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Bond Family
AR-MS-1 · Family · 1880-1972

Bond, Margaret Joy 1915-1972
Bond, Victor Percival 1880-1961

Victor Percival Bond was born 4 Sep 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Greenway and William Bond in Simcoe, Ontario. Sometime between 1895 and 1900, Victor with his parents and siblings, Edgerton, Ida, Lulu and Reta, moved to Gladstone, Manitoba.

Victor was part owner of the Bond-Adams Company Limited, a real estate investment company, originally based in Port Arthur, Ontario. The company moved its head office to Calgary prior to the First World War, and also had an office in Sudbury, Ontario. It is likely at this time that Victor moved to Calgary. The Bond-Adams office in Calgary dealt directly with the many clients and companies involved in land speculation in western Canada at the time. Many of the clients were from the mining districts of northern Ontario.

In 1906, Victor married Evelyn Todd in Calgary. The had two daughters, Evelyn Ann born in 1913, and Margaret Joy, born in 1915. Sometime between 1916 and 1921, Victor and his family moved to Edmonton. Victor started a tailor shop in Edmonton, V.P. Bond and Company, which he operated until his retirement in the late 1950's.

Margaret Joy Bond worked in Edmonton, variously as a teacher, stenographer and seamstress.

Victor Percival Bond died 6 Dec 1961.
Margaret Joy Bond died suddenly, while on vacation in Nanaimo, BC, on 2 Oct 1971.
Margaret is buried with her parents in the Mount Pleasant Municipal Cemetery in Edmonton.

Brown, Chorley Family
AR-MS-930 · Family · 1879-1975

Brown, Thomas G. 1897-1975
Chorley, John 1879-1922

John Chorley was born in 1879 in South Wales to Elizabeth Winter* and William Chorley. He married Alice Bailey ca. 1900 in Wales and they had two children, Archibald (born 1902) and Dorothy (born 1903). John emigrated to Canada ca. 1910 or 1911 and his wife and children arrived in June of 1911. The family settled in Edmonton, AB where John worked as a tinsmith.
The 51st Battalion, C.E.F., was authorized in November 1914. John enlisted on 15 Feb 1915 as a Private (Regimental No. 436903). The battalion trained in Edmonton at the Edmonton Exhibition grounds and the Drill Hall (now known as the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre). On Victoria Day (May 1915) a military parade of the 51st Battalion was held at Victoria Park (between approximately what is now the Royal Glenora Club and the Victoria Golf Course). The 51st Battalion, CEF, embarked for Great Britain on 1 April 1916. At some point during the war John was injured and returned to Edmonton ca. 1920 or 1921. He worked as a Customs examining officer. John died suddenly on 16 June 1922 due to a heart attack that was secondarily attributed to injuries sustained in the war. He is buried in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Thomas George Brown was born in 1897 in Cardiff, Wales to Alice Winter* and Edward Brown. At the age of 13, he emigrated to Canada in 1911 with his parents and siblings (Edward, Alice, William, Lillian and John). In November 1914, he enlisted with the Alberta Dragoons then transferred to the 138th Battalion, C.E.F., in late 1915 (Regimental No. 811170). In August 1916, he went overseas with the 138th Battalion as a signaler. In December 1916 he transferred to the 28th Battalion, serving in France until he was wounded in May 1918. Thomas returned to Edmonton.
He married Mildred Gwendolyn Henshall in 1920 and they had two daughters, Mildred (born 1921) and Dorothy (born 1928). Thomas was the Manager at the Edmonton Journal. He also remained active in the military
In 1922 Col. Brown joined the 1st Battalion Edmonton Fusiliers as a signals officer. He attended Royal Military School in Esquimalt, B.C. in 1927 and then qualified as a Major. In 1930, he took command of the Fusiliers. From 1935-1939 he was a Paymaster with Fusiliers. At the outbreak of war, he resigned his non-combatant commission and was placed in command of a company. From August to December 1943 he served with the South Saskatchewan Regiment in Britain. In January 1944, Major Brown rejoined the Fusiliers. He was promoted to Lt. Col. T.G. Brown, E.D. in December 1944 and made Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion Edmonton Fusiliers.
In 1946 he returned to the Edmonton Journal as business manager. Thomas and his wife Gwendolyn retired to White Rock, B.C. in 1960. Gwedolyn died in 1963. Thomas remained in White Rock, B.C. until his death in 1975.

John Chorley and Thomas G. Brown were first cousins.

Joseph Chorley was born in 1900 in Wales to Elizabeth Winter and William Chorley. He emigrated to Canada settling in Edmonton, AB, working as a bookkeeper. He is the youngest brother of John Chorley and first cousin to Thomas G. Brown.

  • Elizabeth Winter Chorley (mother of John and Joseph Chorley) and Alice Winter Brown (mother of Thomas Brown) were sisters.
Byron, May Family
AR-MS-1192 · Family · 1878-2001

Byron, Elizabeth (Betty) 1909-1986
Byron, Grace 1913-1995
Byron, Jane 1916-1920
Byron, Joseph 1915-2007
Byron, Louise Marrin 1884-1956
Byron, Percy 1878-1959
May, Florence Byron 1880-1956
May, Gilbert 1906-2001
May, George 1915-1990
May, Gustave 1881-1943
May, Gustave Jr. 1910-1964
May, Joseph 1908-1983

Percy Byron arrived in Edmonton from New York in April 1906 with the intention of ranching or farming. However he quickly realized there were no ‘photographic engraving’ businesses in the area at the time and he saw an opportunity. Within twenty-four hours of arriving in Edmonton, he arranged to have a ‘complete photographic engraving plant’ sent to Edmonton, and by August he was producing photographic images.

The following year, Percy’s brother-in-law, Gustave May, joined him in Edmonton and the Byron-May Company was formed. The photography and photographic engraving business was quite successful for the next decade, enjoying many commissions and professional accolades (see Edmonton Bulletin 1911 Anniversary Edition, p. 75).

Florence Byron, Percy’s sister who had married Gustave May in 1905, joined him in Edmonton with their infant son, Joseph. Percy Byron married Louise Marrin in 1908 while on a visit to New York and his wife also came to Edmonton. Both families enjoyed prosperity and success in Edmonton. Florence and Gustave May had three more children. Percy and Louise Byron had four children in Edmonton.

However, the Byron-May Company fell on hard times with the coming of World War I and the business was sold to McDermid Engraving in 1917. Both the Byron and May families returned to New York the following year.

Frederic B. Robertson Family
AR-MS-207 · Family · 1841 - 2013

Cooper, Nellie Robertson 1868-1949
Cooper, William (‘Barney’) 1860-1930
Davis, Jean Robertson 1907-1967
Griffin, Constance 1895-1977
Griffin, Dorothy 1905-1935
Lane, Grace Robertson 1885-1946
Robertson, Frederic B. 1911-2005
Robertson, Isabel Wright 1887-1969
Robertson, Norma Foley 1913-2013
Robertson, Robert A. 1881-1974
Robertson, Scott G. 1908-2000
Robertson, W. Scott 1841-1915
Wood, Margaret Robertson 1902-1990

Frederic Beverly Robertson was born to Isobel Wright and Robert A. Robertson on 4 Oct 1911 in Edmonton. He is the grandson of W. Scott Robertson, Edmonton’s first Sheriff.

Frederic married Norma Foley in 1939 in Saskatoon. The couple settled in Edmonton and they had three children – Lynn, Robert, and John.

Frederic worked for the Swift Canadian Company and then was the founding President and owner of Western Brand Products in Edmonton.

Frederic B. Robertson died 6 Feb 2005 in Kelowna, B.C. and is inurned in the Edmonton Cemetery.

Garneau Family
AR-MS-717 · Family · 1840-2001

Brady, Archange Garneau 1877-1918
Brady, James P. 1908-1967
Brady, Jeanne (Sr. Archange) 1911-1984
Brady, John Redmond 1913-unknown
DeGroot, Anne Brady 1906-1982
Garneau, Alexander 1880-1918
Garneau, Charlotte 1882-1902
Garneau, Charlotte 1912-1918
Garneau, Edward (Ned) 1875-1958
Garneau, Edward 1908-unknown
Garneau, Eleanor Thomas 1853-1912
Garneau, John 1885-1949
Garneau, Harold 1908-1999
Garneau, Laurence 1906-1990
Garneau, Laurent 1840-1921
Garneau, Lawrence (Larry) 1878-1918
Garneau, Leo 1910-1987
Garneau, Louis 1872-1954
Garneau, Louis 1909-unknown
Garneau, Oscar 1910-1996
Garneau, Robert Elphage (Alf) 1909-1997
Garneau, Rose 1912-2001
Hogg, Mildred Garneau 1913-1997
Lacombe, Millie Garneau 1910-1998
Olsen, Eleanor Brady 1909-1988
Poirer, Agatha Garneau 1883-1918
Savard, Millicent Garneau 1888-1950
Shillabeer, Yvonne Savard 1912-1992
Shypanski, Mary Mabel Garneau 1912-1995

Laurent and Eleanor Garneau lived in Strathcona, Alberta. They had 11 children between 1870 and 1890 – Victoria, Louis, Edward (Ned), Archange, Lawrence (Larry), Alexander, Charlotte, Agatha, John (Jean Michel), Millicent, and Henri.

In 1874 they settled on River Lot 7 on the south side of the North Saskatchewan river opposite Fort Edmonton. The land extended from the river-bank in the north to what is now University Avenue in the south and from 112 Street in the west to about 109 Street in the east. The Garneaus built a log cabin at 11103 Saskatchewan Drive, around what is now the Humanities Building at the University of Alberta. The area around the university is known as Garneau, named for Laurent Garneau.

By 1914 the Garneaus had 18 grandchildren:
Children of Louis Garneau - Louis, Millie, Rose,
Children of Ned Garneau - Laurence, Edward, Mary Mabel,
Children of Archange Garneau Brady – Anne, James P., Eleanor, Jeanne, J. Redmond
Children of Alexander Garneau – Harold, Oscar, Charlotte
Children of John Garneau - Robert Elphage (Alf), Leo, Mildred (Millie)
Child of Millicent Garneau Savard – Yvonne.

Macdonald, Clifton Family
AR-MS-690 · Family · 1843-current

Clifton, Faith Howay 1900-1959
Holland, Henry Francis 1843-1910
Holland, Selina Fraser 1853-1924
Macdonald, Alan Fraser 1913-1981
Macdonald, Brian [ca. 1947]-current
Macdonald, Bruce Fraser 1917-1985
Macdonald, Donald Walter 1865-1921
Macdonald, John Kenneth 1874-1945
Macdonald, Marguerite Irene Clifton 1919-2010
Macdonald, Therese Fraser Holland 1882-1976
McCuaig, Vernis Vera Clifton Christie 1921-2019

The Macdonald and Clifton families were prominent in the theatre, legal, and military communities in Edmonton.

Mickey and Alan Macdonald were a well-known Edmonton couple. Mickey was involved in the Edmonton theatre scene for nearly fifty years. Alan was also involved in the amateur theatre scene, went into law and eventually became the City Solicitor for the City of Edmonton. He was also in the military for World War II.

Both Alan’s father, John Kenneth Macdonald, and maternal grandfather, Henry Francis Holland, were lawyers.

Bruce Fraser Macdonald, Alan’s brother, was a decorated officer in the Canadian military, and served for nearly 30 years.

Both Mickey’s mother, Faith Clifton, and sister, Vernis McCuaig, were also very active in Edmonton’s theatre community.

Magee Family
AR-MS-439 · Family · [ca. 1833]-1962

Black, Mary Magee 1864-1947
Haigler, Henrietta Magee 1879-1962
Magee, Charles 1877-1954
Magee, Elizabeth 1874-[19--]
Magee, Frederick 1881-1955
Magee, James [ca. 1833]-1893
Magee, James (Jr) 1866-1896
Magee, Jane (Jenny) 1860-1938
Magee, Jessica 1869-1952
Magee, Hannah (Hazel) 1871-1962
Magee, Nelson 1873-1951
Magee, Sophia Jamieson [ca. 1835]-1898
Magee, William 1862-1955

Sophia Jamieson and James Magee lived in Blythe, Huron County, Ontario. They had 12 children between 1860 and 1881 – Jane, William, Mary, James, Jessica, Hannah, Nelson, Elizabeth, Charles, Henrietta, Frederick and a daughter that died in infancy.

Following the death of patriarch James Magee in 1893, Sophia and some of her children moved west to Alberta. Over the next few years, more of the adult children moved from Ontario to Alberta. By 1898 all but three of Sophia’s children had moved to Alberta. James, Elizabeth, and Charles remained in Ontario.

In Alberta, William, Nelson, and Frederick all took homesteads. Mary, Jessica, and Henrietta all married. Jane remained single and was a dressmaker. Hannah also remained single and was a school teacher.

McCauley Family
AR-MS-320 · Family · 1850-2003

Aylen, Bernard 1898-1968
Aylen, Elizabeth Norquay 1905-2003
McCauley, Alexander 1860-1908
McCauley, Alexander J.H. 1876-1948
McCauley, Anne Cookson 1868-1948
McCauley, Catherine MacLean 1864-1944
McCauley, Daniel Alexander 1884-1951
McCauley, Eleanor Lattimer 1823-1874
McCauley, Elizabeth 1866-1933
McCauley, Elizabeth Lucinda 1890-1926
McCauley, Frank 1888-1930
McCauley, James Hector 1899-1979
McCauley, Julia Alberta 1883-1966
McCauley, Lillian Bell 1877-1939
McCauley, Mabel Victoria 1883-1957
McCauley, Margaret Jane 1880-1979
McCauley, Mary Eleanor 1885-1957
McCauley, Matilda Benson 1875-1896
McCauley, Matthew Allan 1895-1948
McCauley, Matthew 1850-1930
McCauley, Maud Muriel 1886-1941
McCauley, May Emeline 1884-?
McCauley, Samuel 1855-1903
McCauley, Samuel (Jr.) 1892-1892
McCauley, William Alexander 1917-1999
McCauley, William Fred 1902-1930
McLean, Catherine Anne McCauley 1887-1987
Norquay, Alexander 1867-1939
Norquay, Julia Alberta McCauley 1883-1966

Alexander McCauley and Eleanor Latimer, lived near Owen Sound, Ontario and had ten children between 1847 and 1864 – Mary Ann (1847-1884), John S. (1848-1935), Matthew (1850-1930), Martha (1851-1920), Eliza (1853-1927), Samuel (1855-1903), Eleanor (1857-1893), Alexander (1860-1908), Margaret Jane (1862-1933), and William Francis (1863-?). While some members stayed in Ontario, a few moved to western Canada, namely Matthew, Alexander and Samuel.

Matthew, Alexander, and Samuel were prominent citizens in early Edmonton.

McRae Family
AR-MS-168 · Family · 1837 - 1969

McRae, Alexander 1863-1863
McRae, Anne 1864-1956
McRae, Annie 1875-1958
McRae, Catherine Mary 1869-1969
McRae, Flora Ann McDonnell 1840-1925
McRae, Jeanette McRae 1867-1954
McRae, John Joseph 1837-1893
McRae, Mary Anne 1872-1958

John Joseph McRae was born 17 Mar 1835 to Anne MacDonald and John McRae in Glengarry, Ontario. He married Flora Anne MacDonnell in 1862 in Ontario and they had 16 children between 1864 and 1892 – Alexander, Anne, Jeanette, Catherine Mary, Mary Anne, Annie, Harriet Jane, Bella, Hannah Teresa, John Joseph, Flora, Angus Farquhar, Mary, Duncan, Jessie, and an unnamed infant. The last four children all died in infancy.

John McRae was a railroad conductor. When John became ill with tuberculosis in 1892, doctors advised him to move west for the fresh air. The family came west on the first train to travel the CPR line from Calgary to Edmonton. They eventually settled in Rabbit Hill near Edmonton. John died the following year but his wife and many of his children remained in the Edmonton area.

John Joseph McRae died 3 Oct 1893 in Edmonton.
Flora Anne McDonnell McRae died 17 Feb 1925 in Edmonton.

In 1968, Klondike Days honoured this pioneering family by having a family reunion with over 100 descendants attending from various locales, including Calgary, Peace River, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Boston, Montana, California, Kenya, and the Canary Islands.

Ross, Thompson Family
AR-MS-206 · Family · 1886-1977

Ross, Harold Osbourne 1890-1917
Ross, Winnifred Thompson 1886-1974
Thompson, Hector Harry 1885-1967
Thompson, Jeane Alberta Ross 1914-1977

Zelia Taylor and George Thompson lived in Germania, Ontario. They had eight children between 1880 and 1901 – Ellen Ann, Abraham, Hector Harry, Winnifred, Martha Adelaide, Wilfred, Keith, and Howard George Carlton.

Winnifred moved west around 1904, first working for the Winnipeg Grain Exchange. Around 1909 she met Harold Osbourne Ross. In 1911, Winnifred Thompson and Harold Ross married and they settled in Edmonton. By this time some of Winnifred’s siblings had also come west, namely Abraham, Adelaide, Wilfred, and Keith. The last of the family, Winnifred’s parents George and Zelia, and her brother Hector, came west the following year. In 1914, Winnifred and Harold had a daughter – Jeane Alberta.

When Harold Ross was killed in action in France in WWI in 1917, Winnifred settled in Millet, where she owned and operated a farm with other members of her family. The Ross-Thompson farm operated for over 50 years and many of the family members were highly involved, and highly respected, in the local farming community.