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Ganton Family

  • AR-MS-627
  • Família
  • n.d.

John Alexander Ganton was born in Simcoe County, Ontario in 1863. He came to Edmonton ca. 1907 to work for Andrew Agar and moved the Ganton family here in 1909 when John established a blacksmith shop. He then became partners with Andrew B. Agar, Thomas Edgar and Herbert Merriam and a Mr. Glover in the real estate firm of Edgar, Agar Company.

Dunlop Family

  • AR-MS-657
  • Família
  • n.d.


Tominson Family

  • AR-MS-662
  • Família
  • 1739 - 1829

William Tomison was born in South Parish, South Ronaldsay in 1739. In the summer of 1760 he sailed for Canada in the employ of the Hudson Bay Company. In April of 1778 Tomison was sent to manage Cumberland House, Northwest of Lake Winnipeg. Later in 1795 he established Edmonton House as Factor. He retired back to the Orkney Islands in 1811 building a school, Tomison's Academy, there. He died March 26, 1829.

Anderson Family

  • AR-MS-18
  • Família
  • 1880-2007

Anderson, Robert Thompson 1880-1960
Anderson, Margaret “Greta” McPherson 1890-1979
Anderson, Malcolm Robert 1920-2007

Robert Thompson Anderson was born in Rapid City, Manitoba, on August 2, 1880 to William Anderson (1843- 1925) and Jane Struthers (1840-1907). William and Jane had four children: Clara Jane (1868- ), John (1873- ), Robert, and Walter (1883- ). In 1897, they moved west to Lemon Creek, in the Slocan Valley region of British Columbia. John also moved to the area to work as a druggist. By 1898, Robert had also moved to B.C. and was working in his brother's drug store. Robert became a prolific poet earning rave reviews and by 1900 The Slocan Drill was regularly publishing his poetry. One of his poems, titled The Message of Grief, on the death of Queen Victoria, was praised in both Toronto and Vancouver papers.

In 1905, Robert came to Edmonton and first worked at the W.H.Clark lumber company. By 1906, he joined the Edmonton Fire Department and became the Department's fourth staff member. In 1910, he married Isabella Edith McGhee (1888-1913) and they had one daughter, Clara Edith Anderson (1911-1933). Anderson continued to write poetry and his first book, The Old Timer & Other Poems, was published in 1909. Some of his poems were also published in the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Bulletin.

Isabella McGhee Anderson died in 1913. Robert enlisted in 1914 with the Alberta Dragoons and served for the duration of the First World War. His attestation papers list his marital status as widower and according to the article, "The Kipling of the Kootenays," Robert's military pay cheques were sent to his sister Clara who was the guardian of his daughter Clara Edith. In 1916 Robert received a military medal for great gallantry when on reconnaissance patrol for pushing forward under sniper fire and when his horse was shot, he carried on dismounted and brought back reliable and valuable information as the enemy position. He was discharged on 20 Apr 1919.

Robert married Margaret ‘Greta’ McPherson Grant, a Scottish immigrant, in May 1919. He also took a position with the City of Edmonton's Health Department as Quarantine Officer. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1947. He then served with the Corps of Commissionaires for eight years.

Many of Robert Thompson Anderson poems were inspired from his work or reflect his activities, family and heritage: The Fire Laddie’s Call Three, De Health Inspector, and The High Hills of Scotland. Anderson had two more books of his work published, Canadian Born & Other Western Verse (October 1913) and Troopers in France (December 1932).
Robert and Margaret had two children, Malcolm Robert and Ailsa Theresa.

Robert Thomspon Anderson died 3 Apr 1960 and is buried at Edmonton’s Westlawn Cemetery.

Matthew McCauley Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-1
  • Família
  • 1850-1979

McCauley, Alexander J.H. 1876-1948
McCauley, Anne Cookson 1868-1948
McCauley, Frank 1888-1930
McCauley, Julia Alberta 1883-1966
McCauley, Lillian Bell 1877-1939
McCauley, Mabel Victoria 1883-1957
McCauley, Margaret Jane 1880-1979
McCauley, Matilda Benson 1875-1896
McCauley, Matthew 1850-1930
McCauley, Maud Muriel 1886-1941
McCauley, May Emeline 1884-?

Matthew McCauley was born in 11 Jun 1850 to Eleanor Latimer and Alexander McCauley near Owen Sound, Ontario. Matthew first moved to Winnipeg in 1874, then to Fort Saskatchewan in 1879, and to Edmonton the following year.

In 1881, Matthew McCauley opened a butcher shop and a livery/cartage business. By 1890, he was no longer in the butcher business and the livery/cartage business became known as the M. McCauley Cartage, Feed and Sales Stables, eventually becoming the Edmonton Cartage Company. It was the only livery, cartage and stable business in Edmonton for many years and became an important part of Edmonton’s business scene. The livery was a both a stable where horses and teams could be hired and a stable for boarding privately owned horses. The cartage company was noted for hauling large heavy loads, including being known for bringing the first piano to Edmonton. Matthew McCauley sold the business in 1902.

Matthew McCauley was very involved in the community in early Edmonton. He organized Edmonton’s first public school in 1884. He was a founding member of Edmonton’s school board and served on it for 18 years. When Edmonton was incorporated as a town in 1892, he was elected Mayor by acclamation. He secured a charter from Ottawa for a municipal railway system – the first west of the Great Lakes. He was re-elected as mayor in 1893 and 1894.

In 1905, when Alberta became a province, he was elected to the first provincial legislature as a representative for the Vermilion area. He was a member of the provincial legislature until he was appointed as the Warden for Alberta’s first penitentiary. Matthew served as Warden from 1906 to 1911. He retired to Penticton, B.C. in 1912 to take up fruit farming. He returned to Edmonton in 1925 purchasing a 1000 acre farm in the Peace River District.

Matthew married Matilda Benson in 1875 and they had eight children – Alexander James Henry (1876-1948), Lillian Bell (1877-1939), Margaret Jane (1880-1979), Julia Alberta (1883-1966), Mabel Victoria (1883-1957), May Emeline (1884-?), Maud Muriel (1886-1941), and Frank (1888-1930). As the children grew, many were very active in the community including the choir of the First Presbyterian Church.

After Matilda’s death in 1986, Matthew married Annie Cookson in 1902. They had four children – George (born ca. 1901), Raymond (born ca. 1903), Jack (born ca. 1904) and Ada (born ca. 1906).

Matthew McCauley died 25 Oct 1930 at the age of 80 in Sexsmith, Alberta, and is buried at the Edmonton Cemetery.

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-3
  • Família
  • 1860-2003

Aylen, Bernard 1898-1968
Aylen, Elizabeth Norquay 1905-2003
Norquay, Alexander 1867-1939
Norquay, Julia Alberta McCauley 1883-1966

Julia Alberta McCauley was born 15 Mar 1883 to Matilda Benson and Matthew McCauley in Edmonton. Julia attended the first school in Edmonton.

In 2004, Julia married Alexander Norquay, son of an early Manitoba Premier, in Tofield, Alberta. Julia and Alexander had two daughters – Elizabeth (1905-2003) and Enid (1912). Julia was very involved in her community including bring the Royal Lifesaving Society to Alberta and worked diligently for the Red Cross.

Julia Alberta McCauley Norquay died 3 Jun 1966 in Edmonton.


Elizabeth Norquay was born to Julia Alberta McCauley and Alexander Norquay 21 Aug 1905 in Edmonton. In 1933 Elizabeth married Bernard Aylen in Edmonton. Bernard Aylen was and they had three children – Peter, Marjorie, and Joyce.

Their daughter Marjorie married Hans van de Sande.

Alexander McCauley Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-5
  • Família
  • 1860-1933

McCauley, Alexander 1860-1908
McCauley, Elizabeth 1866-1933

Alexander McCauley was born 15 May 1860 to Eleanor Latimer and Alexander McCauley in Owen Sound, Ontario. Alexander came to Edmonton in 1895, following in the footsteps of his brothers Matthew and Samuel. Alexander was a carpenter by trade and worked for his brother, Samuel. He took over his brother’s construction/house moving business following Samuel’s death in 1903.

Alexander married Elizabeth (?) and they had four children – Emmons (1892- ), Edna (1895-1902), Ethel (1898- ) and George (1899- ).

Alexander McCauley died 15 May 1908 in Edmonton after a three month illness.

Heathcote Family

  • AR-MS-258
  • Família
  • 1894 - current

Henry Walter Heathcote, his wife Annie Selina and their four daughters came to Alberta from London, England in 1894. The family moved to a homestead close to Strathcona. Later the family, which had increased in size, moved to Edmonton where Henry Heathcote worked at the Imperial Bank.

Graham Family

  • AR-MS-144
  • Família
  • 1881-1967

Graham, Eva M. 1887-1967
Graham, George L 1881-1956

George L. and Eva Margaret Graham lived in Edmonton AB from ca. 1906. George Graham worked for the Edmonton Piano Co., ca. 1907, before establishing the firm of Graham and Reid Home Furnishings, with Horace P. Reid in 1908. The business began at 10373 Namayo Avenue (now 97 Street) and in 1917 moved to 10115 Jasper Avenue.
In 1932, Graham & Reid Home Furnishers became Henry, Graham & Reid located at 9905 Jasper Avenue. George Graham was president of the firm until ca. 1949. The business was sold to Harold Sprague in 1949, eventually becoming Sprague Furniture.
George Graham died in 1957 and Eva Margaret Graham died in 1967. They are buried at the Edmonton Municipal Cemetery.

Myroniuk Family

  • AR-MS-149
  • Família
  • 1893-unknown

Myroniuk, Annie Zayda 1901-unknown
Myroniuk, Peter 1893-unknown

Peter Myroniuk, born ca. 1893 in Sniatyn, Austria, lived in Beverly from 1929 to 1930 and worked at D.R. Fraser & Co and as a labourer and a miner. Annie Zayda, born in Melnesey, Borchew, Poland in 1901, lived in Edmonton in 1930 and worked as a waitress. Peter Myroniuk and Annie Zayda were married in Edmonton in 1930. It is not known what happened to Annie and Peter Myroniuk after their marriage.

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