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Hanson, Gladys Lillian Jones

  • AR-MS-124
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1912-2010

Gladys Lillian Jones was born in Edmonton in 1912. Her father William M Jones immigrated to Canada in 1906 or 1908 and worked at the City Incinerator (later known as the Rat Creek Incinerator). Her mother, Lily, immigrated to Edmonton from England in 1906 aboard the “Parisian” along with her grandparents, Marshall and Jane Hanson, and her siblings Herbert, Albert and Sydney Jones. Gladys worked as a stenographer, phone operator and clerk for various Edmonton businesses including Weber Bros., Tighe & Wilson and Gillespie Grain. Gladys had a strong interest in music, likely inherited from her mother.

Gladys married Wallace O. Hanson in 1938 in Edmonton. They had two children, Marie and Gary. In 1950, Gladys and Wallace were the proprietors of Hanson’s Stationery at 10625 – 95th Street, Edmonton. In 1955, Gladys began working for the City of Edmonton in various departments, including the Power and Recreation departments.

Gladys Jones Hanson died 16 Oct 2010 and is buried at the Beechmount Municipal cemetery in Edmonton.

Bell, Sophie Nicholson

  • AR-MS-126
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1887-[ca.1950]

Sophie Nicholson was born in 1887 to Mary and Gilbert Nicholson in Quebec. Sometime after 1901 the family is in Edmonton. Sophie Nicholson married David T. Bell in 1912 in Edmonton. They had two children, Mary Virginia and Sarah Eileen. David Bell worked as a mechanic for the city. Sophie Bell was a member of the Edmonton Library Board from 1927-1930.
David T. Bell died 27 Sep 1935 in Edmonton and he is buried in the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery. Sophie Nicholson Bell died in Edmonton ca. 1950.

Management Studies, Systems and Budget Department

  • AR-RG-14-S-1
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1977-1983

The Budget and Research Department was established in 1974 and developed policies to provide effective short and long term fiscal planning, internal audit, economic and consulting services for the City of Edmonton. It was comprised of four branches: Internal Audit Branch, Budget Branch, Economics Research Branch, and Analytical Services Branch.

The Management Services Department was established in 1971 in order to establish and maintain business systems which cross functional lines. In 1977 a corporate reorganization combined the functions of the Management Services Department and the Budget and Research Department to form the Management Studies, Systems and Budget Department.

The Management Studies, Systems and Budget Department was responsible for providing directive and consultative services throughout the City administration. Specifically, the department provided professional management consulting services to the Executive Level of all departments in the City; managed the computerized information systems development process; and was responsible for getting annual capital and current budgets approved and developing a regular reporting system to monitor the progress of the budget throughout the year.

When the Management Studies, Systems and Budget Department was established it was composed of three separate branches: Management Studies (to provide a professional management consulting services to the Executive Level of all departments in the City), Management Systems (to manage the computerized information systems development process), and Budgetary Planning and Control (to get approved annual capital and current budgets, and to develop a regular reporting system to monitor the progress of the budget throughout the year).

The Mobile Equipment Services Department was created in 1974 through a reorganization of the Civic Garage Department. The Mobile Equipment Services Department was responsible for supplying equipment and supply and maintenance of vehicles for City departments. It was composed of three branches and three sections. These included the Engineering Branch, the Maintenance and Repair Branch, the Support Services Branch, the Analytical Services Section, the Administration Section, and the Fleet Safety and Training Section.

In 1977 when the Mobile Equipment Services Department and the Purchasing Division of the Finance Department were merged to form the Central Supply and Services Department. The mission of the Central Supply and Services Department was to provide management of corporate resources; to obtain materials and services; to provide management supervision and inspection of contracted services; and to provide office services. In 1978 the Department was also responsible for all data processing in the City.

Norris, Paul

  • AR-RG-15-S-1
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1926-2013

Paul Norris was an Edmonton alderman from 1977-1983. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on April 9, 1926, Paul Norris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in geology from St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia in 1950 and an engineering diploma from University of Alberta in 1953. He worked as a geologist in Calgary, then attended law school for two years. In 1955 he established his own company, Norris Holdings, which acted as a holding company for Bench Advertisers Limited, Edmonton Bus Shelter Advertising, and Edmonton Sign Shop.

Norris was active in many associations and societies including serving as the financial chairman of the Edmonton Opera Association (1977); regional director, Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta (1968-1977); member of the University of Alberta Senate (1977-1980); founding member, Royal Glenora Club; and a member of the Edmonton Petroleum Club. He was an unsuccessful provincial Progressive Conservative candidate in 1967. Paul Norris passed away in 2013.

Haines, Alfred Henry

  • AR-MS-136
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1863-1953

Alfred Henry Haines was born in 1864 to Margaret and Robert Haines in Ontario. Alfred married Isabella Catherine (‘Bella’) Buchanan 26 Feb 1890 in Middlesex County, Ontario. By 1894 the couple had moved to Edmonton where Albert worked at the Edmonton Bulletin.
Alfred and Isabella would have eight children, Pearl, Lillie, Amelia Gertrude, Lois, Alice, Alexander, Kenneth and Harry, with the first four children born in Edmonton.
The family remained in Edmonton from 1894 to 1903. He worked at the Edmonton Bulletin during that time. He then moved to Port Huron, Michigan and finally settled in Sarnia, Ontario, where Albert continued to work as a printer.
Alfred Henry Haines died 30 Jan 1953 in Sarnia. Isabella Buchanan Haines died 27 Jun 1959 in Sarnia. They are buried at the Lakeview Cemetery in Sarnia, Ontario.

Graham Family

  • AR-MS-144
  • Família
  • 1881-1967

Graham, Eva M. 1887-1967
Graham, George L 1881-1956

George L. and Eva Margaret Graham lived in Edmonton AB from ca. 1906. George Graham worked for the Edmonton Piano Co., ca. 1907, before establishing the firm of Graham and Reid Home Furnishings, with Horace P. Reid in 1908. The business began at 10373 Namayo Avenue (now 97 Street) and in 1917 moved to 10115 Jasper Avenue.
In 1932, Graham & Reid Home Furnishers became Henry, Graham & Reid located at 9905 Jasper Avenue. George Graham was president of the firm until ca. 1949. The business was sold to Harold Sprague in 1949, eventually becoming Sprague Furniture.
George Graham died in 1957 and Eva Margaret Graham died in 1967. They are buried at the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.

Dorsey, Marie Dezall

  • AR-MS-146
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1915-2015

Francis Marie Dezall (‘Marie’) was born in Agassi, B.C. on December 28, 1915. Her parents were pioneer homesteaders in Raven, Alberta. Marie went to Edmonton for nurses training, graduating with the Gold Medal for Proficiency from the Misericordia Hospital. Marie married Frederick Jack Dorsey and they had 3 children, Jaclyn, Michael and Candas. They moved to eastern Canada but returned to Edmonton in 1952. Fred Dorsey worked for the Edmonton Transit system. Fred Dorsey died September 17, 1997.

Marie had a lifelong interest in collecting stamps, first day covers and history of early post offices and served as the director of the Edmonton stamp club. She volunteered with the City of Edmonton Archives 1969-1974, working on special research projects including gathering information for development of Fort Edmonton.

She then joined Alberta Historic Sites department, developing a report on historic sites on the North Saskatchewan river. In 1975 she was appointed Alberta’s first Geographical Names Officer where she created a widely respected program which emphasized the need for sound, solid historical research. This work prepared the foundation for the four-volume edition of ‘Place Names of Alberta’. Later, she was advisor to the Alberta Historic Sites Board.

Marie retired in 1980 and then became a member on the Alberta Historic Sites Board. Marie received many honours for her work, including the Friends of the Alberta Museums Society award in 1993, the Friends of Geographic Names Society “Name Dropper” Award in 1996, the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographic Names Leading Toponymist Award in 1997, Edmonton Historical Board award in 1998 and the HSA Annual Award in 2003.

Marie Dezall Dorsey died 23 May 2015.

Bradley, Myrtle

  • AR-MS-147
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1874-1971

Myrtle Bradley was born in the U.S.A. ca. 1874. She married Charles Bradley and they had two children, Donald born in 1894 and Dorris born in 1901. Charles was the manager of the Swift Plant in Cleveland, Ohio. The family immigrated to Canada in 1908 when Charles became the manager of the J.Y Griffin & Co. meat packing plant (later known as Swift’s). Their first residence was at 539 – 8th Avenue. Another daughter, Louise, was born in 1912.
Charles Bradley was considered a prominent businessman in Edmonton and remained as general manager of the Swift Canadian Co. until his death in July 1924. He had left his home in Edmonton to visit the family farm in Winterburn on Tuesday July 2, 1924 and seemed to have disappeared. He was reported missing and a search was started. The following day his car was spotted west of the city and his body was found nearby. His death was ruled an accident due to heatstroke caused by an intense heat wave that began July 1st, 1924. It was reported that temperatures reached 35C (96F) breaking all previous records.
Myrtle Bradley died in March 1971 and is buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Myroniuk Family

  • AR-MS-149
  • Família
  • 1893-unknown

Myroniuk, Annie Zayda 1901-unknown
Myroniuk, Peter 1893-unknown

Peter Myroniuk, born ca. 1893 in Sniatyn, Austria, lived in Beverly from 1929 to 1930 and worked at D.R. Fraser & Co and as a labourer and a miner. Annie Zayda, born in Melnesey, Borchew, Poland in 1901, lived in Edmonton in 1930 and worked as a waitress. Peter Myroniuk and Annie Zayda were married in Edmonton in 1930. It is not known what happened to Annie and Peter Myroniuk after their marriage.

Smith, Jennie Ottewell

  • AR-MS-225
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1892-1985

Jane Elizabeth (Jennie) Ottewell was born in 1892 in Edmonton. She was the fifth child of Richard Phillip Ottewell and Frances (Fanny) Trevillion. Her father, Richard Phillip Ottewell, is considered one of the early pioneers in the Edmonton area.

Richard P. Ottewell was born in Lincolnshire, England and came to Canada as a very young boy with his parents, settling in Middlesex County, Ontario, ca. 1852 and then moving to Bruce County, Ontario in 1867. He married Frances (Fanny) Dingle Trevillion on June 7, 1877 in Port Arthur, Ontario. Richard worked in the Duncan Mine. Two children arrived in quick succession, William John (born 1880) and Frances Ella (born 1881). Around this time, Richard read an editorial in “The Bulletin” newspaper, written by Frank Oliver describing the Edmonton area and decided to move west.
Leaving his wife and two children in Ontario, he set out in 1881 from Port Arthur to Duluth by boat, then to Winnipeg by train, then to Edmonton with two horse teams and a wagon. Richard Ottewell staked his claim on August 7, 1881, in the Clover Bar area – then some 10 miles east of Edmonton. Once the homestead was broken and the land cultivated for farming grain, he sent for his family. His wife, Fanny, and children William and Ella, joined him in Edmonton in 1883.
A sod house was replaced by a log house, which was eventually replaced by a large brick house in the early 1900’s. The original log house was restored and placed in Fort Edmonton Park. The Ottewell family eventually turned from grain to dairy farming. Richard Ottewell died in 1942, but his youngest sons continued to farm the land until 1951.
The Ottewell farm was considered one of the finest in the areas and Richard was considered a driving force in the Clover Bar community. He helped to organize the Clover Bar School District, opened the Ottewell Coll Mine and the Campbell & Ottewell Flour Mill.
Richard and Fanny had 9 children in total - William John (1880-1976), Frances Ella (1881-1971), Arthur James (1884-1979), George Garnet (1886-1979), Jane Elizabeth ‘Jennie’ (1892-1985), Muriel (1894-1964), Cedric (1896-1950) and twins Frank Clinton (1905-1967 and Frederick Samuel (1905-1965).

In 1916, Jennie Ottewell married Bliss Botsford Smith. They had four children, Isabel, Allen, Dorothy and Kathleen, and lived in Fort Saskatchewan.
Bliss Smith died in 1975 and Jennie (Ottewell) Smith died in 1985.

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