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International Women's Year 1975, Edmonton Coordinating Committee

  • AR-MS-216
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  • n.d.

The United Nations proclaimed the year 1975 to be the International Women's Year. In response to this, an Edmonton coordinating committee was formed, whereby local women's groups could get together to exchange ideas and work on related projects. City Council set up a steering committee to work with this group to select women volunteers working in the community who were worthy of recognition. Different categories were established and nominees were selected to receive awards from the City of Edmonton. The coordinating committee also supervised the preparation and publication of the Edmonton International Women's Year Anthology. This work recognized the achievements of many women throughout Edmonton's communities.

Edmonton Street Railway Athletic Association

  • AR-MS-220
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  • 1921 - n.d.

A Street Railway Athletic Association was formed in 1921 and a baseball and soccer team were soon operating. There was also a hockey team in the 1920s. However, by 1930, all activities had dropped ceased and the Association folded. It was resurrected in 1945 and began to sponsor hockey, softball, and fastball teams.

Carmichael, Beatrice

  • AR-MS-223
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1889 - 1964

Beatrice Carmichael was one of Edmonton's leading musical directors and promoters for over 30 years. Born Beatrice Van Loon in 1889 at Southbend, Indiana, she made her first soprano debut at the age of four. At the age of sixteen, she conducted her first orchestra and then obtained her bachelor of music degree from the University of Chicago. In 1919, she came to Edmonton for an engagement at the Mcdonald Hotel where she met her future husband. Settling in Edmonton she worked with the Women's Musical Club, gave violin lessons, and played with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. In 1935 she founded the Edmonton Civic Opera Society and she was its only musical director for almost 30 years. Beatrice Carmichael died in 1964, having made an outstanding contribution to music in Edmonton.

McAfee, Hilda

  • AR-MS-226
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d. - 1960

Hilda McAfee was one of Edmonton's foremost flower specialists. Her city garden regularly won awards. Known as the "Rose Queen of Alberta", she was made a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society and was internationally recognized for her expertise. Mrs. McAfee died in 1960.

Bell, Gordon Cecil Douglas

  • AR-MS-228
  • Pessoa singular
  • [19--?] - n.d.

Gordon Cecil Douglas Bell was a Pilot Officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. He received a Distinguished Flying Medal for an action on May 17, 1942, piloting a Blenheim light bomber in an attack on the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. He was commissioned a Pilot Officer, September 30, 1942, effective May 1, 1942.

Lazear, Stuart

  • AR-MS-247
  • Pessoa singular
  • n.d.

Stuart Lazear was a researcher for the Alberta Historic Sites Service.

Walkowski, Tadeusz

  • AR-MS-261
  • Pessoa singular
  • 1898 - 1983

Born in Poland in 1898, Tadeusz Walkowski was a staunch Polish patriot who fought for his country in both world wars, and emigrated to Canada shortly after World War II. Settling in Edmonton he became active in the local Polish community and served as president of the Alberta branch of the Canadian Polish Congress. Walkowski passed away in 1983.

City of Edmonton. Edmonton Municipal Airport

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  • 1926-1971

On June 16, 1926 Edmonton's airport become the first licensed municipal airport in Canada. Upon its establishment the airport was the responsibility of the Engineer's Department. A short-lived and ill-fated experiment occurred in 1927 when the City leased the land to farmer Mary Watt, who was expected to clear the brush, graze animals and raise hay on the land while maintaining it as an air field. When this project failed the Engineering Department retook control of the airfield.

In 1929 the newly incorporated Edmonton and Northern Alberta Aero Club was given responsibility for the airport. A Council Report that year recommended that since the airport was owned by the City a municipal official should be placed in charge. As a result, the Finance Committee appointed James "Jimmy" Bell airport manager on February 5, 1930. A former WWI bomber pilot and active member of the Aero Club, Bell would be a fixture at the airport until his retirement in 1962. For the first few years Bell was responsible for maintaining the hangar and field, while the Aero Club continued the field operations. Airport construction was done by staff of the Engineer's Department.

In 1940, as a result of the airfield's important role in the war effort, the Federal Government took over operations of the Edmonton Municipal Airport. This lasted until November 1, 1946, at which point control of the airport was transferred back to the Engineer's Department.

In 1947 James Bell became Superintendent of the Airport, presumably making the airport a separate department. This is confirmed by the functional organizational charts of the 1950s and 1960s. During the 1950s and 1960s the airport superintendent supervised all construction, maintenance and operational activity associated with the airport. He supervised a staff of around twenty, which included clerks, maintenance workers, fieldmen, watchmen, electricians, and janitors.

In 1965 the Edmonton Municipal Airport returned to the control of the Engineer's Department for budgetary reasons, however this was short-lived, and on December 29, 1967 the airport became independent once more when a Bylaw to regulate the operation of the Edmonton Industrial Airport (No. 3092) was passed.

In 1971, as part of a departmental reorganization, the responsibility for the airport was given to the newly formed Engineering and Transportation Department.

On April 1, 1996 the Edmonton Municipal Airport was transferred to the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority under a 56 year lease.

RCMP Centennial Committee

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  • 1973-1974

The City's RCMP Centennial Committee was established in February, 1973. The Committee was composed of members of Civic administration, the RCMP, and members of the community. They worked separately from the Provincial RCMP Centennial Committee.

The City's RCMP Centennial Committee was responsible for planning commemorative celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Northwest Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in 1873, and the 100th anniversary of their arrival in what is now Alberta in 1874.

1994 Commonwealth Games Bid Committee

  • AR-RG-7-S-3
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  • [ca. 1986]-1987

The Commonwealth Games are an international athletic competition among British Commonwealth countries. In late 1986 the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada invited Edmonton to bid on the 1994 Games, and the 1994 Commonwealth Games Bid Committee was established. The Committee was likely a function of the City's Corporate Communications office. The Committee was responsible for preparing a bid to be the host City for the games. The bid was presented in November 1987, but ultimately Victoria, British Columbia was selected as the host city.

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