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Veterans' Volunteers' Reserve, South Edmonton Battalion Association

  • AR-MS-55
  • Corporate body
  • 1940 - current

The Veterans' Volunteer Reserve, South Edmonton Battalion was formed on July 26, 1940, shortly after the creation of the VVR by the Alberta government on June 19. Its members formed an auxiliary constabulary, primarily for surveillance and control of enemy alien activities in the city. After the end of the war the organization held annual reunions until 1956. When it disbanded, it donated its remaining funds to the Edmonton Home for Ex-servicemen's Children.

Vet's Sheet Metal

  • AR-MS-637
  • Corporate body
  • n.d.

Vet's Sheet Metal Works and Vet's Steel Products Co. Ltd. were owned and operated by A. F. Rayner and provided services for heating and furnaces, air conditioning, sheet metal and steel work and industrial equipment in Edmonton and surrounding area. Vet's worked on several major projects such as the the University of Alberta and the International Airport and the F. T. Rayner Warehouse.

Van Dusen, Bryce

  • AR-MS-853
  • Person
  • 1915-2011

Bryce Van Dusen was born 5 February 1915 to Miner and Mary Frances Van Dusen. In 1903, the Van Dusens had moved from Ontario to homestead in Saskatchewan where they raised a large family of ten children (six boys and four girls) on a farm near Griffin.

Bryce moved to Calgary in 1932, then to Edmonton in 1933 to work with his brother Wes, who had worked for Conklin Shows. They formed the Van Dusen Bros and placed slot and pinball machines in Central and Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 1937 the business expanded to include equipping Edmonton businesses with jukeboxes. Bryce and Wes operated several companies over the years, including Sun Specialty and Acme Novelty (ANC), working out of the Dreamland Theatre. In 1968, they sold Acme Novelty to Neonex, but continued to run casinos for the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton's Klondike Days from 1967 to 1977.

Bryce married Florrie Eccleston in 1940 and they had four children. After retiring to an acreage, Bryce and Florrie raised horses and collected antiques. Bryce Van Dusen died in 2011.

Van Allen, Traer

  • AR-MS-713
  • Person
  • 1890 - 1937

George Van Allen was born in Morrisburg Ontario in 1890. Initially educated as a teacher, he moved west to Alberta in 1912 to become the principal of a school in Lethbridge. Soon after arriving in the province, however, Van Allen decided to relocate to Edmonton to study law at the University of Alberta. He quickly developed a passion for the law; he was admitted to the bar in 1915, he went on to establish his own practice in 1919, and then became King's Council in 1929. Van Allen was also active in municipal and provincial affairs, first serving on the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, becoming chamber president in 1928, then as a MLA for Edmonton. In politics, Van Allen was a staunch liberal. Though he worked with the party for many years, he was reluctant to run; however, in 1935 the party convinced him to be a candidate in Edmonton, where he won one of the five Liberal seats during the Social Credit landslide. Because of his roots in farming in Ontario and Alberta, Van Allen focused his attention on the state of the agricultural industry in Alberta during the depression, but he was also quite concerned by the Social Credit's radical economic policies. During his first legislative term, in the autumn of 1936, Van Allen came down with a flu that quickly developed into full-blown pneumonia. The pneumonia was very aggressive; it resisted treatment in California and Minnesota until Van Allen's death in June 1937. There was a real sense of loss following his death among his colleagues; many MLAs believed that Van Allen had real parliamentary potential, and that he was "aggressiveness personified" during debates. Married in 1926, Van Allen had three sons and a daughter.

Valleau, James Oakland

  • AR-MS-379
  • Person
  • 1916-2014

James Oakland (Jim) Valleau was born in 3 Nov 1916 in to Rose Anna Storey and George Carleton Valleau in Saskatchewan. James was one of seven children born to Rose and George - John Ivor (1914), George William (1915), Charles Bert (1918), Edith Muriel (1921), Jean, John and Donald.

Jim was raised on the family farm in Moose Range, Saskatchewan. After serving as an R.C.A.F. pilot during the Second World War, Valleau married Ethel Matheson, ca. 1945. By 1958, Jim and Ethel were living in Edmonton. Jim worked for many years in the grain business as a seed buyer. Jim and Ethel also operated a grain farm near Clandonald, Alberta. Jim and Ethel had four children - Marilyn, Bob, Tom and John.

James Oakland Valleau died in Edmonton on 21 Dec 2014, at the age of 98. He is buried in the family cemetery in Moose Range, Saskatchewan.

University of Alberta: Cameron Library

  • AR-MS-564
  • Corporate body
  • 1908 -

Cameron Library is a branch library on the Edmonton campus of the University of Alberta. Materials related to the history of the City of Edmonton were donated by the library.

University of Alberta Map Library

  • AR-MS-344
  • Corporate body
  • 1952 -

The University of Alberta Map Library began in 1952 as the William C. Wonders Collection within the Geology Department. It grew under the auspices of the Science and Technology Library and was located by 1973 within its own space in the Tory Building. Ron Whistance-Smith was the library's director.

University of Alberta Gay Organizations

  • AR-MS-595-S-6
  • Corporate body
  • 1978-present

The Gay Alliance Toward Equality (GATE) organization, described in Series 1, had its beginnings as a campus-centered group in that its meeting space was adjacent to the campus, and early members of the group were primarily University of Alberta students and faculty. By the late 1970’s, GATE had moved downtown, and in 1978 the short-lived Edmonton Lesbian and Gay Rights Organization (ELGRO) registered as the first queer official student club. In 1984, 75 students formed GALOC (Gays and Lesbians on Campus) and an early initiative was publishing 'The Pink Triangle', a gay oriented supplement to the student newspaper 'The Gateway'. GALOC launched Gay and Lesbian Awareness (GALA) week ca. 1985, as the University of Alberta’s first Pride celebration. In the fall of 1994, GALOC rebranded itself as LesBiGay UofA, and the name changed again in 1995 to B-Glad. Since the 1990’s there have been several queer based groups organized on campus, and in 2008, the Institute for Sexual Minority Policies and Services was established as a research centre in the Faculty of Education. (Information referenced from Bruce Cinnamon’s article found at

University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine -- Dean's Office

  • AR-MS-694
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 -

Established in 1913, the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine has had a continuing role in the promotion of health care in the city of Edmonton. These materials deal with history of hospitals in the Edmonton area, and they were collected as a result of the Faculty's involvement in the city's health care system.

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