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Roxburgh, Maria Scragg Stirling

  • AR-MS-781
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1886-1979

Maria Scragg was born in 1886 in Stratford, Essex, England, to Emma Jane Houghton and Ralph Scragg. She emigrated to Canada in 1905, eventually settling in Edmonton. She married William Stirling in 1907 and they had one son, Charles Ernest in 1908. William Stirling died in 1918.
In 1920, Maria Scragg Stirling married John Roxburgh, who himself had lost a spouse in 1918. John Roxburgh had been married to Grace Armstrong and they had 3 daughters, Agnes, Ania and Margaret.
After Maria Scragg Stirling and John Roxburgh were married they became a blended family as the 1921 Canadian Census shows Maria’s son, Charles, took Roxburgh as his last name, and Maria was referred to as the mother (not stepmother) of the three girls.
John Roxburgh died in 1958. Maria Scragg Stirling Roxburgh died in 1979. They are buried at the Edmonton Cemetery.
Maria Scragg Stirling Roxburgh is the sister of Richard Scragg.

Milner, John

  • AR-MS-783
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1849-1926

John Milner was born on 13 Dec 1849 in Yorkshire, England to Harriet Gallier Pimm and John Milner. He married Mary Ann Wilson Smith in 1870 in England. They would have 11 children.
John Milner was successful in the coal business in his native Yorkshire, but decided he could do better in Canada. He first went to Colorado for a few years then came to the Edmonton area with two of his adult children, William and Mary Ann, in 1895.
The following year he purchased land on the west side of the Latta Ravine that was part of River Lot 20 (known now as Riverdale) from Kenneth McDonald. John and his son William worked the mine. It became known as Milner’s Mine and the area often referred to as Milner’s Hill.
The coal mine was so successful John Milner convinced another son, Joe, to come to Edmonton from Colorado to join him in business. Joe Milner traded a purebred Ayrshire cow to McDonald in exchange for another parcel of land in River Lot 20. Milner and his sons continued to mine the area until the early 1900s, by which time they were operating other mines in the Clover Bar area.
The original Milner mine on Milner’s Hill was later part of the Edmonton Penitentiary grounds, where prisoners were involved in mining for coal to heat the penitentiary. The area is approximately where Clarke Stadium is today.
John Milner died in Edmonton 17 Jun 1926.

Marshall, Albert

  • AR-MS-784
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1913-1986

Albert Marshall was born in Edmonton, on 8 May 1913, to Hiram Marshall and Edla Martinson. Shortly after his father enlisted in the Canadian Forces in 1915, his mother died. After his father was discharged from the Canadian Forces in 1916 and moved to the U.S. the following year, Albert Marshall was put into the care of his grandmother Lucinda Dowling Marshall until her death in 1919. It is not known who cared for Albert at this point.
In 1938, Albert Marshall married Muriel L. Toop in Edmonton. Albert worked as a carpenter. Muriel Topp Marshall died in 1954. At some point, Albert Marshall married Mildred E. Witzen and in the late 1960’s they moved to Victoria, B.C.
Albert Marshall died in Victoria, B.C. on 13 Oct 1986 and is buried at the Edmonton Cemetery.

East, J.

  • AR-MS-791
  • Pessoa singular

Nothing is known about this donor and/or creator of the records.

Neilson, James T.

  • AR-MS-874
  • Pessoa singular
  • [196-?]-current

James T. Neilson is a lawyer and partner with Parlee McLaws, Barristers & Solicitors in Edmonton. He was educated at Trinity College, University of Toronto (1976) and Osgoode Hall Law School, York University (1979). He has practiced in the area of civil litigation since 1981. James is past president of the Edmonton Bar Association and serves on committees with the Law Society of Alberta. He was appointed Queen’s Council in 2010. James has also been active in various Edmonton community groups including the Edmonton Community Foundation, Big Brothers Association of Edmonton and District, and the Edmonton Historical Board.

Mair, William

  • AR-MS-942
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1895-1965

William Mair was born 2 Nov 1895 in Wiston, Scotland to Agnes Gibson Brown and James Mair. The family was in Edmonton by 1911 and lived at 106 Avenue and 123 Street. William worked as a clerk in a hardware store.
In 1915 William enlisted and became a private in the 202 Overseas Battalion (231365). The 202 Overseas Battalion embarked for England from Halifax on 23 Nov 1916 on board the S.S. Mauretania. He saw action in France and was wounded in late 1917 in Etaples, France. He recovered and rejoined his unit. Mair was discharged and returned to Canada in March 1919. He was awarded a military medal in May 1919.
William Mair worked as a clerk for the Canadian National Railway. He married Dora ? and they had two children - Gordon and Elizabeth (Betty).
William Mair died 10 Sept 1965.

Ternon, Nora Stinson

  • AR-MS-982
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1914-1933

Nora May Stinson was born 10 May 1914 in Edmonton to James Stinson and Beatrice Moore. The family lived at 113 Avenue and 124 Street.
Nora married John B. Ternon in Toronto in 1942. The couple lived in Toronto but returned to Edmonton in the early 1960s. They lived with Nora’s parents in the home of her childhood and Nora worked as a bookkeeper.
Nora Stinson Ternon died 25 Apr 1993 in Edmonton.

Ellinger, John D.

  • AR-MS-1085
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1920-current

John D. Ellinger was born in 1920 Edmonton to Cyril and Dorothy Ellinger. John was in the Canadian military, as was his father (Capt. Cyril Ellinger 4th field Co. Canadian Engineers 1914-1918). John married Barbara sometime after 1940. Barbara Ellinger died in 1999.

Lawrence, Mrs. P.

  • AR-MS-1162
  • Pessoa singular

Absolutely nothing is known about this donor.

Bruun, Chris

  • AR-MS-1178
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1929-current

Chris Bruun was born 9 Aug 1929 in Finland. He emigrated to Canada with his brother arriving in Montreal on 1 Jul 1951. He worked as a construction labourer in Northern Quebec before moving west to Edmonton in 1952.
He was staying at Immigration Hall when he noticed a job opportunity at the Eldorado Mining Company in Port Radium at Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. He took up photography when he discovered the mining company had a darkroom in their recreational facilities.
Mr. Bruun is a self-taught photographer learning from books, trial and error and conversations with the owner of McBain Camera in Edmonton. His first camera was a Rolleicord followed later by a Hasselblad 1000F.
In 1955 he gained darkroom experience working with well-known photographer Bob Cantelon with whom he became great friends. Eventually Mr. Bruun embarked on his own professional photographic career specializing in commercial and advertising photography. He worked for firms such as Imperial Oil, Syncrude and Travel Alberta. He also provided images for film-maker Albert Karvonen who became a good friend.
Since his retirement Mr. Bruun has turned his camera on various subjects of interest to him. Moving into the digital world has allowed him to continue in the creation and processing of the photographs and experimenting with various techniques.
Chris Bruun began donating photographic prints to the City of Edmonton Archives in 1995 and continues to add to the collection in print and digital formats. He continues to be a prolific photographer in his retirement, often photographing skylines from the balcony of his 14th floor apartment in the Oliver area.

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