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Biggs, Bertha Nevada

  • AR-MS-338
  • Person
  • [ca. 1890] - 1980

Mrs. Bertha Nevada Biggs was born in ca. 1890. She taught elocution as a speech consultant in the 1940s, specializing in the training of radio and theatrical personalities. She was a strong supporter of the Edmonton Little Theatre and occasionally directed. During the 1929 season she participated in the Chataqua which travelled in northern Alberta from Grande Prairie to Pouce Coupe. She was also known as a society hostess in the 1930s. Her husband, Major Jesse C. Biggs, a veteran of the South African and First World Wars, was the principal of J.C. Biggs and Company, stock brokers. Bertha Biggs passed away in 1980.

Bjarne's Books

  • AR-MS-366
  • Corporate body
  • 1982 - [ca. 2000]

Bjarne's Books was opened in 1982 with Jeanne Pizzuto as proprietor. Between 1982 and 2003, Bjarne's Books was situated on several locations on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. Bjarne's Books specialises in second hand books and antiquarian materials. As of May 2003, Bjarne's Books was still operational and considered one of Edmonton's premiere book dealers.

Blacklock, Harold

  • AR-MS-558
  • Person
  • 1908 - 1995

Harold Blacklock was born March 22, 1908 in Onoway, Alberta. After living in Fallis and Jasper, Mr. Blacklock settled in Edmonton. He was the icemaker for the Thistle Curling Rink in Edmonton for 27 years and was chief instructor of the icemakers school sponsored by the Northern Alberta Curling Association. Mr. Blacklock and his wife Pat (nee Norma Ashford) had four children. Mr. Blacklock passed away in 1995.

Blacklock, Pat (Mrs.)

  • AR-MS-557
  • Person
  • 1911 - 2006

Mrs. Blacklock was born Norma Ashford in 1911. After marrying Harold Blacklock she lived in fallis and jasper before becoming a long-time resident of Edmonton for many years and affiliated with Norwood School. the Blacklocks had four children.

Blatchford Field 60th Anniversary

  • AR-MS-367
  • Corporate body
  • 1968

Blatchford Field was the predecessor of the Edmonton Municipal Airport. It was established when then Mayor Kenneth Blatchford allotted $400.00 from the city's budget to appropriate and clear the field for a runway in 1926. Ottawa then recognised it as the first municipal airfield in Canada. A celebration was held in 1986 commemorating the 60th anniversary of the field.

Bodnar, Diana

  • AR-MS-440
  • Person
  • n.d.

Diana Bodnar was a researcher with the Alberta Historic Sites Service.

Bolstad, Allan

  • AR-RG-15-8
  • Person
  • 1951-current

After 13 years as a journalist for the Edmonton Sun and the Edmonton Examiner, Allan Boldstad decided to run for municipal office. He was first elected as a Councillor for Ward 2 in 1992, and was subsequently reelected until he chose to leave politics in 2004.

Bolton Jr., Chuck

  • AR-MS-485
  • Person
  • [19--]-current

Clarence F. 'Chuck' Bolton, a.k.a. Yarbovitsky Jr., is a song writer in the Edmonton area. In 1980, he was President of Bolton Distributors located at 9613 - 111 Avenue in Edmonton.

Bond Family

  • AR-MS-1
  • Family
  • 1880-1972

Bond, Margaret Joy 1915-1972
Bond, Victor Percival 1880-1961

Victor Percival Bond was born 4 Sep 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Greenway and William Bond in Simcoe, Ontario. Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Victor with his parents and siblings, Edgerton, Ida, Lulu and Reta, moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Victor was part owner of the Bond-Adams Company Limited, a real estate investment company, originally based in Port Arthur, Ontario. The company moved its head office to Calgary prior to the First World War, and also had an office in Sudbury, Ontario. It is likely at this time that Victor moved to Calgary. The Bond-Adams office in Calgary dealt directly with the many clients and companies involved in land speculation in western Canada at the time. Many of the clients were from the mining districts of northern Ontario.

In 1906, Victor married Evelyn Todd in Calgary. The had two daughters, Evelyn Ann born in 1913, and Margaret Joy, born in 1915. Sometime between 1916 and 1921, Victor and his family moved to Edmonton. Victor started a tailor shop in Edmonton, V.P. Bond and Company, which he operated until his retirement in the late 1950's.

Margaret Joy Bond worked in Edmonton, variously as a teacher, stenographer and seamstress.

Victor Percival Bond died 6 Dec 1961.
Margaret Joy Bond died suddenly, while on vacation in Nanaimo, BC, on 2 Oct 1971.
Margaret is buried with her parents in the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

Booth, John

  • AR-MS-758
  • Person
  • [ca. 1890]-1977

John Booth was born in Scotland, ca. 1890 and immigrated to Canada, ca. 1911, moving to Edmonton in 1913. He joined the Edmonton Fire Department in 1914 and retired in 1955. He was Edmonton’s first Fire Marshal.
John Booth died on 25 Jan 1977.

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