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University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine - Dean's Office

  • AR-MS-694
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 -

Established in 1913, the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine has had a continuing role in the promotion of health care in the city of Edmonton. These materials deal with history of hospitals in the Edmonton area, and they were collected as a result of the Faculty's involvement in the city's health care system.

University of Alberta Archives

  • AR-MS-252
  • Corporate body
  • 1962 - current

The University of Alberta Archives was informally established in 1950's when space was provisioned for University records in the Rutherford Library. The University Archives Committee was established in 1962, with the creation of a University Archivist position in 1967. The Archives were established as a public service point for access to the records of the University as well as the unit responsible for the acquisition and preservation of records.

United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada, Fort Edmonton Branch.

  • AR-MS-749
  • Corporate body
  • 1934-1939

The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada was incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1914. It perpetuates the memory of the colonists who remained loyal to the Crown during the American Revolution, many of whom subsequently became refugees in the British provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. There are branches of the Association throughout Canada.
The Fort Edmonton Branch was organized in 1934 by 17 prominent lawyers and doctors from the Edmonton area. The branch received its charter on 18 May 1937. Its first executive included Jermyn Oscar Baker, President, P.S. Bailey, Secretary, W.G. Stuart, H.T.(?) Baker, Charles H. Grant and Edward Price. The outbreak of World War II saw the demise of the Branch.
In the 1980’s some former members of the Fort Edmonton Branch attended meetings at the Calgary Branch. In 1987 these members formed the Edmonton Branch which has continued since that time.

Uncle Ben's Exchange

  • AR-MS-214
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 - 1979

Benjamin Leibovitz [189-?] - 1981

Benjamin ‘Uncle Ben’ Leibovitz was born in Romania and emigrated to Edmonton via New York City in 1911. At some point during the First World War (1914-1918), an arranged marriage brought Benjamin’s wife, Ghizella Rolingher, also born in Romania, to Canada.

During his early years in Edmonton, Benjamin became well-known as a fur trader and outfitter throughout the area. His business, originally named Uncle Ben’s Store, grew through many iterations, including Uncle Ben’s Exchange after Jean Rolinger, Ghizella’s nephew, joined the business, and finally Uncle Ben’s Sporting Goods. The business also operated in several locations, including the Adam’s Building and Belmont Block.

Benjamin was involved in the building of the Jewish community of Edmonton. He was an active member of the Edmonton Zionist Club in the 1920’s, as well as member of the Beth Shalom Building Campaign Committee, and the Treasurer of the Building Finance Committee in 1951. Throughout his life, he was involved in the Talmud Torah, B’nai Brith, Beth Israel, and Beth Shalom congregations.

Benjamin continued daily operations of his business until his retirement in 1976. Uncle Ben’s Sporting Good eventually closed its doors and ceased operations in 1979. Benjamin Leibovitch died two years later, in 1981.

Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Alberta Provincial Council

  • AR-MS-71
  • Corporate body
  • 1940 - current

Originally formed in 1940 by an initiative organized by the Canadian federal government and Ukrainian organizations, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee (UCC) was tasked with resettlement efforts during the aftermath of the Second World War and into the Post-War period. A provincial council for the national Ukrainian Canadian Committee - Alberta Provincial Council (UCC-APC) was established in May 1974 by the Edmonton, Calgary, and Vegreville branches of the UCC, and by other Ukrainian organizations in the province. The Committee worked to promote Ukrainian heritage through events and programs derived from their cultural practices and traditions. Additionally, the UCC worked to represent the Ukrainian community’s concerns to the provincial government. The UCC underwent a name change after 1976 to become the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

Turner, Reginald

  • AR-MS-152
  • Person
  • 1931-current

Reginald Turner was born in Fort Saskatchewan in 1931 and moved to Edmonton in 1941, remaining a proud Edmontonian ever since. Reg worked for the City of Edmonton Fire Department, retiring in 1989. In the mid-1990s that he discovered the joy of watercolour painting. His paintings portray Edmonton as he recalls it in the 1940s. His intent is to portray his paintings in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, and hopefully satisfying to those who want to ponder the past. He often prints his watercolour drawings as Christmas Cards and encloses stories or reminiscences to accompany the drawing, which he then sends to family and friends.

Reginald Turner married Doris Patricia Bannister in 1953. They had one daughter, Diane. Doris Turner died in 2015.

Trudeau Family

  • AR-MS-6
  • Family
  • 1883-current

Trudeau, Aime 1883-1955
Trudeau, Alice 1900-1967
Trudeau, Denise [ca. 1927]-current

Aime Trudeau operated a garage and service station in Edmonton under the name Cadillac Auto Livery Company and Sellick & Trudeau Auto Company from 1913 to 1936. It then became known as the Trudeau Auto Company.
He married Alice ?, who was the daughter of an early fur trader. The Trudeaus later lived in Fort Kent AB but returned to Edmonton for their retirement.

Town of Strathcona

  • AR-RG-100
  • Corporate body
  • 1899-1912

The first railway to arrive in the Edmonton area was the Calgary and Edmonton Railway in 1891. It stopped south of the river, and a small hamlet was established at the railhead. This hamlet was incorporated as the Town of Strathcona in 1899, and then as a city in 1907. On February 1, 1912 Strathcona amalgamated with the City of Edmonton and Stathcona’s administrative functions were absorbed by the City of Edmonton.

Town of Jasper Place Recreation Commission

  • AR-RG-101-S-2
  • Corporate body
  • 1961-1964

The Jasper Place Recreation Commission was created under Bylaw 348 by the Town of Jasper Place on April 3, 1961 with the express purpose of maintaining and overseeing the recreation programs and operations of the sports centre, swimming pools, and playgrounds under its jurisdiction.

The Recreation Commission was led by a superintendent with a supporting chairman position and assistant superintendent. The position for superintendent was filled by Jack Boddington from June 10, 1960 until amalgamation. After the Town of Jasper Place was annexed by the City of Edmonton on August 17, 1964, the Recreation Commission ceased its functions and was assumed into the larger Department of Parks and Recreation for the City.

Town of Jasper Place Fire Department

  • AR-RG-101-S-4
  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1950]-1964

The Town of Jasper Place Fire Department operated independently until 1964 when it was annexed by the City of Edmonton, at which time the Town Fire Department’s duties were absorbed by the City of Edmonton Fire Department.

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