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Mann, Williamson Family

  • AR-MS-174
  • Familie
  • 1872-1983

Mann, Williamson Margaret 1896-1983
Williamson, Minnie S. Huston 1875-1962
Williamson, Robert 1875-1947
Williamson, Samuel W. 1872-1953

Samuel Williamson was born in 1872 to Janet Dougals and Joseph Williamson in Fenelon, Victoria County, Ontario. In 1894 Samuel married Minnie Huston in Windsor, Ontario. Samuel and Minnie had two daughters – Margaret and Marian. In the early 1900’s, the family moved west to Edmonton, where three more children were born – Jean, Helen, and Paul.

Samuel, with his brother Robert who had also moved to Edmonton, formed the Williamson Brothers. They initially were in the cattle business, both wholesale and retail. In the 1910’s the Williamson brothers went into real estate. In 1914 the Williamson Building was built at 9815 Jasper Avenue on the south side of Jasper Avenue, opposite the then Fraser Avenue (98 Street). The building was demolished in the 1960’s to make way for the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Samuel Williamson served as an Alderman on Edmonton City Council in 1914. Samuel joined the Alberta Provincial government as a clerk in the Municipal Affairs Department in 1918. He retired in 1937.

Samuel Willaimson died 28 May 1953 in Edmonton.

Samuel and Minnie’s first child, Margaret Williamson was born 24 Mar 1896 in Victoria County, Ontario. As the family had moved west in the early 1900’s, they were in Edmonton for the inauguration of Alberta as a province in 1905. Margaret participated in the Children’s Parade of the Inauguration Ceremonies.

Margaret married Aaron J. Mann in 1917 in Edmonton. They had eight children – Aaron W., Katharine, Donald, Violet, Dennis, Laura, Lewis, and Phyllis.

Margaret Williamson Mann died 29 Oct 1983 in Edmonton.

Hamilton Family

  • AR-MS-30
  • Familie
  • [ca. 1867]-1980

Hamilton, Eliza Ann Craig [ca. 1867]-1947
Hamilton, Mary (Maisie) Adelina [ca. 1903]-1980
Hamilton, Robert Winslow 1911-1956

Eliza Ann Craig was born about 1867 in Liverpool, England and was an associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 1901, she married Thomas Winslow Hamilton and they had three children, George, Robert Winslow, and Mary (Maisie). After moving to Edmonton with her husband and family in 1913, she became prominent in local music circles, including the Alberta Music Teachers' Association, the Alberta Musical Festival Association and the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton, of which she was the President from 1942 to 1944. Eliza Craig Hamilton died 10 Jan 1947.

Mary (Maisie) Adelina Hamilton was born in Ireland to Eliza Ann Craig and Thomas Winslow Hamilton around 1903. She immigrated to Canada with her parents and siblings in 1913. She began working for the provincial government in 1924 and in 1942 became an Inspector for the Board of Industrial Relations. She continued in the position until 1967. She also served on the City Archives and Landmarks Committee from 1953 to 1959, and was actively involved in the Historical Society of Alberta. Mary (Maisie) Adelina Hamilton died 16 Apr 1980.

Robert Winslow Hamilton was born in England in 1911 to Eliza Ann Craig and Thomas Winslow Hamilton. He immigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1913. Robert graduated from the University of Alberta in 1931, served as a city alderman from 1943 to 1945, ran for mayor in 1945 (unsuccessfully), and was a member and President of the Edmonton Club. Robert Winslow Hamilton died in the airplane crash of Canadian North Star Flight 810 that crashed into Mount Slesse near Chilliwach B.C. on 9 Dec 1956.

Alexander Garneau Family

  • AR-MS-717-S-2
  • Familie
  • 1880-1999

Garneau, Alexander 1880-1918
Garneau, Harold 1908-1999
Garneau, Oscar 1910-1996
Garneau, Charlotte 1912-1918

Alexander Garneau was born 22 Feb 1880 to Eleanor Thomas and Laurent Garneau in Strathcona, Alberta. Alexander married Anne Marie (Mamie) Akerblad and they had five children – Harold, Oscar, Charlotte, Alex, and Thelma. Alexander Garneau died in 1918 in Vegreville, Alberta.

Ross Family

  • AR-MS-206-S-1
  • Familie
  • 1886-1977

Ross, Harold Osbourne 1890-1917
Ross, Winnifred Thompson 1886-1974
Thompson, Jeane Alberta Ross 1914-1977

Harold O. Ross was born 24 Feb 1890 to Isabella Parsons and Albert Ross in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England. Harold, along with his parents and sister Dorothy, immigrated to Canada in 1905, settling in Brandon, Manitoba. Then Harold joined the 19th Alberta Dragoons in Calgary and then the 11th C.A.S.C. (Canadian Army Service Corps).

Winnifred Thompson was born 1 Aug 1886 to Zelia Taylor and George Thompson in Germania, Ontario, which is in the Muskoka area, near Bracebridge. In 1904 she graduated from business college and went west looking for adventure, landing work in grain marketing with the Winnipeg Grain Exchange.

By 1909, Winnifred and Harold had met and were courting while she was in Winnipeg and he was in Calgary.

In 1911 Harold O. Ross married Winnifred Thompson in Calgary. They had one daughter, Jeane Alberta. The family settled in Edmonton, where Harold worked as a clerk in the Survey Branch of the Public Works Department for the Province of Alberta. He was working for the Province at the time when both the Alberta Legislature Building and the High Level Bridge were being built. The couple first lived at 2261 First St. (now known as 101 Street), then 630 Eighth Street (now known as 108 Street). In 1913, they had a house built in the then-newly-developing Windsor Park area in Edmonton at 8404 – 118 Street. Their daughter was born in the house a year later.

Harold joined the 222nd Batt. Canadian Expeditionary Force in January 1916 as a Lieutenant, enlisting in Brandon, Manitoba. He sailed to Europe in November 1916 aboard the ‘Olympic’. The Battalion was merged into the 44th Battalion (Manitoba Regt.) C.E.F. in France. At this point, Winnifred and Jeane were living in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Harold Osbourne Ross was killed in action in France on 9 May 1917.

After her husband’s death, Winnifred and Jeane returned to Alberta, settling on a farm in Millet, just south of Edmonton. Winnifred owned and ran the farm with her brothers, Wilfred and Keith Thompson. They were soon joined by brothers Hector and Carl. The Ross-Thompson farm began as a mixed farm, eventually becoming a dairy farm operation that lasted for decades until being sold in 1967.

Winnifred was very active in the local community with interests in agriculture and rural schooling. She served in the United Farm Women for over 25 years in various roles, including provincial director, provincial vice-president and provincial president. Winnifred was appointed to the Board of Governors of the University of Alberta in 1948 and served until 1954. She was also active in the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare, and the Board of Industrial Relations. Winnifred was elected to the Agriculture Hall of Fame in October 1974.

Winnifred Thompson Ross died 21 Dec 1974 in Millet.

McRae Family

  • AR-MS-168
  • Familie
  • 1837 - 1969

McRae, Alexander 1863-1863
McRae, Anne 1864-1956
McRae, Annie 1875-1958
McRae, Catherine Mary 1869-1969
McRae, Flora Ann McDonnell 1840-1925
McRae, Jeanette McRae 1867-1954
McRae, John Joseph 1837-1893
McRae, Mary Anne 1872-1958

John Joseph McRae was born 17 Mar 1835 to Anne MacDonald and John McRae in Glengarry, Ontario. He married Flora Anne MacDonnell in 1862 in Ontario and they had 16 children between 1864 and 1892 – Alexander, Anne, Jeanette, Catherine Mary, Mary Anne, Annie, Harriet Jane, Bella, Hannah Teresa, John Joseph, Flora, Angus Farquhar, Mary, Duncan, Jessie, and an unnamed infant. The last four children all died in infancy.

John McRae was a railroad conductor. When John became ill with tuberculosis in 1892, doctors advised him to move west for the fresh air. The family came west on the first train to travel the CPR line from Calgary to Edmonton. They eventually settled in Rabbit Hill near Edmonton. John died the following year but his wife and many of his children remained in the Edmonton area.

John Joseph McRae died 3 Oct 1893 in Edmonton.
Flora Anne McDonnell McRae died 17 Feb 1925 in Edmonton.

In 1968, Klondike Days honoured this pioneering family by having a family reunion with over 100 descendants attending from various locales, including Calgary, Peace River, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Boston, Montana, California, Kenya, and the Canary Islands.

Thomson Family

  • AR-MS-168
  • Familie
  • 1865 - 2009

Thomson, Anne McRae 1875-1958
Thomson, Donald Walter 1906-2001
Thomson, Elizabeth Shirley 1921-2008
Thomson, George 1865-1946
Thomson, George Wilbur (Wilbert) 1909-1968
Thomson, Hannah Loretta (Reta) 1896-1960
Thomson, John Harold 1898-1964
Thomson, Norma Lillian 1911-2009
Thomson, Osler McRae (Pat) 1913-1945

George Thomson was born in 1865 to Elizabeth McLean and John F. Thomson in Leitchfield township, Pontiac county, Quebec. He graduated from the College of Pharmacy at Toronto in 1887. Following graduation he moved west, initially intending to settle in Seattle. However he stayed there only a few months, the headed north to Calgary. He came to Edmonton from Calgary by stage coach in the spring of 1888. He was the first qualified druggist in Edmonton and set up shop, initially on the north side of the river.

About five years later he moved to the south side and opened Thomson's Drug Store, which was the first drug store in Strathcona. At the time the population of Strathcona was about 500.

Anne McRae was born in 1875 to Flora McDonell and John J. McRae in St. Raphael’s, Ontario. She moved to Edmonton with her parents and siblings in 1892. Anne McRae married George Thomson 18 Jul 1894 In Edmonton. Anne and George had seven children between 1896 and 1921 – Hannah Loretta (Reta), John Harold, Donald Walter, George Wilbert, Norma Lillian, Osler McRae (Pat), and Elizabeth Shirley.

George, Anne and their family lived above the drugstore on Whyte Avenue. Dr. Wilbert McIntyre, a highly respected doctor in Strathcona, had his office next door to George’s drugstore. The two men were sincere friends. At some point, likely around 1907, Thomson’s Drug Store was completely destroyed by a fire.

In 1907, George became Strathcona’s postmaster, a position he held until 1923. George was very active in the community, including serving as the chief of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Anne was also highly involved in the community, including as one of the founders of King Edward Community League, president of the Granite Women’s Curling Club, and a life member of the Eastern Star. Both Anne and George were members of the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers’ Association.

George Thomson died Dec 1946.
Annie McRae Thomson died 14 Jul 1958.

Bond Family

  • AR-MS-1
  • Familie
  • 1880-1972

Bond, Margaret Joy 1915-1972
Bond, Victor Percival 1880-1961

Victor Percival Bond was born 4 Sep 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Greenway and William Bond in Simcoe, Ontario. Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Victor with his parents and siblings, Edgerton, Ida, Lulu and Reta, moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Victor was part owner of the Bond-Adams Company Limited, a real estate investment company, originally based in Port Arthur, Ontario. The company moved its head office to Calgary prior to the First World War, and also had an office in Sudbury, Ontario. It is likely at this time that Victor moved to Calgary. The Bond-Adams office in Calgary dealt directly with the many clients and companies involved in land speculation in western Canada at the time. Many of the clients were from the mining districts of northern Ontario.

In 1906, Victor married Evelyn Todd in Calgary. The had two daughters, Evelyn Ann born in 1913, and Margaret Joy, born in 1915. Sometime between 1916 and 1921, Victor and his family moved to Edmonton. Victor started a tailor shop in Edmonton, V.P. Bond and Company, which he operated until his retirement in the late 1950's.

Margaret Joy Bond worked in Edmonton, variously as a teacher, stenographer and seamstress.

Victor Percival Bond died 6 Dec 1961.
Margaret Joy Bond died suddenly, while on vacation in Nanaimo, BC, on 2 Oct 1971.
Margaret is buried with her parents in the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

MacAllister Family

  • AR-MS-101
  • Familie
  • 1913-1998

MacAllister, Gault Alexander 1916-1984
MacAllister, Mary Stewart Moroney 1913-1998

Gault Alexander MacAllister was born in 1916 in Lachute, Quebec to Gertrude Clarke and Walt MacAllister. Gault MacAllister received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and became a professional agrologist. In 1946 he was employed by the Alberta Department of Agriculture, where he worked in close association with the Alberta dairy industry. He became supervisor of the Dairy Plant Inspection office in the Department of Agriculture in 1963 and retired in 1976.

Mary Stewart Moroney was born in 1913 to Maude Lauder and Frederick Moroney
Her mother’s parents (James Lauder and Hannah Gray) were a pioneering family in Edmonton. Mary worked as a teacher and educator, and later volunteered at the City of Edmonton Archives.

Mary Moroney and Gault MacAllister married in Edmonton in 1941. They had two children.
Gault Alexander MacAllister died in 1984. His wife, Mary Stewart Moroney MacAllister, died in 1998. They are buried in the Westakiwin Cemetery in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Johnston Family

  • AR-MS-111
  • Familie
  • 1875-[19--]

Jasper P. Johnston 1875-1954
Lillian Weir 1881-[19--]

Jasper Peter Johnston was born in 1875 in Ontario to Benjamin Johnston and Mary Ann Haviland. By 1911 he was a medical doctor in Canmore, Alberta. That same year he married Lillian Charlotte Weir in Banff. They had two children, Pauline and Benjamin. The family moved to Edmonton where Dr. Jasper P. Johnston had a medical practice from ca. 1914-1948].

Jasper P. Johnston died in 1954 in Edmonton and is buried at Westlawn Memorial Gardens in Edmonton. It is not known when Lillian Weir Johnston died.
Daughter Pauline Johnston was a school teacher and taught in the Elk Point district around 1934.

Hadley Family

  • AR-MS-135
  • Familie
  • 1881-1958

Hadley, Georgina Riley 1883-1944
Hadley, Lester 1881-1958

Lester Hadley was born 10 May 1881 in Cummington, Ontario and Georgina Riley was born 18 Jan 1883 in Fillmore, Saskatchewan. Lester Hadley and Georgina Riley were married on 27 Jun 1907. They may have been students at Alberta College, Edmonton AB. Lester and Georgina lived at Duffield AB, from ca. 1908 to at least 1912.
Lester Hadley died 29 Dec 1958 in Edmonton; Georgina Hadley died 25 Jan 1944 in Edmonton.

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