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Hamilton Family

  • AR-MS-30
  • Family
  • [ca. 1867]-1980

Hamilton, Eliza Ann Craig [ca. 1867]-1947
Hamilton, Mary (Maisie) Adelina [ca. 1903]-1980
Hamilton, Robert Winslow 1911-1956

Eliza Ann Craig was born about 1867 in Liverpool, England and was an associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London. In 1901, she married Thomas Winslow Hamilton and they had three children, George, Robert Winslow, and Mary (Maisie). After moving to Edmonton with her husband and family in 1913, she became prominent in local music circles, including the Alberta Music Teachers' Association, the Alberta Musical Festival Association and the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton, of which she was the President from 1942 to 1944. Eliza Craig Hamilton died 10 Jan 1947.

Mary (Maisie) Adelina Hamilton was born in Ireland to Eliza Ann Craig and Thomas Winslow Hamilton around 1903. She immigrated to Canada with her parents and siblings in 1913. She began working for the provincial government in 1924 and in 1942 became an Inspector for the Board of Industrial Relations. She continued in the position until 1967. She also served on the City Archives and Landmarks Committee from 1953 to 1959, and was actively involved in the Historical Society of Alberta. Mary (Maisie) Adelina Hamilton died 16 Apr 1980.

Robert Winslow Hamilton was born in England in 1911 to Eliza Ann Craig and Thomas Winslow Hamilton. He immigrated to Canada with his parents and siblings in 1913. Robert graduated from the University of Alberta in 1931, served as a city alderman from 1943 to 1945, ran for mayor in 1945 (unsuccessfully), and was a member and President of the Edmonton Club. Robert Winslow Hamilton died in the airplane crash of Canadian North Star Flight 810 that crashed into Mount Slesse near Chilliwach B.C. on 9 Dec 1956.

Haydak Family

  • AR-MS-145
  • Family
  • 1885-1975

Haydak, Maria Furjak 1887-1956
Haydak, Michael 1885-1975

Michael Haydak came to Canada from Hungary in 1903 at 18 years of age. He met his wife, Marie Furjak in Canada. They settled on a farm near Vilna in 1908 and Michael worked in B.C. lumber camps while his wife remained on the farm and cleared brush. The family carried out mixed farming, raising cattle for beef. There were 9 children of the marriage, including 2 sets of twins, five of whom survived to adulthood. Rosalie was the second youngest, later moving to Edmonton to work.

Maria Furjak Haydak died 31 Jan 1956. Michael Haydak died in 1975. They are both buried in the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery.
The farm stayed in the family, maintained by one son until his death in 1998.

Heathcote Family

  • AR-MS-258
  • Family
  • 1894 - current

Henry Walter Heathcote, his wife Annie Selina and their four daughters came to Alberta from London, England in 1894. The family moved to a homestead close to Strathcona. Later the family, which had increased in size, moved to Edmonton where Henry Heathcote worked at the Imperial Bank.

Holland, Fraser Family

  • AR-MS-690-S-3
  • Family
  • 1843-1924

Holland, Henry Francis 1843-1910
Fraser, Selina 1853-1924

Henry Francis Holland was born 18 Jul 1943 to Georgina Hagarty and Richard Lee Holland in Cobourg, Ontario.

Selina Fraser was born in 1851 to Mary and Alexander Fraser in Cobourg, Ontario.

Henry married Selina Fraser 26 Nov 1874 in Cobourg, Ontario, and they had four children - Arthur Hagarty, Henry Fraser, Helen Gertrude, and Therese Fraser.

Henry was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1876, and worked as a lawyer in the Cobourg, Ontario area.

Henry Francis Holland died 17 May 1910 in Cobourg, Ontario.
Selina Fraser Holland died 22 Jul 1924 in Cobourg, Ontario.

Howard, Walter and Brown, Desmond

  • AR-MS-456
  • Family
  • n.d.

Walter Howard was a president of the Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation who recruited a student of the University of Alberta, Desmond Brown, to investigate an artifact supposedly from the last Fort Edmonton which was dismantled in 1915.

Humberstone Family

  • AR-MS-1201
  • Family
  • 1837-1926

Humberstone, Beata Bauer 1870-1926
Humberstone, William 1837-1922

William Humberstone was born in 1837 to Sarah Wilson and Thomas Humberstone Jr. in York (Toronto), Ontario and raised in Newtonbrook, Ontario. William arrived in Edmonton in 1880 and the following year established the Humberstone Coal Company. Humberstone operated a ferry and brickyard as well, but was best known for his mining operation. His first mine was on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River near Grierson Hill, but it was washed away in a flood in 1899. The following year he began a new mine in what is now Beverly.
William married Beata Bauer in 1899 in Edmonton. In 1912 William fell ill and Beata officially leased the mine from him and saw to its daily operations, running a very successful business. William died in 1922 and is buried in the Little Mountain Cemetery in Edmonton. Beata died on 6 Apr 1926 in Germany while visiting family.

John A.L. McDougall Family

  • AR-MS-36
  • Family
  • 1854-1969

McDougall, Catherine Amanda Free 1861-1942
McDougall, Clive G.R. 1887-1941
McDougall, Douglas A. 1893-1990
McDougall, Enid M.L. 1894-1955
McDougall, John Alexander Leonard 1854-1919
McDougall, Leonard 1883-1968
McDougall, Nora 1902-1989
McDougall, Pearl L.E. 1885-1969
McDougall, Ruby W. 1890-1969
McDougall, Stanley 1906-2000
McDougall, William 1881-1955

John A.L. McDougall was born in Ontario, in 1854 to Margaret and Alexander McDougall. John A.L. McDougall married Catherine Amanda Free about 1880 in Pembroke Ontario. John and Catherine had nine children – William, Leonard, Pearl, Clive, Rubby, Douglas, Enid, Nora and Stanley.

John brought his family to Edmonton during the Klondike gold rush of 1898. Having some experience as a lumberman in Ontario he later set up a lumber business in Edmonton with his sons William and Leonard, J.A.L. McDougall & Sons. The family also owned the mining rights to certain property in the Edmonton area. The lumber business existed until about 1909 after which time it ran into financial difficulties and disappeared.

John A.L. McDougall died Jan 1919 in Edmonton. Catherine Free McDougall died Jan 1942 in Kimberely, B.C.

Johnston Family

  • AR-MS-111
  • Family
  • 1875-[19--]

Jasper P. Johnston 1875-1954
Lillian Weir 1881-[19--]

Jasper Peter Johnston was born in 1875 in Ontario to Benjamin Johnston and Mary Ann Haviland. By 1911 he was a medical doctor in Canmore, Alberta. That same year he married Lillian Charlotte Weir in Banff. They had two children, Pauline and Benjamin. The family moved to Edmonton where Dr. Jasper P. Johnston had a medical practice from ca. 1914-1948].

Jasper P. Johnston died in 1954 in Edmonton and is buried at Westlawn Memorial Gardens in Edmonton. It is not known when Lillian Weir Johnston died.
Daughter Pauline Johnston was a school teacher and taught in the Elk Point district around 1934.

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-3
  • Family
  • 1860-2003

Aylen, Bernard 1898-1968
Aylen, Elizabeth Norquay 1905-2003
Norquay, Alexander 1867-1939
Norquay, Julia Alberta McCauley 1883-1966

Julia Alberta McCauley was born 15 Mar 1883 to Matilda Benson and Matthew McCauley in Edmonton. Julia attended the first school in Edmonton.

In 2004, Julia married Alexander Norquay, son of an early Manitoba Premier, in Tofield, Alberta. Julia and Alexander had two daughters – Elizabeth (1905-2003) and Enid (1912). Julia was very involved in her community including bringing the Royal Lifesaving Society to Alberta and worked diligently for the Red Cross.

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay died 3 Jun 1966 in Edmonton.


Elizabeth Norquay was born to Julia Alberta McCauley and Alexander Norquay 21 Aug 1905 in Edmonton. In 1933 Elizabeth married Bernard Aylen in Edmonton. They had three children – Peter, Marjorie, and Joyce.

Their daughter Marjorie married Hans van de Sande.

Lane Family

  • AR-MS-623
  • Family
  • n.d.

Mr. and Mrs. Lane are residents of Blackfoot Alberta.

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