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Bond Family

  • AR-MS-1
  • Family
  • 1880-1972

Bond, Margaret Joy 1915-1972
Bond, Victor Percival 1880-1961

Victor Percival Bond was born 4 Sep 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Greenway and William Bond in Simcoe, Ontario. Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Victor with his parents and siblings, Edgerton, Ida, Lulu and Reta, moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Victor was part owner of the Bond-Adams Company Limited, a real estate investment company, originally based in Port Arthur, Ontario. The company moved its head office to Calgary prior to the First World War, and also had an office in Sudbury, Ontario. It is likely at this time that Victor moved to Calgary. The Bond-Adams office in Calgary dealt directly with the many clients and companies involved in land speculation in western Canada at the time. Many of the clients were from the mining districts of northern Ontario.

In 1906, Victor married Evelyn Todd in Calgary. The had two daughters, Evelyn Ann born in 1913, and Margaret Joy, born in 1915. Sometime between 1916 and 1921, Victor and his family moved to Edmonton. Victor started a tailor shop in Edmonton, V.P. Bond and Company, which he operated until his retirement in the late 1950's.

Margaret Joy Bond worked in Edmonton, variously as a teacher, stenographer and seamstress.

Victor Percival Bond died 6 Dec 1961.
Margaret Joy Bond died suddenly, while on vacation in Nanaimo, BC, on 2 Oct 1971.
Margaret is buried with her parents in the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

Booth, John

  • AR-MS-758
  • Person
  • [ca. 1890]-1977

John Booth was born in Scotland, ca. 1890 and immigrated to Canada, ca. 1911, moving to Edmonton in 1913. He joined the Edmonton Fire Department in 1914 and retired in 1955. He was Edmonton’s first Fire Marshal.
John Booth died on 25 Jan 1977.

Botz, James H.

  • AR-MS-1200
  • Person
  • 1892-1971

James H. Botz was born in 1892 in Michigan, U.S.A. He came to Edmonton in 1911. James lived at 557 Vermillion Ave and worked as a bookkeeper at the Sommerville Hardware Company Ltd. By 1913, he was no longer in Edmonton and had returned to the States. James H. Botz died in 1971 and is buried at the Edgewater New Smyrna Cemetery in Florida.

Boulanger Family

  • AR-MS-747
  • Family
  • 1875-current

Boulanger, Joseph 1875-1963
Boulanger, Jean-Baptiste 1923-2000
Boulanger, Michel [192-?]-current
Boulanger, Valerie Phaneuf 1885-1967

Joseph Boulanger was born 5 Jan 1875 in Montreal to Elizabeth Brissette and Jean-Baptiste Boulanger. He graduated in medicine at the Université de Montreal in 1906 and did an internship at the Hospital de la Miséricode in Montreal. Joseph then did further training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, as well as the Post Graduate Hospital and Lying-In Hospital, both in New York. Upon completion of these studies, he moved to Alberta were he first practiced medicine in Athabasca Landing and Grouard before moving to Edmonton, ca. 1912.
Joseph married Blanche Chartier in 1913; Blanche died in 1920 in Edmonton.
Joseph then married Valerie Phaneuf in 1921 in Edmonton. They had two sons, Jean-Baptiste and Michel, both of whom became physicians.
Joseph Boulanger was considered to be a pioneer Edmonton physician and surgeon. He was also very active in the community. Joseph was the first president of the Societé Saint Jean-Baptiste in Edmonton and founded the French-language monthly, Le Canadien-Francais.
Dr. Joseph Boulanger died in 8 Jul 1963 in Edmonton.

Valerie Phaneuf was born in 20 Jul 1885 to Loma Reaume and Hilaire Phaneuf. Valeria taught in schools in Ontario before coming to teach in Edmonton in 1912. She married Dr. Joseph Boulanger in 1921 and they had two sons, Jean-Baptiste and Michel, both of whom became physicians. After marriage, Valerie gave up teaching formally in schools but continued to teach music privately for many years. She was an associate of the Toronto Conservatory of Music.
Valerie Phaneuf Boulanger died 8 Feb 1967 in Edmonton.

Jean-Baptiste Boulanger was born in 24 Aug 1922 in Edmonton to Valerie Phaneuf and Joseph Boulanger. As a youth he was considered to be a brilliant pupil. In 1930, he established a small newspaper, ‘Le Petit Jour’, a quarterly French periodical for children. Le Petit Jour began with a circulation of 18, which increased to 1,300 in five years. In 1935 he was involved in creating the first troop of French Canadian Boy Scouts in Alberta, known as “La Premiere Canadienne-Francaise d’Alberta”.
He was awarded “la medaille de vermeil” from the l’Acadamie Francaise in 1936, as founder and editor of ‘Le Petit Jour’. In 1937, he was part of group of students who were sent to England, representing Canada, to attend the coronation of George VI, in recognition of their scholastic achievements. Jean-Baptiste Boulanger attended the Grandin School and Jesuit College in Edmonton, and then Brebeuf College in Montreal. He studied medicine at the Université de Montreal.
Jean-Baptiste Boulanger died 1 Aug 2000 in Montreal.

Michel Boulanger was born after 1923 in Edmonton to Valerie Phaneuf and Joseph Boulanger. Michel Boulanger married Therese ?, and they had six children – Michel, Paul, Marc, Robert, Louise and Claire. Michel Boulanger also studied medicine and was a physician in Edmonton.

Bourget, Audrey

  • AR-MS-846
  • Person
  • [ca. 1940]-current

Audrey Bourget was married to Bernard Bourget (1939-2012) who worked as a truck driver. The couple lived in Edmonton and upon Bernard’s retirement moved to Victoria, B.C.

Bow 'N Arrow Ranch

  • AR-MS-198
  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1880] - [194-?]

Charlie Edwards owned and operated the Bow 'N Arrow Ranch, near Alliance, Alberta from around 1880 until the 1940s. He was also one of the first thoroughbred horse breeders in the province, having learned the business from his father in eastern Canada.

Bradley, Myrtle

  • AR-MS-147
  • Person
  • 1874-1971

Myrtle Bradley was born in the U.S.A. ca. 1874. She married Charles Bradley and they had two children, Donald born in 1894 and Dorris born in 1901. Charles was the manager of the Swift Plant in Cleveland, Ohio. The family immigrated to Canada in 1908 when Charles became the manager of the J.Y Griffin & Co. meat packing plant (later known as Swift’s). Their first residence was at 539 – 8th Avenue. Another daughter, Louise, was born in 1912.
Charles Bradley was considered a prominent businessman in Edmonton and remained as general manager of the Swift Canadian Co. until his death in July 1924. He had left his home in Edmonton to visit the family farm in Winterburn on Tuesday July 2, 1924 and seemed to have disappeared. He was reported missing and a search was started. The following day his car was spotted west of the city and his body was found nearby. His death was ruled an accident due to heatstroke caused by an intense heat wave that began July 1st, 1924. It was reported that temperatures reached 35C (96F) breaking all previous records.
Myrtle Bradley died in March 1971 and is buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Bramley-Moore, Alfred

  • AR-MS-31
  • Person
  • 1900-1993

Alfred Bramley-Moore was born 9 May 1900 to Ellen Grieve and Alwyn Bramley-Moore in Lambton, Ontario.
In 1928 Alfred married Ruth E. Koerman in Edmonton.
Alfred was a graduate of the University of Alberta Law School and practiced law in Edmonton. He was a charter member of the Brotherhood of the Pine. His father, Alwyn Bramley-Moore, was a well-known author, MLA and was killed in WWI while serving with the Canadian military in France. His brother William was the registrar of the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Alfred Bramley-Moore died 27 Aug 1981 and Ruth E. Bramley-Moore died in 1993. They are buried at the Beechmount Cemetery in Edmonton.

Brown, Chorley Family

  • AR-MS-930
  • Family
  • 1879-1975

Brown, Thomas G. 1897-1975
Chorley, John 1879-1922

John Chorley was born in 1879 in South Wales to Elizabeth Winter* and William Chorley. He married Alice Bailey ca. 1900 in Wales and they had two children, Archibald (born 1902) and Dorothy (born 1903). John emigrated to Canada ca. 1910 or 1911 and his wife and children arrived in June of 1911. The family settled in Edmonton, AB where John worked as a tinsmith.
The 51st Battalion, C.E.F., was authorized in November 1914. John enlisted on 15 Feb 1915 as a Private (Regimental No. 436903). The battalion trained in Edmonton at the Edmonton Exhibition grounds and the Drill Hall (now known as the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre). On Victoria Day (May 1915) a military parade of the 51st Battalion was held at Victoria Park (between approximately what is now the Royal Glenora Club and the Victoria Golf Course). The 51st Battalion, CEF, embarked for Great Britain on 1 April 1916. At some point during the war John was injured and returned to Edmonton ca. 1920 or 1921. He worked as a Customs examining officer. John died suddenly on 16 June 1922 due to a heart attack that was secondarily attributed to injuries sustained in the war. He is buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Thomas George Brown was born in 1897 in Cardiff, Wales to Alice Winter* and Edward Brown. At the age of 13, he emigrated to Canada in 1911 with his parents and siblings (Edward, Alice, William, Lillian and John). In November 1914, he enlisted with the Alberta Dragoons then transferred to the 138th Battalion, C.E.F., in late 1915 (Regimental No. 811170). In August 1916, he went overseas with the 138th Battalion as a signaler. In December 1916 he transferred to the 28th Battalion, serving in France until he was wounded in May 1918. Thomas returned to Edmonton.
He married Mildred Gwendolyn Henshall in 1920 and they had two daughters, Mildred (born 1921) and Dorothy (born 1928). Thomas was the Manager at the Edmonton Journal. He also remained active in the military
In 1922 Col. Brown joined the 1st Battalion Edmonton Fusiliers as a signals officer. He attended Royal Military School in Esquimalt, B.C. in 1927 and then qualified as a Major. In 1930, he took command of the Fusiliers. From 1935-1939 he was a Paymaster with Fusiliers. At the outbreak of war, he resigned his non-combatant commission and was placed in command of a company. From August to December 1943 he served with the South Saskatchewan Regiment in Britain. In January 1944, Major Brown rejoined the Fusiliers. He was promoted to Lt. Col. T.G. Brown, E.D. in December 1944 and made Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Edmonton Fusiliers.
In 1946 he returned to the Edmonton Journal as business manager. Thomas and his wife Gwendolyn retired to White Rock, B.C. in 1960. Gwedolyn died in 1963. Thomas remained in White Rock, B.C. until his death in 1975.

John Chorley and Thomas G. Brown were first cousins.

Joseph Chorley was born in 1900 in Wales to Elizabeth Winter and William Chorley. He emigrated to Canada settling in Edmonton, AB, working as a bookkeeper. He is the youngest brother of John Chorley and first cousin to Thomas G. Brown.

  • Elizabeth Winter Chorley (mother of John and Joseph Chorley) and Alice Winter Brown (mother of Thomas Brown) were sisters.

Brown, Harold Percy

  • AR-MS-353
  • Person
  • 1886-1965

Harold Percy Brown was born in England in 1886 and he immigrated to Canada in 1908. He married Evelina Mann in 1911 in Edmonton and they had two sons, Percy and Leslie.
Harold Brown was the director of visual instruction and studio director of CKUA Radio in the faculty at the Department of Extension at the University of Alberta. He was instrumental in the formation of the first community league in the city (the 142nd Street and District Community League) and the Federation of Community Leagues.
The 142nd Street and District Community League was formed in 1917 with George Hall as President and Harold P. Brown as Secretary.
The community league carried out a number of activities, including cultivating a vegetable garden to help with the war effort, raising funds for a school, piano, undertaking programs for children and families and providing amenities for returned veterans in the local hospital. The League continued its programs of sporting events, fairs, competitions and good works for many years.
In the 1930s the name was changed to the Jasper Place, Westgrove and District Community League. Harold Brown remained as secretary. The name was shortened to the Jasper Place Community League before the end of the 1930s. In 1951 the name changed again to reflect the renaming of the west end subdivision to Crestwood and Capital Hill Community League. The league opened their new hall in 1958. Harold Brown was still on the executive as Chair of the education committee. He created a scrapbook of community league news clippings and other material to document the early history of the community league. The name was again shortened to Crestwood before the end of the 1960s.
Harold Percy Brown died in Edmonton in 1965.

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