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Webb, Joseph

  • AR-MS-49
  • Person
  • 1880 - [ca. 1960]

Joseph Webb was born in London, England in May 1880. He joined the British Army in October 1898 and served in the Boer War. After moving to Canada, he married Alice Beatrice Miller, of York, England in Edmonton, Alberta on September 27, 1910. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force on December 12, 1914 and served in France. He was discharged on April 27, 1919. While he was in service, his wife lived in Hull, England. They lived in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1940. He died ca. 1960.

Weatherby, Ellen

  • AR-MS-500
  • Person
  • n.d.

Mrs. Weatherby was a resident of Edmonton for many years. It is not know how she acquired the records or knew Mr. Mather or Mr. F. Coward.

Watt, Alex

  • AR-MS-541
  • Person
  • 1919 -

Alex Watt was a hockey player in Edmonton in the 1930s and 1940s.

Wates, Cyril Geoffrey

  • AR-MS-48
  • Person
  • 1883 - 1946

Cyril Geoffrey Wates was born in Brixton, greater London, England on July 18, 1883. He immigrated to Canada and worked for the City of Edmonton Municipal Telephone System, 1909-1946, eventually rising to Maintenance Foreman. He was an enthusiastic participant in the worlds of music, mountaineering, astronomy, and writing. He was choirmaster of St. Stephen's Anglican Church and composed many songs, including a comic operetta, "The Telephone Girl and the Toff".

He joined the Alpine Club of Canada in 1916, participated in twenty summer camps, and climbed more than fifty peaks, including the first ascent of Mount Geikie in 1924. He was chairman of the Edmonton Section, 1925 and 1932-1935, western vice-president and president, 1938-1941. He received a Fellowship in the Canadian Geographic Society in 1939. He was also responsible for the publication of an Alpine Club songbook, Songs of Canadian Climbers, and the construction of an alpine hut in the Tonquin Valley, now named for him and a colleague, E.R. Gibson, the Wates-Gibson Hut.

He was regarded as one of Canada's most outstanding amateur astronomers, building several telescopes, including a 12.5 reflector that he presented to the University of Alberta in 1942. He served as President of the Edmonton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1938 and received the Chant Medal from the society "for outstanding amateur contribution to astronomy in Canada". His writing included professional reports in telephone engineering, articles relating to his mountaineering and astronomical interests, stories and plays, including a series of science fiction short stories and a novel, published in Amazing Stories, 1927-1930.

He was married twice, first to Alice Reeves, sister of the Edmonton photographer Gladys Reeves, from 1923 until her death in 1943; secondly to Helen Adela Burns, from 1944 until his death in Edmonton, February 2, 1946.

Helen (Burns) Wates was born in Caledonia, Ontario on December 21, 1899. She moved to Edmonton, Alberta where she was a school teacher and vice-principal, 1921-1959. She was an active mountaineer, including in her achievements the first ascent by a woman of Mount Edith Cavell and was also active in the girl guide movement, St John's Ambulance Brigade, and the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service in World War II. Helen (Burns) Wates died on September 20, 1974.

Warren, Harold Ross

  • AR-MS-47
  • Person
  • [ca. 1894] - 1985

Harold Ross Warren served as a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in the Arctic, Prince Rupert, Regina, Ottawa, and Edmonton. Mr. Warren died in Edmonton in 1985 at the age of 91.

Ward, Henry G.

  • AR-MS-26
  • Person
  • 1913-1976

Henry Gerrie Ward was born in Edmonton 15 Jun 1913 to Muriel Louise Gerrie and Edward Henry Ward. He is the nephew of Samuel Archibald Dickson.
He graduated from the University of Alberta and taught in Edmonton from 1942-1974, serving as Assistant Principal of Victoria and Strathcona Composite High Schools, Principal of Bonnie Doon High School, 1958-1970, then director of personnel, 1972-1974, before becoming a sessional instructor in education administration at the University of Alberta. He was active in many professional, community and historical groups, often serving in leading positions. These included:

  • president of the Alberta High School Principals’ Association;
  • chairman of the Edmonton Public School Board high school enrichment committee,
  • member, Alberta Department of Education high school curriculum committee;
  • president and director, Rotary Club of Edmonton;
  • commodore, Pigeon Lake Yacht Club;
  • president, Historical Society of Alberta;
  • chairman & member, Edmonton Historical Board;
  • director, Old Strathcona Foundation;
  • director, Fort Edmonton Foundation.
    He married Janet Elizabeth Hanely on 5 Aug 1940 in Drumheller; they had two sons.
    Henry G. Ward died 30 Aug 1976 in Golden, BC.

Want, Alfred H.J.

  • AR-MS-471
  • Person
  • n.d.

Alfred H. J. Want has been a resident of Edmonton for many years and is interested in ED Tel: Edmonton's telephone company. Mr. Want was an employee of the city's telephone company since the 1930s.

Wankel, Dornan Family

  • AR-MS-515
  • Family
  • 1867-current

Dornan, Charles Denis [ca. 1940]-current
Dornan, Edward Patrick 1902-1962
Dornan, Mary Wankel 1904-1998
Wankel, Charles 1902-1970
Wankel, Emil 1867-1948
Wankel, Margaret Kellet 1872-1947

Mary Kathleen Cecilia Wankel, often known as ‘May’, ‘Mayme’ or ‘Mamie’, was born to Emil and Margaret Wankel on 2 May 1904, in Oak River, Manitoba. Mary had an older brother, Charles, whom the family called Charlie. Emil Wankel had a small hardware store in Oak River with partner J.J. Barr.

In 1909 the Wankel family moved south from Manitoba to the States, settling in Spokane, Washington, where Emil tried to have an apple orchard business. However within a year, he decided the apple orchard business was not for him. Emil had kept in touch with his former partner, J.J. Barr, who had recently moved to Strathcona, Alberta, and acquired the Ross Block on Whyte Avenue with the intention of establishing a hardware store.

In 1910, Emil moved the family to Strathcona, reunited with his partner and operated the Wankel and Barr Hardware Store. The family lived in a few different homes in Edmonton, but in 1912 a new home was constructed for the Wankels in Strathcona. The Bard and Carrigan families also lived in the neighbourhood. The Wankel home was in walking distance to St. Anthony's School at 76 Avenue and 106 Street.

Mary attended St. Anthony's School for grades three to eight. Then she went to the Third Street Separate High School for grades nine to 11. Mary also studied music, receiving first class honours in Piano at her Toronto Conservatory exams and was invited to continue studies in Toronto.

After grade 11, Mary went to the Normal School (teacher's college) and received her music teaching certificate in 1920. Mary began her teaching career in Vegreville, Alberta, returning to Edmonton a few years later, teaching at St. Anthony's School where she had been a student. A new brick school opened in 1925 and was later named Mount Carmel School.

Mary married Edward Patrick Dornan on 20 Apr 1933. They had three sons, Paul, Charles Dennis (Denny) and Gerald Edward (Gerry). She taught with the Edmonton Catholic Board for many years, was a dedicated member of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) and very involved with St. Anthony’s Church, including as the organist for 20 years. She was also very involved with the creation of a commemorative book for the 75th anniversary of St. Anthony's Church. Mary pursued many musical, artistic, and literary, and was a member of the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton. She was an active volunteer in many organizations, including the St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary.

Mary was an avid writer and collector of family stories and community histories. Her work as a keeper of histories and stories culminated in a scrapbook-cum-manuscript covering predominantly the history of families in the Stratchona area and St. Anthony's Parish. She also created other scrapbooks pertaining to her Kellet, Wankel and Dornan families.

Dennis (Denny) Dornan was active in the Edmonton Junior Chamber of Commerce, including as Chairman of the Outstanding Citizen’s Committee. He cared for his widowed mother in her later years.

Edward Dornan died in 1962. Mary Wankel Dornan died 23 Mar 1998 and is buried at St. Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery in Edmonton.

Wamsley, Kevin

  • AR-MS-517
  • Person
  • n.d.

Kevin Wamsley was a graduate student at the University of Alberta, Department of Physical Education and Recreation Studies.

Walter, John

  • AR-MS-69
  • Person
  • 1849 - 1920

John Walter was born at Stenness, Orkney Island, Scotland on Aug. 12, 1849. He came to Edmonton in 1870 as a boat builder for the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1875 he started his own business on the flats on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River, opposite Fort Edmonton. Over the years he was involved in building boats and general carpentry - he built and operated the first river ferry. He also operated two lumber mills, a coal mine. He built and operated the City of Edmonton steamboat. He served on the first council of the Town of Strathcona and was a member of the Public School Board. He married Annie Elizabeth Newby on Oct. 21, 1886 and they had two sons, John William and Stanley. He died in Edmonton, Alberta on Dec. 25, 1920. The area where he lived and worked, Walterdale, is named for him.

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