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Andrekson, Margaret Weir

  • AR-MS-733
  • Person
  • 1927-2011

Margaret Weir was born in Edmonton in 1927 to Scottish immigrants. Her parents would also have a son after Margaret, William. Margaret attended Westglen High School before attending the University of Alberta. She would graduate with an English degree in 1949.

Margaret would then work as a reporter for the Edmonton Bulletin soon after her graduation. Later in 1949, Margaret married Alexander Andrekson. The couple would raise five children together.

Margaret was well-known for her volunteerism, a career she began in 1954 with the Junior League of Edmonton. In the later 1960’s and early 1970’s, she became a leader in both local and international settings in the charitable organization of women that promotes volunteerism. She would put in hours for a variety of organizations including the Edmonton Symphony Society, the University of Alberta Senate and Board of Governors, U of A hospitals, the Winspear Foundation, and the Edmonton Civic Centennial Committee, among many others.

Margaret would receive many awards in recognition of her volunteerism. Among the many awards and citations, she received an honorary degree from the University of Alberta in 1987, the Order of Canada in 1996, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002, and was inducted into the Edmonton Hall of Fame in 2007.

In 2011, Margaret Weir Andrekson passed away at the age of 83.


  • AR-MS-763
  • Person
  • 1992-current

The donors of the records were private citizens who wished to remain anonymous.

Archives Committee

  • RG-21-SB-2.1
  • Corporate body
  • 1938-[ca.1944]

The City of Edmonton Archives Committee was created by a resolution of City Council, September 26, 1938. The resolution stated: “That a Committee be set up to have charge of the Archives of the City, consisting of the senior of the Commissioners and two other citizens to be selected by council, same to be a permanent committee on Archives.” It can be construed to be limited to the archival records of the city, but the committee appears to have immediately expanded the mandate to acquire documentation and artifacts about the history of Edmonton (minutes, December 1, 1938).

The committee members, appointed by resolution of City Council, October 24, 1938, consisted originally of Albert Edward Ottewell, Registrar, University of Alberta, as Chairman; John Blue, Secretary, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce (formerly Alberta Provincial Librarian); and R.J. Gibb; City Commissioner; with Alfred Russell, City Clerk serving as Secretary and, initially, Custodian. The membership was expanded by resolution of Council, October 10, 1939, to include Hugh C. Gourlay, City Librarian, who also became City Archivist (minutes, September 11, 1940, p. 1).

The Committee appears to have become moribund sometime after the September 11, 1940 meeting. The only other records of activity relate to actions of Hugh Gourlay to identify space in the City Library for archival storage (December 1944). The committee continued to be listed in official City organization documents until 1944, but disappears from the 1945 lists.

Archives and Landmarks Committee

  • RG-21-SB-2.2
  • Corporate body
  • 1947-1966

On November 9, 1946, Alderman James Harwood Ogilvie requested a report on the status of the City of Edmonton Archives Committee (RG 8.6-146/1). This appears to have initiated renewed interest in archives and historical issues by the City, leading to the passage of Bylaw 1121, establishing the City of Edmonton Archives Committee, January 27, 1947, later amended by Bylaw 1161, to change the name to City of Edmonton Archives and Landmarks Committee, March 8, 1948.

The Committee consisted of eight members, each serving a two year term, capable of being renewed. Under the bylaw, the Committee had an advisory role to discover, select, index, catalogue and prepare for safe keeping, reference and suitable display all books, charts, maps, papers, photographs, paintings, property, chattels or objects of any description relating to the history, alteration and development of the City of Edmonton including recommending purchases, housing and displaying of such material. The Committee continued in existence until May 24, 1966 when Bylaw 1161 was repealed and replaced with Bylaw 2823, creating the Edmonton Historical Board, with almost identical roles and responsibilities.

Barr, Alex

  • AR-MS-19
  • Person
  • [ca. 1905-1986]

Alex Barr began working in Edmonton around 1925 as a clerk at the Royal Bank. In 1930 he was a clerk at Royal Trust and by 1940 he had moved to the real estate division at the same company. Later he became manager of the real estate division at the Royal Trust in Edmonton until his retirement in the 1970s.

He was married to Dora, and he died in 1986.

Beck, Nicholas D.

  • AR-MS-231
  • Person
  • 1857-1928

Nicholas Dominic Beck, son of Georgiana Boulton and John Beck, was born in Coburg, Ontario on 4 May 1857. He received his LL.B. from the University of Toronto in 1881 and practiced in Ontario, Winnipeg, and Calgary before moving to Edmonton in 1891. He was made a Queen's Council in 1893. He served as Town and City Solicitor from 1892 to 1907, when he was appointed to the bench.
Nicholas Beck married Mary Ethel Lloyd on 17 Nov 1886 in St. Boniface, Manitoba. They had a daughter Beatrice Marguerite Beck born on 21 Mar 1888 in St. Boniface, a son Philip (1890-1890) and daughter Mary Marjorie Beck, born 5 Apr 1891 in Calgary. The family moved to Edmonton, where Nicholas and Mary had two more children - Cyril Stephen Beck, born 9 Jan 1893 and Hubert Francis Beck, born 4 Apr 1894.
Mary Lloyd Beck died 30 Apr 1894.
Nicholas married Louise Adelaide Teffy on 9 Jan 1906. Louise Teffy Beck died in Oakland, California, 9 Dec 1927.
Nicholas married Jeanne Cecile Tilley on 10 Apr 1928 in Vancouver, B.C.
Nicholas Beck died on 14 May 1928 in Seattle, WA. He is buried in Edmonton.

Bell, Edward

  • AR-MS-155
  • Person
  • [ca. 1892]-[before 1992]

Edward Bell arrived in Edmonton from Ontario in September 1912. He began work as a teacher in Strathcona at the Bennett School and by the spring of 1913, Ed Bell was the principal of the school. Mr. Bell resigned in February 1914 and moved to the Griffin Creek District, north of Peace River. By 1963, Edward Bell was in Victoria, B.C. It is not known what happened to Edward Bell after moving to Victoria.

Bell, Sophie Nicholson

  • AR-MS-126
  • Person
  • 1887-[ca.1950]

Sophie Nicholson was born in 1887 to Mary and Gilbert Nicholson in Quebec. Sometime after 1901 the family is in Edmonton. Sophie Nicholson married David T. Bell in 1912 in Edmonton. They had two children, Mary Virginia and Sarah Eileen. David Bell worked as a mechanic for the city. Sophie Bell was a member of the Edmonton Library Board from 1927-1930.
David T. Bell died 27 Sep 1935 in Edmonton and he is buried in the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery. Sophie Nicholson Bell died in Edmonton ca. 1950.

Belmont School District No. 23

  • AR-MS-227
  • Corporate body
  • 1885-unknown

Belmont School District No. 23 was established on 9 May 1885. An early teacher at the school was James Bond Steele of Beaver Lake AB, brother of Samuel Benfield Steele.
The Belmont School District No. 23 is no longer active but it is not known when it ceased.

Bicknell, Elizabeth Mason

  • AR-MS-39
  • Person
  • 1915-2007

Elizabeth Mason was born 16 May 1915 to Elizabeth Murphy and Arthur B. Mason in Edmonton. Sometime between 1942 and 1945 Elizabeth Mason married John E. Bicknell, likely in Edmonton. In 1945, though married, Elizabeth worked as a stenographer and lived with her parents, likely because John may have been away in the military. By the late 1950’s Elizabeth and John were living in Albany, N.Y., likely for John’s work as an academic researcher in education research.
In the mid 1960’s Elizabeth and John Bicknell returned to the Edmonton area and John became a professor at the University of Alberta in Educational Psychology (1966-1970). By 1972 they had returned to the United States.
Elizabeth and John had one daughter, Barbara.
Elizabeth Mason Bicknell died 23 Nov 2007 in Renton, Washington, USA.

Arthur Benjamin Mason (Elizabeth Mason Bricknell’s father) was born 10 Aug 1881 to Annie Montgomery and George Mason in Ottawa, Ontario. Upon graduating from high school in the Ottawa area, he went to the School of Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 1905. After graduation, Dr. Mason moved to Alberta and established a dental practice in Edmonton by 1906.
Arthur Mason married Elizabeth Honora Murphy on 21 Aug 1914 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The family settled in the Strathcona area of Edmonton and had two daughters, Elizabeth Anne and Mary Barbara. Elizabeth married John Bicknell.
Dr. Mason had a dental practice in Edmonton for over 45 years and was a charter member of the Edmonton and District Dental Society.
Arthur Benjamin Mason died 18 May 1952 in Edmonton.

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