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Edmonton Scottish Society

  • AR-MS-76
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1937 - current

The Edmonton Scottish Society was formed in 1937 after an amalgamation of the Caledonian Society and the St. Andrew’s Women’s Association. The Edmonton Scottish Society works to promote Scottish heritage through athletic, cultural, and social activities through its annual Highland Gathering.

Small, Christopher Murray

  • AR-MS-79
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1864-1927

Christopher Murray Small, known as Christie, was born 3 Sep 1864 to Margret Gourley and Matthew Small in Renfrew County, Ontario. Christie was originally a farmer and later became a lumber foreman in Pembroke, Ontario. He married Annie Ryan in 1892 in Pembroke, and they had six children - Effie, Mabel, Harry, Irene, Muriel and Alfred.

In 1912, he purchased land in Edmonton, in the area formerly known as Crescent Heights. As this time was one of Edmonton's building booms, and Christy did not move to Edmonton, presumably this purchase was for land speculation.

Christopher Murray Small died 15 Feb 1927 in Pembroke, Ontario.

City of Edmonton. Management Services Department

  • AR-RG-1
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1971-1976

Management Services, under Superintendent H. B. Fraser, provided a wide range of technical and informational assistance to all other City Departments. Its sole purpose was to service the changing requirements of the City as evidenced in the particular demands of operating departments and other service functions.

Major functions of the department were organizational planning and analysis, equipment selection, office layout, forms design and control, a complete computing service which included systems design, operation and maintenance, records management, printing and reproductions. The department was divided into five main branches: Analytical Services, Computer Systems, Computer Operations, Microfilm and Records (Mail Services), and Printing and Reproductions.

Printing and Reproductions Branch

  • AR-RG-1-S-2
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1971-1976

The records in this series relate to the functions of the Printing and Reproductions Branch.

This branch, under Director Vern Skogg, was responsible for defining the use of materials, quality and quantity required, selecting the proper process, and producing the print job. The function was divided into two elements: plan printing and printing. Plan Printing serviced the needs of all City departments for blue and black line prints, sepias and mylars. There were three categories of printing: the printing of small reports, agendas, bylaws, inter-departmental letters and all of the council material for their meetings; a second category included the printing of all types of forms, letterhead, cards, brochures, books and reports; the third category was the tendering of printing requests that the shop could not handle because of large volume, or economy.

This branch had a satellite print shop at the Police Station to facilitate the immediate turnover requirements of the Police.

Microfilm and Records Branch

  • AR-RG-1-S-3
  • Pessoa coletiva

The records in this series relate to the functions of the Microfilm and Records Branch. This branch, under Director Tom Rannie, provided all City departments with services ranging from folding, inserting and metering of mail plus special deliveries and regular daily pickups and deliveries of mail, as well as providing microfilming services. The City of Edmonton established their first 16 mm microfilm program in 1952 in conjunction with Civil Defense for the security of essential documents. During the late 1960s this program was expanded to combine both 16 mm and 35 mm microfilm systems which gave complete flexibility and had the added advantage of making use of equipment in the Computer Operations Centre.

Bond Family

  • AR-MS-1
  • Família
  • 1880-1972

Bond, Margaret Joy 1915-1972
Bond, Victor Percival 1880-1961

Victor Percival Bond was born 4 Sep 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Greenway and William Bond in Simcoe, Ontario. Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Victor with his parents and siblings, Edgerton, Ida, Lulu and Reta, moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Victor was part owner of the Bond-Adams Company Limited, a real estate investment company, originally based in Port Arthur, Ontario. The company moved its head office to Calgary prior to the First World War, and also had an office in Sudbury, Ontario. It is likely at this time that Victor moved to Calgary. The Bond-Adams office in Calgary dealt directly with the many clients and companies involved in land speculation in western Canada at the time. Many of the clients were from the mining districts of northern Ontario.

In 1906, Victor married Evelyn Todd in Calgary. The had two daughters, Evelyn Ann born in 1913, and Margaret Joy, born in 1915. Sometime between 1916 and 1921, Victor and his family moved to Edmonton. Victor started a tailor shop in Edmonton, V.P. Bond and Company, which he operated until his retirement in the late 1950's.

Margaret Joy Bond worked in Edmonton, variously as a teacher, stenographer and seamstress.

Victor Percival Bond died 6 Dec 1961.
Margaret Joy Bond died suddenly, while on vacation in Nanaimo, BC, on 2 Oct 1971.
Margaret is buried with her parents in the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

McCallum, Joseph Seely

  • AR-MS-14
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1884-1945

Joseph Seely (or Seeley) McCallum was born 9 Jul 1884 to Jane Seeley and Angus McCallum in Renfrew, Ontario. At some point the family settled in Mundare, AB, where other members of his family lived and operated the McCallum Garage. Joseph began real estate operations there and in Edmonton around 1920. His company McCallum Agencies, formed ca. 1927, dealt with real estate, farm lands, insurance, real estate investment and rentals. He also operated McCallum Motors, dealing in Studebaker and Erskine cars, ca. 1928. By 1932 Mr. McCallum appears to have gone bankrupt and he reverted to working as a real estate agent for a local firm, as manager of the Raymond Hotel and an appraiser/collector for the Canadian Farm Loan Board until about 1945.
Joseph Seely McCallum married Catherine Elizabeth? in 1905. They had three children – Bessie, Angus and Randolf.
Joseph Seely McCallum died 22 Jul 1945 in Edmonton.

Sinclair, J. Gordon

  • AR-MS-16
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1889-1980

John Gordon Sinclair was born 25 Jul 1889 to Lilley Lamont and John Sinclair in Middlesex County, Ontario. He came to Edmonton as a teacher in 1912 and eventually became teacher and principal of McKay Avenue School. He retired in 1955. He studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and the University of Washington. He was a member of the Edmonton Art Club formed in 1921.
J. Gordon Sinclair married Irene B. Rutherford in 1924 and they had two children - Donald and Gwen.
J. Gordon Sinclaur died in 1980 in Edmonton.

Corley, Raymond F.

  • AR-MS-25
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1926-2003

Raymond Francis Corley was born in 1926 in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1948. He first worked for General Electric in the railway test car department in Pennsylvania. He returned to Canada in 1949, working in the Canadian General Electric Company as a transportation engineer designing propulsion equipment for trolley coaches and subway cars. In 1965, he was named director for transportation of equipment and sales planning for Canadian railway-related operations, including urban transit. This role gave Ray access to railway transit systems, properties and suppliers across Canada and opportunity to gather a significant amount of rail and transit information that would have otherwise been lost.

In 1974 he went to work for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), eventually becoming the Superintendent of Design and Development in the Equipment Department. During Ray’s 15-year career with the TTC, he was instrumental in the design and development of much Toronto’s modern streetcar and subway fleet.

Ray retired in 1989 and became a transportation consultant, researcher and historian. Ray spent decades preserving transportation history and accumulating a personal archive of photos, records and artifacts on railway transportation, equipment and operations.
Raymond Corley, is also a published author of many books on rail and urban transit:

  • The BUDD RDC in Canada, for the Upper Canada Railway Society, 1967,
  • Canadian National Steam Power, co-authored with Anthony Clegg, 1969,
  • Preserved Canadian Railway Equipment, for Railfare Enterprises, 1972,
  • Interurban to St. Albert: the Edmonton Interburban Railway, co-authored with Douglas V. Parker, 1995.

Raymond Corely died in 2003 at the age of 77 yrs. In 2004, he was awarded the W.G. Ross Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) and thereby inducted into CUTA’s Hall of Fame.

Boulanger Family

  • AR-MS-747
  • Família
  • 1875-current

Boulanger, Jean-Baptiste 1923-2000
Boulanger, Joseph 1875-1963
Boulanger, Michel [192-?]-current
Boulanger, Valerie Phaneuf 1885-1967

Joseph Boulanger was born 5 Jan 1875 in Montreal to Elizabeth Brissette and Jean-Baptiste Boulanger. He graduated in medicine at the Université de Montreal in 1906 and did an internship at the Hospital de la Miséricode in Montreal. Joseph then did further training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, as well as the Post Graduate Hospital and Lying-In Hospital, both in New York. Upon completion of these studies, he moved to Alberta were he first practiced medicine in Athabasca Landing and Grouard before moving to Edmonton, ca. 1912.
Joseph married Blanche Chartier in 1913; Blanche died in 1920 in Edmonton.
Joseph then married Valerie Phaneuf in 1921 in Edmonton. They had two sons, Jean-Baptiste and Michel, both of whom became physicians.
Joseph Boulanger was considered to be a pioneer Edmonton physician and surgeon. He was also very active in the community. Joseph was the first president of the Societé Saint Jean-Baptiste in Edmonton and founded the French-language monthly, Le Canadien-Francais.
Dr. Joseph Boulanger died in 8 Jul 1963 in Edmonton.

Valerie Phaneuf was born in 20 Jul 1885 to Loma Reaume and Hilaire Phaneuf. Valeria taught in schools in Ontario before coming to teach in Edmonton in 1912. She married Dr. Joseph Boulanger in 1921 and they had two sons, Jean-Baptiste and Michel, both of whom became physicians. After marriage, Valerie gave up teaching formally in schools but continued to teach music privately for many years. She was an associate of the Toronto Conservatory of Music.
Valerie Phaneuf Boulanger died 8 Feb 1967 in Edmonton.

Jean-Baptiste Boulanger was born in 24 Aug 1922 in Edmonton to Valerie Phaneuf and Joseph Boulanger. As a youth he was considered to be a brilliant pupil. In 1930, he established a small newspaper, ‘Le Petit Jour’, a quarterly French periodical for children. Le Petit Jour began with a circulation of 18, which increased to 1,300 in five years. In 1935 he was involved in creating the first troop of French Canadian Boy Scouts in Alberta, known as “La Premiere Canadienne-Francaise d’Alberta”.
He was awarded “la medaille de vermeil” from the l’Acadamie Francaise in 1936, as founder and editor of ‘Le Petit Jour’. In 1937, he was part of group of students who were sent to England, representing Canada, to attend the coronation of George VI, in recognition of their scholastic achievements. Jean-Baptiste Boulanger attended the Grandin School and Jesuit College in Edmonton, and then Brebeuf College in Montreal. He studied medicine at the Université de Montreal.
Jean-Baptiste Boulanger died 1 Aug 2000 in Montreal.

Michel Boulanger was born after 1923 in Edmonton to Valerie Phaneuf and Joseph Boulanger. Michel Boulanger married Therese ?, and they had six children – Michel, Paul, Marc, Robert, Louise and Claire. Michel Boulanger also studied medicine and was a physician in Edmonton.

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