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Sache and Christie Families

  • AR-MS-201
  • Família
  • [18--?] - n.d.

Frederick H. Sache was one of the first residents of the Strathcona district. Mr. Sache was born in Perth, Ontario in 1849 and in 1872 he joined a Dominion survey party charged with the task of laying out part of the northwest. Having reached Edmonton he decided to stay, locating in Strathcona, where he invested in real estate. In 1921 his daughter, Francis Margaret, married Henry Flockhart Christie, the son of the late William Christie of Glasgow, Scotland. Henry Christie served with the Royal Canadian Engineers in the First World War. Later he designed and supervised the construction of the Dawson and 105 Street bridges.

Howard, Walter and Brown, Desmond

  • AR-MS-456
  • Família
  • n.d.

Walter Howard was a president of the Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation who recruited a student of the University of Alberta, Desmond Brown, to investigate an artifact supposedly from the last Fort Edmonton which was dismantled in 1915.

Rowland, William (family)

  • AR-MS-494
  • Família
  • n.d.

William Rowland worked for the Hudson's Bay Company (1822 to 1864) and was an early trader and settler in the area around Edmonton. Phyllis Semaniuk is a member of the Rowland family, being a great-great-great granddaughter of William Rowland.The family has maintained a role in the Edmonton community.

Munshaw Family

  • AR-MS-612
  • Família
  • n.d.

Fred and Agnes Munshaw were longtime residents of Edmonton living at 11022 - 81 Avenue. Mr. Munshaw was a city employee. Both Mr. and Mrs Munshaw were avid lawn bowlers and curlers, belonging to the Garneau Lawn Bowling Club and to the Granite Curling Club. Mrs. Munshaw was active in the Catholic Women's League and attended St. Anthony's Church. Mr. Munshaw was active in the Knox United Church.

Scott Family

  • AR-MS-644
  • Família
  • n.d.

The Scott family have been residents of the Edmonton area for many years.

Macdonald, Holland Family

  • AR-MS-690-S-1
  • Família
  • 1874-1976

Macdonald, John Kenneth 1874-1945
Holland, Therese Fraser 1882-1976

John Kenneth Macdonald was born 24 Jul 1874 to Mary Ann Ketchum and Donald Macdonald in Drayton, Wellington County, Ontario. He attended schools in Cobourg, Ontario. In 1884 he came to western Canada following his father, who had moved to Manitoba two years earlier. He remained in Western Canada for a few years but returned to Ontario to complete his schooling and study law. He returned west in 1892, and came to Edmonton in 1893.

John was with the editorial staff at the Edmonton Bulletin for a time, and was an active in the Edmonton amateur theatre scene in the late 1890's and early 1900's. He was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1903. John was Assistant Deputy Attorney-General of Alberta from 1904 to 1906, after which he entered into private practice.

Therese Fraser Holland was born in 1882 to Selina Fraser and Henry F. Holland in Cobourg, Ontario. Therese graduated in nursing from the Hospital for Sick Chiildren.

John Kenneth Macdonald and Therese Fraser Holland were married 1 Jan 1912 in Cobourg, Ontario. The couple returned to Edmonton and they had three children - Alan Fraser, Lorna Louise, and Bruce Fraser. Therese was very involved in the Victorian Order of Nurses in Edmonton. John continued in his private law practice, was a member of All Saints Episcopal Church, and involved in other community organizations.

John Kenneth Macdonald died 21 Apr 1945 in Edmonton.
Therese Fraser Holland Macdonald died 21 Mar 1976 in Edmonton.

Macdonald, Clifton Family

  • AR-MS-690
  • Família
  • 1843-current

Clifton, Faith Howay 1900-1959
Holland, Henry Francis 1843-1910
Holland, Selina Fraser 1853-1924
Macdonald, Alan Fraser 1913-1981
Macdonald, Brian [ca. 1947]-current
Macdonald, Bruce Fraser 1917-1985
Macdonald, Donald Walter 1865-1921
Macdonald, John Kenneth 1874-1945
Macdonald, Marguerite Irene Clifton 1919-2010
Macdonald, Therese Fraser Holland 1882-1976
McCuaig, Vernis Vera Clifton Christie 1921-2019

The Macdonald and Clifton families were prominent in the theatre, legal, and military communities in Edmonton.

Mickey and Alan Macdonald were a well-known Edmonton couple. Mickey was involved in the Edmonton theatre scene for nearly fifty years. Alan was also involved in the amateur theatre scene, went into law and eventually became the City Solicitor for the City of Edmonton. He was also in the military for World War II.

Both Alan’s father, John Kenneth Macdonald, and maternal grandfather, Henry Francis Holland, were lawyers.

Bruce Fraser Macdonald, Alan’s brother, was a decorated officer in the Canadian military, and served for nearly 30 years.

Both Mickey’s mother, Faith Clifton, and sister, Vernis McCuaig, were also very active in Edmonton’s theatre community.

McCauley Family

  • AR-MS-320
  • Família
  • 1850-2003

Aylen, Bernard 1898-1968
Aylen, Elizabeth Norquay 1905-2003
McCauley, Alexander 1860-1908
McCauley, Alexander J.H. 1876-1948
McCauley, Anne Cookson 1868-1948
McCauley, Catherine MacLean 1864-1944
McCauley, Daniel Alexander 1884-1951
McCauley, Eleanor Lattimer 1823-1874
McCauley, Elizabeth 1866-1933
McCauley, Elizabeth Lucinda 1890-1926
McCauley, Frank 1888-1930
McCauley, James Hector 1899-1979
McCauley, Julia Alberta 1883-1966
McCauley, Lillian Bell 1877-1939
McCauley, Mabel Victoria 1883-1957
McCauley, Margaret Jane 1880-1979
McCauley, Mary Eleanor 1885-1957
McCauley, Matilda Benson 1875-1896
McCauley, Matthew Allan 1895-1948
McCauley, Matthew 1850-1930
McCauley, Maud Muriel 1886-1941
McCauley, May Emeline 1884-?
McCauley, Samuel 1855-1903
McCauley, Samuel (Jr.) 1892-1892
McCauley, William Alexander 1917-1999
McCauley, William Fred 1902-1930
McLean, Catherine Anne McCauley 1887-1987
Norquay, Alexander 1867-1939
Norquay, Julia Alberta McCauley 1883-1966

Alexander McCauley and Eleanor Latimer, lived near Owen Sound, Ontario and had ten children between 1847 and 1864 – Mary Ann (1847-1884), John S. (1848-1935), Matthew (1850-1930), Martha (1851-1920), Eliza (1853-1927), Samuel (1855-1903), Eleanor (1857-1893), Alexander (1860-1908), Margaret Jane (1862-1933), and William Francis (1863-?). While some members stayed in Ontario, a few moved to western Canada, namely Matthew, Alexander and Samuel.

Matthew, Alexander, and Samuel were prominent citizens in early Edmonton.

MacAllister Family

  • AR-MS-101
  • Família
  • 1913-1998

MacAllister, Gault Alexander 1916-1984
MacAllister, Mary Stewart Moroney 1913-1998

Gault Alexander MacAllister was born in 1916 in Lachute, Quebec to Gertrude Clarke and Walt MacAllister. Gault MacAllister received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and became a professional agrologist. In 1946 he was employed by the Alberta Department of Agriculture, where he worked in close association with the Alberta dairy industry. He became supervisor of the Dairy Plant Inspection office in the Department of Agriculture in 1963 and retired in 1976.

Mary Stewart Moroney was born in 1913 to Maude Lauder and Frederick Moroney
Her mother’s parents (James Lauder and Hannah Gray) were a pioneering family in Edmonton. Mary worked as a teacher and educator, and later volunteered at the City of Edmonton Archives.

Mary Moroney and Gault MacAllister married in Edmonton in 1941. They had two children.
Gault Alexander MacAllister died in 1984. His wife, Mary Stewart Moroney MacAllister, died in 1998. They are buried in the Westakiwin Cemetery in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Johnston Family

  • AR-MS-111
  • Família
  • 1875-[19--]

Jasper P. Johnston 1875-1954
Lillian Weir 1881-[19--]

Jasper Peter Johnston was born in 1875 in Ontario to Benjamin Johnston and Mary Ann Haviland. By 1911 he was a medical doctor in Canmore, Alberta. That same year he married Lillian Charlotte Weir in Banff. They had two children, Pauline and Benjamin. The family moved to Edmonton where Dr. Jasper P. Johnston had a medical practice from ca. 1914-1948].

Jasper P. Johnston died in 1954 in Edmonton and is buried at Westlawn Memorial Gardens in Edmonton. It is not known when Lillian Weir Johnston died.
Daughter Pauline Johnston was a school teacher and taught in the Elk Point district around 1934.

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