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Y's Menettes Club. Edmonton Chapter

  • AR-MS-677
  • Corporate body
  • 1944 -

The Young Men's Christian Association or YMCA was founded by George Williams in Britain in 1844|the associated group called the Y's Men's Club began in Toledo, Ohio in 1922. Later the wives of the "Y's Men" decided to form an auxiliary group to support the community work of the Y's Men's Club and the YMCA. In 1924 a Vancouver women's group adopted the "Y's Menettes" name. The Y's Menettes association was formally accepted as part of the YMCA group at the Cleveland Convention in 1931. Y's Menettes soon became international. The Edmonton group began December 4, 1944 and was very active throughout the 1950's and 1960's.

William Hamilton Architect Ltd.

  • AR-MS-740
  • Corporate body
  • 1968-current

The creator of these records was Woolfenden Group Architects, a predecessor of the firm William Hamilton Architect. The project leader, and principal of the firm at the time, was Brian Woolfenden, who practiced architecture in Edmonton for approximately thirty years, ca. 1966-1995. Other key members of the project team were David Brookes, specification writer and responsible for project documentation, and Dennis Hooke, technologist, who was responsible for, among other things, preparing the drawings.
Woolfenden Group Architects was hired to dismantle the Alberta Hotel by the City of Edmonton, which wanted to preserve key building components for its eventual reconstruction.

Wild Rose Antique Collectors

  • AR-MS-664
  • Corporate body
  • n.d.

The Wild Rose Antique Collectors is a group of antique and collectibles enthusiasts of the Edmonton area that have sales, shows and educational displays|frequently appearing at a major antiques show and sale at the Northlands Park. The organization produces the Dig and Pick newsletter.

Whale Society of Edmonton

  • AR-MS-358
  • Corporate body
  • 1981 - 1984

The Whale Society of Edmonton was a non-profit incorporated society which operated for 5 years. It was the first, and until 1981, the only society in Canada which worked solely and specifically toward the preservation and public understanding of cetaceans (whales and dolphins). The main concerns of the group were public education about cetaceans and advocacy for the preservation of the cetaceans and their ocean environment. The group maintained information files on cetaceans and the International Whaling Commission through the efforts of Dr. Dennis Wighton, from the Department of Genetics, University of Alberta. The Society dissolved in 1984.

Westmount Presbyterian Church

  • AR-MS-528
  • Corporate body
  • 1913 -

Westmount Presbyterian Church was founded in the Westmount neighbourhood of Edmonton in 1913. In 1988 it celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Village of West Edmonton

  • AR-RG-103
  • Corporate body
  • 1910-1917

The Village of West Edmonton was incorporated in July 1910. The village was located just to the northwest of Edmonton, and was bounded 127th Street on the west, roughly 113 Street on the east and the Grand Trunk Railway line on the south. The village was populated primarily by workers on the nearby railway lines. In 1917, the residents of the Village of West Edmonton voted to amalgamate with the City of Edmonton. The area came to be known as the Calder neighbourhood of Edmonton.

Village of North Edmonton

  • AR-RG-104
  • Corporate body
  • 1910-1912

Located at the juncture of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and the C.N.R. lines and encompassing the subdivisions of Belvedere, Dwyer Addition, New Delton, Belmont Park, Dwyer Subdivision, Mount Lawn, and Santa Rosa, the Village of North Edmonton was incorporated as a village on January 26, 1910. At the time of incorporation the village had a population of about 400 with the majority of the residents working at the nearby Griffin meat packing plant or in factories situated in the northern sector of the City of Edmonton. The first action of the newly constituted community was to elect a village council with T. W. Fletcher as the chairman. The Village of North Edmonton operated a hospital, a post office, and its own police force. In 1913, partly fueled by a desire to have utility services extended to North Edmonton, the area was amalgamated by the City of Edmonton.

Victoria Park Sports and Cricket Club

  • AR-MS-642
  • Corporate body
  • 1960 -

The Victoria Park Sports and Cricket Club (VPSCC) was originally called Victoria Park Cricket Club (VPCC) and was founded in 1960 by Bernard Laydon and Gerard Hanson, senior players with the Edmonton and District Cricket League (EDCL).

Veterans' Volunteers' Reserve, South Edmonton Battalion Association

  • AR-MS-55
  • Corporate body
  • 1940 - current

The Veterans' Volunteer Reserve, South Edmonton Battalion was formed on July 26, 1940, shortly after the creation of the VVR by the Alberta government on June 19. Its members formed an auxiliary constabulary, primarily for surveillance and control of enemy alien activities in the city. After the end of the war the organization held annual reunions until 1956. When it disbanded, it donated its remaining funds to the Edmonton Home for Ex-servicemen's Children.

Vet's Sheet Metal

  • AR-MS-637
  • Corporate body
  • n.d.

Vet's Sheet Metal Works and Vet's Steel Products Co. Ltd. were owned and operated by A. F. Rayner and provided services for heating and furnaces, air conditioning, sheet metal and steel work and industrial equipment in Edmonton and surrounding area. Vet's worked on several major projects such as the the University of Alberta and the International Airport and the F. T. Rayner Warehouse.

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