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Watt, Alex

  • AR-MS-541
  • Person
  • 1919 -

Alex Watt was a hockey player in Edmonton in the 1930s and 1940s.

Weatherby, Ellen

  • AR-MS-500
  • Person
  • n.d.

Mrs. Weatherby was a resident of Edmonton for many years. It is not know how she acquired the records or knew Mr. Mather or Mr. F. Coward.

Webb, Joseph

  • AR-MS-49
  • Person
  • 1880 - [ca. 1960]

Joseph Webb was born in London, England in May 1880. He joined the British Army in October 1898 and served in the Boer War. After moving to Canada, he married Alice Beatrice Miller, of York, England in Edmonton, Alberta on September 27, 1910. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force on December 12, 1914 and served in France. He was discharged on April 27, 1919. While he was in service, his wife lived in Hull, England. They lived in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1940. He died ca. 1960.

Weber, George

  • AR-MS-95
  • Person
  • 1907-2002

George Weber was born in Munich, Germany in 1907. As a draughtsman, he trained in wallpaper design and display. He immigrated to Canada in 1929 and first settled in Toronto. He worked as a wallpaper designer and studied composition, colour and commercial silkscreen at the Ontario College of Art. He moved west during the Depression, working on farms before moving to Edmonton AB, where worked as a commercial printer for the Hamly Press and Reliable Printing. Weber lectured on the silkscreen process (serigraphy) at the University of Alberta in 1948 and in the early 1950s led workshops at the Edmonton Art Gallery.
He was a founder of the Edmonton branch of the Canadian Painters and Etchers and served as president of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Weber was one of the first Canadian artists to use silk-screening techniques as a fine art form. His silkscreen prints and watercolours became increasingly popular in the 1970s and 1980s.
In 1985 his serigraph of Moraine Lake was chosen by Canada Post for the $2.00 stamp commemorating the centennial of Canada's National Parks. He was represented by Canadian Galleries and ARTrageous Gallery in Edmonton, AB, and Canadian Native Prints in Vancouver, B.C. In 1976 he received the Edmonton Historical Board’s Recognition Award for his sketches and watercolours of historic buildings and sites in Edmonton.
He married Doris Evelyn ? and they had three children, Evelyn, Donna and Carol.
George Weber died on 26 Apr 2002 in Edmonton, Alberta.

West, W.A.

  • AR-MS-723
  • Person
  • n.d.

Following his military career, W.A. West was the Programme Head, Advertising and Public Relations Programme of Grant MacEwan Community College, and was heavily involved in the preservation and commemoration of western Canada's military history.

Westmount Presbyterian Church

  • AR-MS-528
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 -

Westmount Presbyterian Church was founded in the Westmount neighbourhood of Edmonton in 1913. In 1988 it celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Wetherill, John M.

  • AR-MS-193
  • Person
  • 1932-2009

John Michael Wetherill was born 18 Sep 1932 in Birmingham, England. John moved to Edmonton and had a career with the Alberta Government in radiation health protection. John served as a music instructor and organist at St. Joseph’s Basilica for 38 years and was an accompanist for the Richard Eaton Singers.
He was an avid photographer who focused on photography projects in his retirement including the documentation of churches in the Edmonton area, (many of which he had played in), as well as other public buildings and spaces.
John Wetherill died 12 Oct 2009.

Wetmore, J.

  • AR-MS-441
  • Person
  • n.d.

The "Beverly Advertiser" was a publication which advertised the services and goods of merchants in Beverly, a small town to the northeast of Edmonton, until it was annexed in 1963.

Whale Society of Edmonton

  • AR-MS-358
  • Corporate body
  • 1981 - 1984

The Whale Society of Edmonton was a non-profit incorporated society which operated for 5 years. It was the first, and until 1981, the only society in Canada which worked solely and specifically toward the preservation and public understanding of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). The main concerns of the group were public education about cetaceans and advocacy for the preservation of the cetaceans and their ocean environment. The group maintained information files on cetaceans and the International Whaling Commission through the efforts of Dr. Dennis Wighton, from the Department of Genetics, University of Alberta. The Society dissolved in 1984.

Whaley, Bruce L.

  • AR-MS-608
  • Person
  • n.d.

Bruce Whaley came from Toronto to Edmonton in the late thirties. He worked for Edmonton City Dairy until he and George F. Downes Jr., son of Magistrate George F. Downes, became partners in Sundown Brand (Selected Farm Products). Barbara May Large moved to Edmonton in February 1939 where she met and later married Bruce. She would stay in an apartment in Edmonton while Bruce worked all week at Sundown. Bruce and Barbara Whaley had a daughter, Deborah Bodiam, now living in Fergus, Ontario.

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