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Society for the Protection of Architectural Resources in Edmonton (SPARE)

  • AR-MS-395
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1978 -

A group of Edmontonians concerned about the rapid destruction of historical buildings in the city formed the Society for the Protection of Architectural Resources in Edmonton (SPARE) in June 1978. Their aims were to raise public awareness of architectural resources, to encourage renovation and recycling of older buildings and to promote community involvement with architectural heritage. The group lobbied and made presentations to the public and the city's Development Appeal Board to ensure that destruction of historic buildings only occurred after wide community debate and input.

Purches, Beatrice and Darroch, Stuart

  • AR-MS-398
  • Família
  • n.d.

Stuart Darroch lived in Edmonton from the early 1900s and worked first in the insurance and then in the real estate and insurance business. His wife, Beatrice Purches, worked as a stenographer with the government for many years. Darroch's first partner was W.C. Bissell but eventually the firm was his alone. Between 1942 and 1945 Darroch was elected to three terms as the President of the Edmonton Real Estate Board.

Men's Canadian Club of Edmonton

  • AR-MS-408
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1906 -

The Canadian Club of Edmonton was organized in December 1906. Mr. John A. McDougall, the first president of the club, gave the inaugural address at the first luncheon meeting in January 1907. Once a ladies branch was formed a few years later the club added "Men's" to its name. Each bi-monthly luncheon featured a speaker on a topic of "wide public interest", and visitors to the city frequently took the podium to spark members' discussions. Copies of the speeches were collected and published. By July 1991 the Club became known again as the Canadian Club of Edmonton and adopted club bylaws January 1995.

The Suburban Times

  • AR-MS-409
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • [ca. 195-?] - n.d.

The "Suburban Times" was the creation of a group of Jasper Place businessmen in the 1950s. Jasper Place was once a separate town directly west of Edmonton. Douglas H. McLeod was a founding member of the paper, and three years after its formation, became its editor. Two years later he bought out the other shareholders and became the publisher as well. McLeod was president of the Jasper Place Chamber of Commerce and was a strong opponent of amalgamation with Edmonton in 1961.

Chapman, Doris (Neale)

  • AR-MS-416
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1912 - [ca. 2000]

Doris Chapman was born Doris Neale in 1912. She was a renowned local athlete, known especially for her skills as a basketball player. She was a guard on the world champion Edmonton Grads from 1929-1936. Prior to that she was involved with the Mercantile Basketball League which included the YMCA sponsored team. Mrs. Chapman worked as executive secretary to Dr. G.R.A. Rice of Sunwapta Broadcasting. She was married to Ted Chapman and had three children: Pete Chapman, Randy Chapman, and Judy Silverstein.

Argue, Lois

  • AR-MS-417
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Lois Argue has been a resident of Edmonton since 1941 and came to be associated with the Municipal Airport and the Alaska Highway and North West Staging Route. She was one of the first members of the R.C.A.F. 700 Wing and other military organizations. She is an avid collector of history and a photographer of everything "that was going to be no more", documenting historic buildings and events in and around the city. She has written for various media and for many old Edmonton families and compiled scrapbooks on many historical events. She has been the historian for the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants and a member of the Edmonton Historical Registry.

Feamley, J. P.

  • AR-MS-424
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

J.P. Feamley was a resident of Edmonton for many years and collected miscellaneous materials.

City of Lethbridge Archives

  • AR-MS-428
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1964 -

From time to time the City of Lethbridge Archives donates material to the City of Edmonton Archives which is relevant to this city's history.

Manson, Jack

  • AR-MS-434
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1926 -

Jack Manson is a native Edmontonian, a sports enthusiast and a world champion hockey player (Edmonton Mercuries) and an author. He wrote "Bricks in Edmonton" to tell the story of brick makers and masons in the city.

Olafson, Carl G.

  • AR-MS-475
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Carl G. Olafson was a resident of Edmonton for many years employed by the Alberta Labour department.

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