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Lazear, Stuart

  • AR-MS-247
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Stuart Lazear was a researcher for the Alberta Historic Sites Service.

Walkowski, Tadeusz

  • AR-MS-261
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1898 - 1983

Born in Poland in 1898, Tadeusz Walkowski was a staunch Polish patriot who fought for his country in both world wars, and emigrated to Canada shortly after World War II. Settling in Edmonton he became active in the local Polish community and served as president of the Alberta branch of the Canadian Polish Congress. Walkowski passed away in 1983.

Kravetz, Georgina

  • AR-MS-265
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

The donor is an Edmonton writer who undertook research into amateur and professional entertainment in Edmonton prior to 1900.

Hunt, Reginald

  • AR-MS-272
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1885 - [ca. 1980]

Reginald hunt was born in 1885. On September 7 1909, Edmonton resident Reginald Hunt of completed the second man-powered flight in Canadian history by launching his airplane off the hill behind the Alberta Legislature Building. His achievement was all the more remarkable given the fact that he designed and built his plan without assistance. His aircraft, which he flew for 35 minutes before landing, included several completely new innovations. After a later flight crashed, Mr. Hunt ceased experimenting with aircraft, and moved to Athabasca for a short period before moving to Seattle and operating a massage business. Mr. Hunt died in ca. 1980.

Learmonth, Helen

  • AR-MS-276
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Mrs. Helen Learmonth was a native Edmontonian and a resident of the city for many years. Her parents were the Dr. and Mrs. David G. McQueen. She was an active member of the Archives and Landmarks Committee and the Edmonton Historical Board, as well as a member of the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants and the Historical Society of Alberta.

Lonsdale, Deryle

  • AR-MS-287
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Secord, Margaret Calder

  • AR-MS-46-S-4
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1905-1980

Katherine Margaret (Margaret) Calder was born to Margaret and David Calder on 30 Oct 1905 in Scotland. She moved to Canada with her family in Apr 1914, and lived in Lacombe, Alberta.

Margaret marred Richard York Secord on 18 Jan 1928 in Lacombe. Margaret and Richard had one son, Richard David Secord, and one adopted son, Ken Kirsch Secord.

Margaret Calder Secord died 2 May 1980.

McFadyen, Lena Secord

  • AR-MS-46-S-5
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1895-1993

Annie Helena (Lena) Secord was born to Annie York and Richard Henry Secord on 16 Oct 1895 in Edmonton. She was educated at Glen Mawr School in Toronto, Ontario, and later in France. She was in Europe at the outset of World War I and served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) nurse, with her sister Gene, at the Perkins Bull Hospital for Convalescent Canadian Officers in London, England until 1918.

She married Alexander Campbell McFadyen in 1933 in Edmonton. Lena and Alex lived in Edmonton, until retiring to Victoria, BC, in the mid 1950’s.

Lena Secord McFadyen died 3 Apr 1993 in Victoria, BC.

Edmonton and District Cricket League

  • AR-MS-326
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1912 -

The Edmonton Cricket League, established in 1912, became the Edmonton and District Cricket League (E.D.C.L.) in 1976. The League is comprised of member clubs which are further comprised of individual playing members. The E.D.C.L. is governed by the Alberta Cricket Association, which in turn reports to the Canadian Cricket Association. The E.D.C.L.'s size has varied little over the years, having eight clubs in 1933 and nine clubs registered in 1992. However, the number of players registered in each club has risen dramatically in that time. A wide variety of teams from North America, England, and Australia have competed against E.D.C.L. teams as cricket's popularity continues to grow.

MacDonald and Magoon Architects

  • AR-MS-328
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1911 - 1941

Herbert Alton Magoon was born in Warwick, Quebec, in 1863. After studying architecture in Chicago he practiced in Iowa and Sydney, Nova Scotia before establishing a business in Edmonton in 1904. He was soon involved in the design of some of Edmonton's most prominent buildings. George Heath MacDonald was born in Prince Edward Island in 1883. At the age of 16 he left home and became a draftsman under the tutelage of Mr. Magoon. He completed his education at McGill University in 1911 and soon after became a partner in the architectural firm of Magoon and MacDonald. Together Magoon and MacDonald were responsible for the design of some of the city's outstanding buildings, including Concordia College, St. Stephen's College, the Tegler Building, the YMCA Building, the YWCA Building, the Federal Building, and many prominent residences. During World War II, the firm designed many of the new buildings associated with the municipal airport. Herbert Magoon died in 1941 and George Heath MacDonald carried on alone. Mr. MacDonald passed away in 1961.

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