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Ramsay's Flowers Ltd.

  • AR-MS-117
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1905-1983

Ramsay’s Flowers Ltd. is a successor to the company formed by Walter Ramsay. Walter Ramsay was born near London, Ontario, in 1870. He came to Alberta in 1899 and was principal of McKay Avenue School and then Queen's Avenue School.
In 1905 he left the teaching profession and founded the florist firm of Walter Ramsay Ltd, which operated a large array of greenhouses near the General Hospital in Edmonton AB. He was a pioneer in this field and his business grew to become one of the largest in Canada. Walter Ramsay died in 1958.
Ramsay’s Flowers Ltd. was operated by Walter’s son, Donald McRae Ramsay (1904-1974).

Crouch, Eric Ramsey

  • AR-MS-1171
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1901-1970

Eric Ramsey Crouch was born 25 Nov 1901 to William and Susan Crouch in Horncliffe, Kent, England. He came to Canada with his brother Ralph in 1916. He settled first in Lethbridge, where by 1921 he was living in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) barracks training as a Constable. In 1925 Eric Crouch married Isabell H. Lawson in Lethbridge.
Eric and Isabell moved to Edmonton where Eric served many years with the R.C.M.P. A favourite hobby of Eric’s was photography. Eric retired from the R.C.M.P. in 1966 after 34 years in the force. Eric and Isabell retired to Vancouver, B.C.
Eric Ramsey Crouch died 1 Nov 1970 in Vancouver and is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.

Rago, Eamon A.

  • AR-MS-1172
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1966-current

Eamon A.Rago lives in Illinois, U.S.A. He is a bus and transit enthusiast, who has contributed to many historical associations.

Waddell, Orville

  • AR-MS-1173
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1890-1925

Orville (‘Orie’) Waddell was born 10 Oct 1890 to Charles and ? Waddell in Abalene, Kansas, USA. He married Mary Rebecca (Beckie) Halderman on 1 Nov 1892 in Kansas, Missouri. They had one son – Otis.
Orville left for Canada in 1902 after hearing of land for sale at a remarkably low price. Upon arriving in Edmonton, Orville found work on a boat hauling coal up and down the North Saskatchewan River. Beckie and Otis arrived in Edmonton the following year. Orville homesteaded in the Pine Ridge area (near Heatherdown, Whitecourt, Alberta). Orville Waddell died 30 Nov 1925 and is buried at the Heatherdown Cemetery in Whitecourt, AB.

Bruun, Chris

  • AR-MS-1178
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1929-current

Chris Bruun was born 9 Aug 1929 in Finland. He emigrated to Canada with his brother arriving in Montreal on 1 Jul 1951. He worked as a construction labourer in Northern Quebec before moving west to Edmonton in 1952.
He was staying at Immigration Hall when he noticed a job opportunity at the Eldorado Mining Company in Port Radium at Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. He took up photography when he discovered the mining company had a darkroom in their recreational facilities.
Mr. Bruun is a self-taught photographer learning from books, trial and error and conversations with the owner of McBain Camera in Edmonton. His first camera was a Rolleicord followed later by a Hasselblad 1000F.
In 1955 he gained darkroom experience working with well-known photographer Bob Cantelon with whom he became great friends. Eventually Mr. Bruun embarked on his own professional photographic career specializing in commercial and advertising photography. He worked for firms such as Imperial Oil, Syncrude and Travel Alberta. He also provided images for film-maker Albert Karvonen who became a good friend.
Since his retirement Mr. Bruun has turned his camera on various subjects of interest to him. Moving into the digital world has allowed him to continue in the creation and processing of the photographs and experimenting with various techniques.
Chris Bruun began donating photographic prints to the City of Edmonton Archives in 1995 and continues to add to the collection in print and digital formats. He continues to be a prolific photographer in his retirement, often photographing skylines from the balcony of his 14th floor apartment in the Oliver area.

Terwillegar, Norman Llewellyn

  • AR-MS-1179
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1883-1948

Norman Llewellyn Terwillegar was born 26 Sep 1883 to Catherine Walter and Archibald Terwillegar in East Whitby, Ontario. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1909 and interned at the New Haven State Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Following the completion of his intership, Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar returned briefly to Ontario in 1911, but sometime that year moved to western Canada and began a practice in Tofield, Alberta.

In 1912 he joined the surgical staff at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Sometime between 1912 and 1914, Norman married. He and he wife, Dorothy, had three children, Norman Allin (1915-1943), Catherine Elizabeth (1918-?) and William Robert (1920-1944).

Norman and Dorothy's first son, Norman Allin, also became a surgeon. He enlisted in the Navy in 1940 becoming a Surgeon Lieutenant. He served on several ships that saw some of the heaviest battles in the Mediterranean while evacuating casualties. Dr. Norman A. Terwillegar was killed in action in 1943 when the ship he was on was attacked and sank in the Italian Harbour during the early days of the invasion of Italy. He was presumed missing, lost at sea, at the age of 28 years.

Norman and Dorothy's daughter, Catherine, married Robert Folinsbee and lived in Edmonton. Their third child, William Robert, died in 1944 at the age of 22 yrs.

Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar was associated with the Royal Alexandra Hospital for his entire career, but also had a private practice, initially with offices in the Tegler building and later from his home in the Westmount neighbourhood. He was widely respected throughout Edmonton for his devotion to his patients, both at the hospital and in private practice. At various times, he served as President of the Edmonton Academy of Medicine and the Alberta Medical Society.

Dr. Norman L. Terwillegar died 31 Aug 1948 in Edmonton. Dorothy Terwillegar died 27 Oct 1962. They are buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Dr. Terwilligar's home in Westmount (10727 - 125 Street), where the family lived from 1920 to 1959, is considered to be a fine example of the Craftsman style of architecture. The residence is on the Alberta Register of Historic Places (provincial and municipal) and has received several historic awards, including an Edmonton Historical Board Plaque award.

To honour Dr. Terwilligar's good character and influence, the City of Edmonton named a southwestern community Terwillegar Heights in the 1960s.

Wolfe, Merrill E.

  • AR-MS-118
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1919-1975

Merrill E. Wolfe was born in Wilkie, Saskatchewan in 1919 and moved to Edmonton at an early age. After graduating from the University of Alberta he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a pilot during the Second World War.
After the war he joined Edmonton Motors, the firm his father had started in 1925, and later he assumed the presidency. Mr. Wolfe was president of the Rotary Club, and Chairman of the Fort Edmonton Foundation for six years. He also served as Chairman of the Historical Advisory Board and as Honorary Chief Factor of Fort Edmonton. He served on the Steering Committee, Foundation for Cultural Heritage, which ultimately influenced the establishment of the Edmonton Community Foundation.
Merrill E. Wolfe died in 1975.

Crevier, Frank R.

  • AR-MS-1181
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1910-1987

Francis Crevier was born 29 May 1910 in Michigan, U.S.A. Frank worked as a civilian for the US Army Corps of Engineers for many years and travelled extensively. However, his main interest was lake shipping. He was a longtime member of various marine historical groups and became a well-known artist, producing numerous detailed line drawings of various lake vessels. In the mid 1940’s he embarked on a ‘lifetime journey’, which included a stop in Edmonton, Alberta.
Frank married Frances M. Dash, possibly known as Dixie, 2 Oct 1938 in Michigan.
Frank Crevier died in 26 Feb 1987 in Michigan.

Halisky, Jean Gamber

  • AR-MS-1182
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1935-2017

Jean Gamber was born in 1935 in Red Deer. She married George Halisky in 1957 and they had two children, Ward and Cyndee.
Joan Gamber Halisky died in 2017 in Red Deer.

Lane, Charles Henry

  • AR-MS-1183
  • Pessoa singular
  • [ca. 1909]-1970

Charles ‘Henry’ Lane was born around 1909 to George and Mary Lane in Edmonton.
In 1927 he married Mary Allen in Edmonton. Charles Henry Lane worked for Arctic Ice and then for the Engineer’s Department at the City of Edmonton for 44 yrs.
Charles Henry Lane died in 1970 in Edmonton.

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