster. In the mid to late 1890s, he created a business specializing as a house mover and contractor.

Samuel McCauley’s business included construction of homes and large buildings, such as the Thistle Rink, and hauling large items including houses and heavy machinery. Younger brother Alex McCauley, a carpenter, worked for Samuel and upon Samuel’s death in 1903, he took over the business. The business was operational until Alex’s death in 1908.

Samuel married Catherine MacLean and they had eight children – Daniel Alexander (1884-1951), Mary Eleanor (1885-1957), Catherine Anne (1887-1987), Elizabeth Lucinda (1890-1926), Samuel (1892-1892), Matthew Allan (1895-1948), James Hector (1899-1979) and William Fred (1902-1930).

Samuel McCauley died 13 Aug 1903 in Edmonton.
Catherine MacLean McCauley died 10 Dec 1944 in Edmonton.

Samuel and Catherine’s daughter, Catherine Anne, was born 25 Jun 1887 in Ontario. She married Colin McLean in 1910, in Edmonton. They had two daughters – Jean (1911-2003) and Betty (1923-2007). Jean McLean married Francis C. Saville and Betty married Wesley H. Parsons.

Secord Family

  • AR-MS-46
  • Familie
  • 1860-current

McFadyen, Lena Secord 1895-1993
Secord, Annie York 1868-1951
Secord, Isobel 1902-1993
Secord, Margaret Calder 1905-1980
Secord, Richard Henry 1860-1935
Secord, Richard Calhoun 1955-current
Secord, Richard York 1900-1987

The Secord family in Edmonton can trace its roots to the James Secord family of Ontario (1700's), and earlier to the Ambroise Sicard family in New Rochelle, New York (1600's).

Richard Henry Secord came to Edmonton as a young man from Ontario in 1881. He married Annie York and they had five children - Lillian Laura, Annie Helena (Lena), Imogene (Gene), Richard York, and Isobel.

Lillian Laura died in infancy. Lena Secord married Alexander McFadyen, Gene Secord married George Keltie, and Richard York married Margaret Calder.

Richard York Secord and Margaret Secord had one son, Richard David Secord, and one adopted son, Ken Kirsch Secord.

Richard David Secord married Delle Calhoun and they had seven children - Richard Calhoun, Christopher, David, Dean, Kerry, Laura, and Mark.

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