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1994 Commonwealth Games Bid Committee

  • AR-RG-7-S-3
  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1986]-1987

The Commonwealth Games are an international athletic competition among British Commonwealth countries. In late 1986 the Commonwealth Games Association of Canada invited Edmonton to bid on the 1994 Games, and the 1994 Commonwealth Games Bid Committee was established. The Committee was likely a function of the City's Corporate Communications office. The Committee was responsible for preparing a bid to be the host City for the games. The bid was presented in November 1987, but ultimately Victoria, British Columbia was selected as the host city.

19th Alberta Dragoons

  • AR-MS-746
  • Corporate body
  • 1908-2006

The 19th Alberta Dragoons were organized in Edmonton on 1 Feb 1908, originally as the 19th Alberta Mounted Rifles. It was renamed as the 19th Alberta Dragoons on 3 Jan 1911. The Dragoons saw service in World War I with the 1st Division, Canadian Corps. It was not deployed overseas in World War II. In 1946 it was amalgamated with the 2nd (Reserve) Battalion, the Edmonton Fusiliers. It was redesignated as the 19th Alberta Dragoons in 1958. But by 1965, it was reduced to nil strength and placed on the supplementary order of battle. In 2006, the 19th Alberta Dragoons were amalgamated with the South Alberta Light Horse and retained that designation.

AIDS Network/HIV Edmonton

  • AR-MS-595-S-3
  • Corporate body
  • 1984-current

The AIDS Network of Edmonton Society, founded by Michael Phair and five others, was incorporated as a non-profit society in 1984. The Society was formed to respond to the growing number of AIDS related diseases being diagnosed amongst the gay community world-wide and the first identified case of AIDS (for a man named Ross Armstrong) in Edmonton. The Society’s mandate was to offer support to individuals with AIDS and ARC (Aids Related Complex), as well as provide education for the general public and high risk groups, and liaise with other agencies and institutions. The Network utilized the services of a large corps of trained volunteers, who were involved with support groups, individual counselling, and a befriending program.
A large part of the Society’s efforts, once charitable status was granted, involved fundraising, and numerous benefits and charity events centered on the goal of raising monies for the Society and its work. Money from fundraising went to producing informational pamphlets and overheads for slides, and acquiring office space for the AIDS Network. The AIDS Network established GMOC (Gay Men’s Outreach Committee) ca. 1991 as a peer education project for gay and bisexual men, with the stated goal of being “positive role models for gay or bisexual men and to support them in making healthy lifestyle choices”. (Folder 23). In 1999, the AIDS Network of Edmonton changed its name to HIV Edmonton, and its work is ongoing.

APEGGA Women's Club

  • AR-MS-125
  • Corporate body
  • 1949-2009

The APEGGA [Alberta Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists Association] Women's Club, also known as the Ladies Auxilliary E.I.C [Engineers' Institute of Canada], Engineers' Wives Association of Edmonton, Engineers' Wives Club, E.IC. and A.P.E.A. [Alberta Professional Engineers' Association], Engineers' Wives Club and Professional Engineers Wives' Club during its existence, was organized in September 1949. It was a social group, designed to acquaint wives of Edmonton engineers with each other. It organized social activities, interest groups and special events. It was renamed the APEGGA Women's Club in 1993 and was disbanded in 2009 at its 60th anniversary.

Alberta 75th Municipal Anniversary Committee

  • AR-RG-7-S-8
  • Corporate body
  • 1979-1980

In 1979 the Province of Alberta established the Alberta 75th Anniversary Commission to plan and develop Alberta's 75th Birthday. Subsequently, all Alberta municipalities received $20 per capita, with Edmonton accepting $9,827,180. Edmonton's City Council established a Municipal Anniversary Committee to serve as a coordinating organization to evaluate public proposals and ideas. The Municipal Anniversary Committee was responsible to City Council. The Committee included three sub-committees: Flagship Projects, Community Projects, and Liaison.

Alberta All Girls Drum & Bugle Band

  • AR-MS-92
  • Corporate body
  • 1970-[198?]

The Alberta All Girls Drum & Bugle band was formed in 1970, under the direction of Robert Nagel. In 1972 the band performed at the Olympic Games in Munich, and assisted in Edmonton's bid to host the 1978 Commonwealth Games. Quickly gaining an international reputation the band performed in Ireland and Scotland in 1973 and were featured entertainers at the 1974 World Cup Soccer Championship in Munich, Germany. The Alberta All Girls Bugle & Drum Band was disbanded in the 1980s.

Alberta Association of Registered Nursing Orderlies

  • AR-MS-87
  • Corporate body
  • 1962-current

The Alberta Association of Registered Nursing Orderlies received its charter in January 1962. Its aim has been to increase and promote the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of nursing orderlies in Alberta. The association is now part of the Alberta Association of Registered Nursing Assistants (AARNA).

Alberta Aviation Council

  • AR-MS-85
  • Corporate body
  • 1962-current

The Alberta Aviation Council was founded in 1962 to promote the development of aviation in the province.

Alberta Highland Dancing Association, Edmonton Branch

  • AR-MS-78
  • Corporate body
  • 1937 - current

The Alberta Highland Dancing Association was formed in 1937 and has subsequently been responsible for teaching dancers and organizing competitions. The Association endeavors to promote Scottish cultural traditions and identity through these events.

Alberta Hotel

  • AR-MS-159
  • Corporate body
  • 1898-1984

The Alberta Hotel, built in 1903 for Del Grierson, was the first major brick structure on Jasper Avenue. It featured Alberta's first elevator and was the hotel in which Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier stayed during the inauguration of the province of Alberta in 1905. It later became the property of McDougall & Secord Limited and was sold to Louis Lucas in the late 1940’s. The Lucas family ran the hotel until the 1980s. The hotel was dismantled and put into storage in 1984. It was rebuilt in 2012 on Jasper Avenue, near 97 Street.

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