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Zaychuk Family

  • AR-MS-607
  • Family
  • 1908 -

Stephen Zaychuk was born in Bruzuchowicze, Poland on February 2, 1908 of Ukrainian parents. The family interrupted Stephen's engineering education in 1927 and emigrated to Canada. Stephen finally settled in the Town of Beverly, Alberta in 1934 and married Mary Kobewka on January 26, 1935. Together they had two sons, David and Allan. Stephen and Mary owned and ran the market farm known locally as Zaychuk Berry Farm, and in 1954 built and ran a multi-cabin Auto-Court motel. In 1955 Stephen was first elected to the Beverly Town Council serving there until 1961 when Beverly officially amalgamated with Edmonton. During his terms as a Beverly Councillor he sat on the Police Commission, attended the Union of Alberta Municipalities Convention, attended the first meeting of the Provisional Committee for the Homes for the Aged, and on June 16, 1960 attended the Official Opening of the Edmonton International Airport . In 1961 Stephen and his son David, who had studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta, became partners in the Zaychuk Nursery, Berry and Vegetable Farms Ltd. Mary was involved with the Beverly Home and School Association, was a prize winner at the food exhibits of the Edmonton Exhibition, took specialized food preparation classes at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and travelled in her later years. The Zaychuks were innovators being the first to commercially grow strawberries and raspberries and later introduced the carrot combine which improved the harvest of root vegetables, and David kept cattle to provide fertilizer and use up excess vegetable feed. Stephen was a member of the Alberta Fresh Vegetable Growers Association, the Canadian and Western Canadian Societies of Horticulture, the Alberta Nursery Trades Association, the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, and the St. John's Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Stephen died tragically on April 4, 1973 at age 65 in a car accident in B.C. The younger son Allan died March 10, 1985 and Mary died August 10, 1994. David continues to run the Zaychuk family enterprise on 400 acres north of Edmonton.

William Henry Sheppard Family

  • AR-MS-651
  • Family
  • 1862 - 1944

William Henry Sheppard was born in Newmarket Ontario in 1862. He married Annie Elizabeth Lowe on April 13, 1892. Together they came to Edmonton in 1894 and ran the Raymond Hotel and then the Hotel Edmonton in 1896. He built the Sheppard Block in 1907 and began a political career serving on the First Strathcona Council in 1899 until 1901 then 1903-1904 and again in 1908-1909, until being elected mayor of Strathcona in 1906. Mr. Sheppard also owned and operated the Yellowhead Brewery in Rossdale. He died in November 1944.

Wankel, Dornan Family

  • AR-MS-515
  • Family
  • 1867-current

Dornan, Charles Denis [ca. 1940]-current
Dornan, Edward Patrick 1902-1962
Dornan, Mary Wankel 1904-1998
Wankel, Charles 1902-1970
Wankel, Emil 1867-1948
Wankel, Margaret Kellet 1872-1947

Mary Kathleen Cecilia Wankel, often known as ‘May’, ‘Mayme’ or ‘Mamie’, was born to Emil and Margaret Wankel on 2 May 1904, in Oak River, Manitoba. Mary had an older brother, Charles, whom the family called Charlie. Emil Wankel had a small hardware store in Oak River with partner J.J. Barr.

In 1909 the Wankel family moved south from Manitoba to the States, settling in Spokane, Washington, where Emil tried to have an apple orchard business. However within a year, he decided the apple orchard business was not for him. Emil had kept in touch with his former partner, J.J. Barr, who had recently moved to Strathcona, Alberta, and acquired the Ross Block on Whyte Avenue with the intention of establishing a hardware store.

In 1910, Emil moved the family to Strathcona, reunited with his partner and operated the Wankel and Barr Hardware Store. The family lived in a few different homes in Edmonton, but in 1912 a new home was constructed for the Wankels in Strathcona. The Bard and Carrigan families also lived in the neighbourhood. The Wankel home was in walking distance to St. Anthony's School at 76 Avenue and 106 Street.

Mary attended St. Anthony's School for grades three to eight. Then she went to the Third Street Separate High School for grades nine to 11. Mary also studied music, receiving first class honours in Piano at her Toronto Conservatory exams and was invited to continue studies in Toronto.

After grade 11, Mary went to the Normal School (teacher's college) and received her music teaching certificate in 1920. Mary began her teaching career in Vegreville, Alberta, returning to Edmonton a few years later, teaching at St. Anthony's School where she had been a student. A new brick school opened in 1925 and was later named Mount Carmel School.

Mary married Edward Patrick Dornan on 20 Apr 1933. They had three sons, Paul, Charles Dennis (Denny) and Gerald Edward (Gerry). She taught with the Edmonton Catholic Board for many years, was a dedicated member of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) and very involved with St. Anthony’s Church, including as the organist for 20 years. She was also very involved with the creation of a commemorative book for the 75th anniversary of St. Anthony's Church. Mary pursued many musical, artistic, and literary, and was a member of the Women's Musical Club of Edmonton. She was an active volunteer in many organizations, including the St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary.

Mary was an avid writer and collector of family stories and community histories. Her work as a keeper of histories and stories culminated in a scrapbook-cum-manuscript covering predominantly the history of families in the Stratchona area and St. Anthony's Parish. She also created other scrapbooks pertaining to her Kellet, Wankel and Dornan families.

Dennis (Denny) Dornan was active in the Edmonton Junior Chamber of Commerce, including as Chairman of the Outstanding Citizen’s Committee. He cared for his widowed mother in her later years.

Edward Dornan died in 1962. Mary Wankel Dornan died 23 Mar 1998 and is buried at St. Anthony’s Catholic Cemetery in Edmonton.

Trudeau Family

  • AR-MS-6
  • Family
  • 1883-current

Trudeau, Aime 1883-1955
Trudeau, Alice 1900-1967
Trudeau, Denise [ca. 1927]-current

Aime Trudeau operated a garage and service station in Edmonton under the name Cadillac Auto Livery Company and Sellick & Trudeau Auto Company from 1913 to 1936. It then became known as the Trudeau Auto Company.
He married Alice ?, who was the daughter of an early fur trader. The Trudeaus later lived in Fort Kent AB but returned to Edmonton for their retirement.

Tominson Family

  • AR-MS-662
  • Family
  • 1739 - 1829

William Tomison was born in South Parish, South Ronaldsay in 1739. In the summer of 1760 he sailed for Canada in the employ of the Hudson Bay Company. In April of 1778 Tomison was sent to manage Cumberland House, Northwest of Lake Winnipeg. Later in 1795 he established Edmonton House as Factor. He retired back to the Orkney Islands in 1811 building a school, Tomison's Academy, there. He died March 26, 1829.

Thompson, Jean and Hector

  • AR-MS-206
  • Family
  • n.d.

Hector Thompson, and his sister-in-law, Jean Thompson lived in Millet, Alberta. The Thompson's were prominent members of the United Farmers of Alberta movement.

Secord Family

  • AR-MS-46
  • Family
  • 1860-current

McFadyen, Lena Secord 1895-1993
Secord, Annie York 1868-1951
Secord, Isobel 1902-1993
Secord, Margaret Calder 1905-1980
Secord, Richard Henry 1860-1935
Secord, Richard Calhoun 1955-current
Secord, Richard York 1900-1987

The Secord family in Edmonton can trace its roots to the James Secord family of Ontario (1700's), and earlier to the Ambroise Sicard family in New Rochelle, New York (1600's).

Richard Henry Secord came to Edmonton as a young man from Ontario in 1881. He married Annie York and they had five children - Lillian Laura, Annie Helena (Lena), Imogene (Gene), Richard York, and Isobel.

Lillian Laura died in infancy. Lena Secord married Alexander McFadyen, Gene Secord married George Keltie, and Richard York married Margaret Calder.

Richard York Secord and Margaret Secord had one son, Richard David Secord, and one adopted son, Ken Kirsch Secord.

Richard David Secord married Delle Calhoun and they had seven children - Richard Calhoun, Christopher, David, Dean, Kerry, Laura, and Mark.

Scott Family

  • AR-MS-644
  • Family
  • n.d.

The Scott family have been residents of the Edmonton area for many years.

Samuel McCauley Family

  • AR-MS-320-S-4
  • Family
  • 1855-1987

McCauley, Catherine MacLean 1864-1944
McLean, Catherine Anne McCauley 1887-1987
McCauley, Daniel Alexander 1884-1951
McCauley, Elizabeth Lucinda 1890-1926
McCauley, James Hector 1899-1979
McCauley, Mary Eleanor 1885-1957
McCauley, Matthew Allan 1895-1948
McCauley, Samuel 1855-1903
McCauley, Samuel (Jr.) 1892-1892
McCauley, William Fred 1902-1930

Samuel McCauley was born 18 Sep 1855 to Eleanor Latimer and Alexander McCauley in Owen Sound, Ontario. Following in his brother Matthew’s footsteps, Samuel came to Edmonton in 1892 with his family. Upon first arriving in Edmonton he got a job running the Lower Ferry (near the site of the Low Level Bridge) and then worked as a teamster. In the mid to late 1890s, he created a business specializing as a house mover and contractor.

Samuel McCauley’s business included construction of homes and large buildings, such as the Thistle Rink, and hauling large items including houses and heavy machinery. Younger brother Alex McCauley, a carpenter, worked for Samuel and upon Samuel’s death in 1903, he took over the business. The business was operational until Alex’s death in 1908.

Samuel married Catherine MacLean and they had eight children – Daniel Alexander (1884-1951), Mary Eleanor (1885-1957), Catherine Anne (1887-1987), Elizabeth Lucinda (1890-1926), Samuel (1892-1892), Matthew Allan (1895-1948), James Hector (1899-1979) and William Fred (1902-1930).

Samuel McCauley died 13 Aug 1903 in Edmonton.
Catherine MacLean McCauley died 10 Dec 1944 in Edmonton.

Samuel and Catherine’s daughter, Catherine Anne, was born 25 Jun 1887 in Ontario. She married Colin McLean in 1910, in Edmonton. They had two daughters – Jean (1911-2003) and Betty (1923-2007). Jean McLean married Francis C. Saville and Betty married Wesley H. Parsons.

Sache and Christie Families

  • AR-MS-201
  • Family
  • [18--?] - n.d.

Frederick H. Sache was one of the first residents of the Strathcona district. Mr. Sache was born in Perth, Ontario in 1849 and in 1872 he joined a Dominion survey party charged with the task of laying out part of the northwest. Having reached Edmonton he decided to stay, locating in Strathcona, where he invested in real estate. In 1921 his daughter, Francis Margaret, married Henry Flockhart Christie, the son of the late William Christie of Glasgow, Scotland. Henry Christie served with the Royal Canadian Engineers in the First World War. Later he designed and supervised the construction of the Dawson and 105 Street bridges.

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