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Atkins, John D.

  • AR-MS-572
  • Person
  • n.d.

Mr. Atkins is a long-time resident of Edmonton.

Aurora Borealis Chapter 10, Order of AHEPA (Anglo-Hellenic Educational Progressive Association)

  • AR-MS-88
  • Corporate body
  • 1932 - current

The Order of AHEPA (Anglo-Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) is a fraternal organization, originally founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1922. The Aurora Borealis Chapter 10 C.J. was established in Edmonton in 1932 as part of the Royal Canadian District no. 24. Its objectives are to promote an understanding of the Hellenic people, support selflessness, champion education, and resist the union of church and state.

Bach Tercentenary Festival 1985 Foundation (TriBach)

  • AR-MS-429
  • Corporate body
  • 1985

The Bach Tercentenary Festival 1985 Foundation (TriBach) Festival marked the three hundredth anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. Dr. Sherburne McCurdy of Alberta College was the founder and president of the local foundation which organized the festival and raised moneys for the celebration. Michael Tabbitt was the Festival Director for the seventeen days of performances and special events. Over 400 volunteers were recruited from Edmonton, Calgary and smaller centres around the province. A scholarship program was developed, dramas were produced and the event ended with a huge fireworks display.

Baird, Georgia

  • AR-MS-370
  • Person
  • 1931 - 2005

Georgia Baird came to Edmonton in 1960 and worked with the English Department of the University of Alberta. She also worked with the Society for the Retired and Semi-Retired where she established the Heritage Program in 1974 which linked seniors with school classes for the exchange of historical information, and ran the Heritage Library there. Mrs. Baird was appointed to the Edmonton Historical Board in 1978 and served as Chair of that body. She is also a volunteer at the City of Edmonton Archives. With her husband, Richard, a professor of political science at the University of Alberta, Georgia Baird has a keen interest in theatre in the city.

Baker Clinic

  • AR-MS-704
  • Corporate body
  • [192-?] -

The Baker clinic began simply during the 1920s and 1930s when Dr. J.O. Baker began to hire associates for his Edmonton medical practice. As his group of associates grew larger, Baker began to encourage the clinic's more junior physicians to specialise their practices so that the clinic could offer begin to offer a wider range of medical services to patients. Following Dr. Baker's death in 1956, the clinic continued to be a group practice, with an executive partnership directing the future development of the clinic.

Baltzan, Hy

  • AR-MS-236
  • Person
  • 1913 - 2006

Hy Baltzan was born in Edmonton in 1913. His mother and father, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Baltzan were early pioneer leaders of the Jewish community in the city. Through his activities in various Jewish organizations, Hy Baltzan would become one of the most prominent members of the Edmonton Jewish community. Hy Baltzan was president of B'nai Brith Lodge 732 and the Jewish Community Council, national and regional vice-president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Founding president of the Jewish Senior Citizen's Drop-in Centre, chairman of the Community Council Archives, and served on the executive of several other community organizations. Hy Baltzan was Negev Dinner honouree in 1976. Hy Baltzan and his wife Celia had three daughters, Mrs. Jaclyn Schulman, Mrs. Gail Schloss, and Nina Baltzan. Hy Baltzan passed away June 2, 2006.

Barford, Vernon

  • AR-MS-632
  • Person
  • 1876 - 1963

Vernon Barford was born September 10, 1876 in Berkshire, England and came to Edmonton on January 15, 1900. He married Agnes Lynch and together they had three sons: Thomas, James and John and one daughter, Marjorie. He was a piano teacher and music arranger, composer of 50 original pieces in addition to acting as organist and choirmaster at All Saints' Anglican Church. He was also involved in the Edmonton Light Opera Society which performed at Robertson Hall, and at one time conducted the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and helped to establish the Alberta Music Festival. He founded the Edmonton Male Chorus and the University [of Alberta] Glee Club and Chorus and was the only male member of the Women's Musical Club. A junior high school on the south side of Edmonton was named in his honour. Mr. Barford died on April 22, 1963 and was predeceased in 1955 by his wife Agnes.

Barnes, John T.

  • AR-MS-242
  • Person
  • 1896 - [ca. 1985]

John T. Barnes was born in 1896 the Sarnia district of Ontario where he spent his childhood. In 1911, at the age of 15, he went to Chicago to work in his aunt and uncle's delicatessen store. He returned to Ontario in 1912 and then travelled to Edmonton with his family. Here he worked for his uncle, Jim Gauld, who was in charge of constructing window frames for the new provincial legislature. John Barnes later worked for the Swift Canadian Company in north Edmonton. In 1914 he and a friend left Edmonton for Butte, Montana, where he spent some time before returning to Sarnia. John T. Barnes passed away in ca. 1985.

Barr, Alex

  • AR-MS-19
  • Person
  • [ca. 1905-1986]

Alex Barr began working in Edmonton around 1925 as a clerk at the Royal Bank. In 1930 he was a clerk at Royal Trust and by 1940 he had moved to the real estate division at the same company. Later he became manager of the real estate division at the Royal Trust in Edmonton until his retirement in the 1970s.

He was married to Dora, and he died in 1986.

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