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McCuaig, John C.

  • AR-MS-532
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Mr. McCuaig has been a resident of the city for many years and worked as a supervisor at Alberta Government Telephones before his retirement.

Hotel Macdonald Restoration Project

  • AR-MS-535
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1988 -

The Edmonton Journal participated in a campaign to fund the restoration of the Hotel Macdonald.

Neil, Joan M.

  • AR-MS-536
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Joan Neil has been a resident of Edmonton for several years and collected memorabilia.

Premium Coal Company

  • AR-MS-545
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • n.d. - 1951

The Premium Coal Company of Thomas Brown and Joseph Henry Reed operated a mine at 73rd Street in Edmonton for several years employing up to 25 men underground. It was abandoned in 1951.

Craddock, Sonja

  • AR-MS-547
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Sonja Craddock has been a resident in the city for several years.

O'Regan, Brian

  • AR-MS-548
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Brian O'Regan is a researcher in Ottawa with an interest in Irish History. Katherine Hughes was the first provincial Archivist in at the Legislature in Edmonton and an Irish woman.

Rea, John

  • AR-MS-550
  • Pessoa singular
  • [18--?] - 1949

John and William Rae, two brothers from Ontario, came to Edmonton in early 1900. William came to Edmonton in 1901 and worked as a teacher then as a principal of the College Avenue high school. He studied law and articled in 1906 before being admitted to the bar in 1912. John joined his brother in Edmonton when he entered the dominion customs service in 1906. Both were leading members of the community. William served on the school board and as alderman, and was president of the Schools Trustees for many years. John died in 1949 and William died in 1957.

Blacklock, Harold

  • AR-MS-558
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1908 - 1995

Harold Blacklock was born March 22, 1908 in Onoway, Alberta. After living in Fallis and Jasper, Mr. Blacklock settled in Edmonton. He was the icemaker for the Thistle Curling Rink in Edmonton for 27 years and was chief instructor of the icemakers school sponsored by the Northern Alberta Curling Association. Mr. Blacklock and his wife Pat (nee Norma Ashford) had four children. Mr. Blacklock passed away in 1995.

Bordessa, Bernard C.

  • AR-MS-562
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1887 - 1991

Bernard C. Bordessa was born July 29, 1887. At the age of 25 he immigrated to Canada and was employed with the CNR in Vancouver. From 1915-1919, he served in Europe with the Vancouver based Irish Fusiliers. Upon discharge, Mr. Bordessa returned to Vancouver and resumed work as an engineer with a variety of comapnies and on several different projects. In 1927, he married Dorothy Denison. A long time member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, Mr. Bordessa was the oldest living member at the time of his passing in 1991 . At the time of his death members of the Association compiled biographical material so that the record of his contributions would not be lost.

Tibbetts, Milton

  • AR-MS-565
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Milton Tibbetts was a homesteader and Canadian Pacific Railway worker in the Edmonton area.

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