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Johnston Family

  • AR-MS-111
  • Família
  • 1875-[19--]

Jasper P. Johnston 1875-1954
Lillian Weir 1881-[19--]

Jasper Peter Johnston was born in 1875 in Ontario to Benjamin Johnston and Mary Ann Haviland. By 1911 he was a medical doctor in Canmore, Alberta. That same year he married Lillian Charlotte Weir in Banff. They had two children, Pauline and Benjamin. The family moved to Edmonton where Dr. Jasper P. Johnston had a medical practice from ca. 1914-1948].

Jasper P. Johnston died in 1954 in Edmonton and is buried at Westlawn Memorial Gardens in Edmonton. It is not known when Lillian Weir Johnston died.
Daughter Pauline Johnston was a school teacher and taught in the Elk Point district around 1934.

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption de la Sainte Vierge

  • AR-MS-112
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1928-1972

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption la Sainte Vierge was founded in the parish of Grégoire-de-Nicolet, Quebec in 1853. In 1891 the order began to offer educational opportunities at boarding convent and day schools in St. Paul, Bonnyville, Maillaig, LaCorey, St. Vincent, Brosseau, and Lafond. In Edmonton they were known for the Assumption Academy, which offered a bilingual education to Edmonton girls from 1928 to 1972.

Old Strathcona Foundation

  • AR-MS-113
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1972 - current

The Old Strathcona Foundation (OSF) was founded in 1972 in response to citizens' concerns about the future of the Old Strathcona area of south Edmonton. A 1976 agreement between the Foundation, the City of Edmonton, and Heritage Canada paved the way for a successful program of heritage preservation and renewal in the area.

Cahill, Florence Jean

  • AR-MS-114
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1898-1975

Florence Jean Cahill was born 15 Apr 1898 to Mary McAlduff and Walter Cahill in Kildare, Prince Edward Island. Florence was the third youngest of ten daughters.

Florence received her education as a teacher at the Prince of Wales College and Normal School in Charlottetown, PEI in 1918. She came to Edmonton with her parents in 1920 and was a teacher at several separate schools until the mid 1930’s.

In 1934, Florence married William O’Callaghan, then the Regional Manager of the Royal Bank of Canada and a widower with four children – Jean, Edward, Patricia, and Mary. Florence and William had two sons – William and Michael. William O’Callaghan died in 1941.

In 1947, Florence married Thomas J. Reilly, then the District Inspector for Postal Services and a widower with two children – Thomas and Theresa.

Florence was active in the local Catholic Women’s League, the Home and School Association, and the Edmonton General Hospital Auxiliary.

Florence Jean Cahill O’Callaghan Reilly died 7 May 1975 in Edmonton.

Canadian Athletic Club

  • AR-MS-1142
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 1937-current

The Canadian Athletic Club (CAC) was started in 1937 by a group of sports minded community league members who recognized a need for athletes from schools and community leagues to have a more competitive environment in which to play, in order to develop their skills. The club was involved in a variety of sports, such as hockey, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and boxing in the early years. However since the early 1960’s, the club has focused on hockey offering a complete program from Bantam to Junior. In the early 1980s the CAC began a hockey school and in the 1990’s expanded their Kurucz Tournament, as well as established a scholarship fund. The CAC celebrated their 75th Anniversary in 2012.

Cameron Family

  • AR-MS-115
  • Família
  • 1853-1971

Cameron, Elizabeth 1853-1933
Hall, Alice Cameron 1893-1971

Alice Cameron was born around 1893 to John and Elizabeth Cameron of Edmonton. In 1916, Alice Cameron married Erastus Kells (E. Kells) Hall in Edmonton. They had three children, a son Kells, and two daughters, W? and Louise.

E. Kells Hall was a civil engineer and worked for the CNR. Around 1940 the family left Alberta, and moved first to Ottawa and then later to Montreal.

E. Kells Hall died 25 Feb 1958 in Montreal. Alice Cameron Hall died 21 Oct 1971. They are buried in the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal.

Davies, Emma Wuetherick

  • AR-MS-116
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1895-1975

Emma Wuetherick was born in 1895 to Jacob and Rosie Wuetherick.
She married Edward Davies in 1918. The Wuetherick and Davies families were pioneers and early residents of Fort Saskatchewan.

Edward A. Davies died in 1973 and Emma Wuetherick Davies died in 1975. They are buried at the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

Stewart, Rita Efner

  • AR-MS-1160
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1901-[ca. 1999]

Rita H. Efner was born in 1901 in the United States. By 1916, she and her sister Elsie were living with their aunt and uncle, Alfred and Bessie Rehwinkel in Edmonton. Rita trained as a nurse at the General Hospital in Edmonton and graduated in 1922.
Walter Raymond Stewart was born 29 Jul 1890 to Sarah Little and William C. Stewart in Garden Hill, Ontario. Walter graduated from pharmacy at the University of Alberta in 1921. He married Jessie ? and worked in the Strathcona Military Hospital. Jessie Stewart died in 1922 and is buried in the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.
In 1925 Walter Stewart married Rita H. Efner in Edmonton.
Walter worked at various drug stores including the Corner Drug store in the 1950’s. Following Walter’s retirement in the mid-1960s, Walter and Rita moved to Victoria, B.C.
Walter Raymond Stewart died 28 Jun 1970 in Victoria, B.C. A death date for Rita Efner Stewart cannot be found.

Lawrence, Mrs. P.

  • AR-MS-1162
  • Pessoa singular

Absolutely nothing is known about this donor.

Caine Family

  • AR-MS-1164
  • Família
  • 1882-2016

Caine, Annie 1917-1922
Caine, Bertha Violet Todd 1890-1943
Caine, Harriet 1918-2015
Caine, Harry Lawrence 1882-1974
Caine, James 1927-2012
Caine, John Todd 1920- 1995
Caine, Louella 1923-2016
Caine, Robert 1929-2007
Caine, Susan 192?-?
Caine, William 1932-2007

Harry Lawrence Caine was born in 1882 in Addleston, Surrey, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1901. Bertha Violet Todd was born in Huntingdon, Quebec in 1890. Bertha and Harry married in Edmonton in 1916.
Bertha and Harry had eight children: Annie (1917-1922), Harriet (1918-2015), John Todd (1920- 1995), Louella (1923-2016), James (1927-2012), Robert (Bob) (1929-2007), William (Billy) (1932-2007), and Susan (192?-?).
The Caine family owned and operated a 16 acre mink farm near Queen Elizabeth Park (by present day Kinsman Field House) in the early 1900s. As the residential area developed and Harry Caine added fox to the farm, the residents began to complain and the Caines were forced to move south of the City limits around 1929. The new farm, located in Pleasantview near the present day Southgate Mall was a mink and fox farm. The Caines also operated a seven acre market garden where they grew raspberries, currents, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, and turnips, as well as a variety of fruit trees such as plum, and nut trees such as beechnut and butternut.
Bertha Todd Caine died in 1943 and Harry Caine died in 1974.
The Caine family began selling off their farm land in 1945 as Edmonton expanded and the Pleasantview neighbourhood developed. Caine Memorial Park (5420 – 106 Street) was named after John Todd Caine, and is located in the former site of the Harry L. Caine Market Garden.

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