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Johnstone Walker Store

  • AR-MS-478
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1885 - n.d.

W. Johnstone Walker came to Edmonton in 1886 after trying his hand at farming in Africa. He entered the mercantile business, bringing most of his goods from England and called his store the Manchester House. His business prospered, expanded several times and became a prominent part of the Jasper Avenue commercial scene. After the retirement of the founder the business was incorporated as a company in 1905 under the chairmanship of James Graham Walker, his son. The last of the company's stores closed in 1983. Allan L. Hamilton was store supervisor for the period involved.

Edmonton Milling Company

  • AR-MS-479
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1892 - n.d.

The Ritchie brothers, John, William and George, plus a brother-in-law, William Orsman, formed the Edmonton Milling Company in 1892 to process grain produced in the area of Strathcona. It was managed by the other brother, Robert Ritchie, after his arrival in August 1892 and eventually became his concern alone. Initially he had to import grain from Manitoba to keep up production but as settlement in the area increased so did his business. Ritchie became a permanent fixture of the community and served as Strathcona's mayor in 1901 and performed many other civic services.

Sorenson, P.

  • AR-MS-482
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

P. Sorenson has been a resident of Edmonton for many years.

Maze, Lillian (Mrs. Robert)

  • AR-MS-486
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Mrs. Maze was a resident of the city of Edmonton for many years.

Cairns, William B.

  • AR-MS-490
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1905 - n.d.

William Cairns was born in 1905. From 1947 until 1950, Mr. Cairns was employed by the City of Edmonton in a number of summer positions. In 1950, he was awarded a permanent position in the Personnel Department of the City of Edmonton. He would serve as an employee of the City of Edmonton Personnel Department through several administrations including Mayor Hawrelak's and concluding with Mayor Roper's. In 1963, he was dismissed as a head of the Personnel Deparmtent by city council in a controversial decision based on his performance and health. He wrote a detailed description of the workings of the city's departments during his career.

Pare, Alice

  • AR-MS-501
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Joseph Achille Pare was a Quebecois who came to Alberta, via the United States in 1910. He worked at various trades until taking a homestead near Chauvin, Alberta in 1916.

Matheson, Jean (Mrs.)

  • AR-MS-506
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Jean Matheson was a resident of the city for many years.

The Nor'East Advisor

  • AR-MS-511
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • n.d.

The "Nor'East Advisor" was a locally published newspaper which served the north east portion of the city.

Robert Tegler Trust

  • AR-MS-520
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1927 -

The Tegler Building was one of the first "high rise" buildings in downtown Edmonton. Robert Tegler was a local businessman and real estate investor. The building was designed by local architects Magoon and MacDonald and erected in 1911. A further addition of five stories was completed in 1914. The building served the city for many years but was demolished in 1982. The Robert Tegler Trust was formed after his death in 1927. It has provided scholarships and other benefits for charities in Edmonton for over 60 years.

Mair, Alex

  • AR-MS-531
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1926 - 2001

Alexander John Mair was born in Edmonton on October 5, 1926. Alex Mair earned a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Alberta in 1948 and worked for the city until the mid fifties when he tried and succeeded at writing. He was best known as a local writer, broadcaster and humorist with a regular segment on the morning show of the local CBC radio. He initiated the Radio and Television Arts Course at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1967 and left NAIT in 1982. He had a regular column in the Edmonton Journal for five years following which he wrote several books. His books include, "EPS: the First Hundred Years - A History of the Edmonton Police Service," a highlighted history of Edmonton titled "Gateway City". For more than a decade he also wrote a weekly column in the "Real Estate Weekly" on Edmonton's history. Mr. Mair married his wife Vivienne in 1948 and they had three daughters Kathleen, Lory and Sandy. Mr. Mair died Saturday, September 15, 2001, just short of his 75th bithday.

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