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FIC - Found in clippings collection

  • AR-MS-0
  • Pessoa coletiva
  • 2015-current

It had been common practice to put small amounts of original material in clippings files. However, in 2015 the City of Edmonton Archives established a clippings committee to follow best practice and remove original archival material from the clippings files. The committee created a new classification within the private records (MS) collection and the government records (RG) collection to hold this material and make it accessible.

Smith's Ambulance Service

  • AR-MS-103
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  • 1936-1981

In 1936 Sherman Maxwell Smith founded Smith's Ambulance Service. The company signed a contract with the City of Edmonton in 1953 and continued to provide ambulance services throughout the city. Mr. Smith passed away in 1975. The company was sold to the city in 1981, at which time the Edmonton Ambulance Authority was established.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

  • AR-MS-1037
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  • 1889-current

The Edmonton Board of Trade, a community-based volunteer organization, was established in February 1889 to promote practical growth opportunities to support and enhance the prosperity of Edmonton’s business community with the goal of attracting settlers to the district. At the time of the Chamber's formation, Edmonton's economy was more rooted in agriculture than energy.

It was renamed the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce in 1928, retaining its mandate of contributing to the growth and development of Edmonton and its business community. In 2014, the Edmonton Chamber celebrated its 125th year of serving businesses in Edmonton.

Edmonton Zoological Society

  • AR-MS-104
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  • 1953-1970

The Edmonton Zoological Society was first proposed in 1926 in association with the Borden Park Zoo, which operated in the city until 1941. In 1953 a committee was formed to re-establish the society and noted Edmonton naturalist, Al Oeming, was elected President. The society worked in conjunction with City Council and the Parks Department in the development of the Laurier Park Children's Zoo, which opened in 1959. The Society also appointed members to the Edmonton Zoo Advisory Board, as well as conducting lectures and lobbying on various wildlife issues. The Society was disbanded in 1970.

Edmonton Bulletin

  • AR-MS-1071
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  • 1880-1951

The ‘Edmonton Bulletin’ was the first newspaper published in Alberta. It originally appeared as ‘The Bulletin’ on December 6, 1880, and its owners were Alexander Taylor and Frank Oliver. It first appeared as a weekly but changed to twice weekly in May 1892. The name was changed to ‘Edmonton Bulletin’ in 1881.
Alexander Dunlop took over from Taylor that same year, and Frank Oliver became sole owner in 1884. Oliver's company, Bulletin Publishing Co., was publisher from 1898 to 1923. An evening daily was published as the "Daily Edmonton Bulletin" from January 3, 1903 to January 16, 1906, and as the "Edmonton Daily Bulletin" from January 17, 1906 to January 30, 1923. A morning daily was published as the "Edmonton Daily Bulletin" from May 2, 1910 to November 8, 1915, and the "Morning Bulletin" from November 9, 1913 to January 28, 1924.
Oliver sold his interest in the Bulletin Publishing Company and the company was reorganized under George B. O'Connor as the Edmonton Bulletin Ltd. on January 1924. The name was changed to Edmonton Publishing Ltd. in December 1924. The "Edmonton Bulletin" was published as a morning and evening daily from January 29, 1924 to June 19, 1925. After suspension of printing due to a labour dispute which ended December 3, 1925, the paper became an evening paper only.
In October 1925 it was sold to Charles E. Campbell and published by Alberta Free Press Ltd. In January 1948 it was sold to the Edmonton Bulletin Ltd., directed by G. Max Bell and published and edited by Hal Straight. Eric Bland was hired as staff photographer ca. 1947. Previously the paper's photographs had been taken by commercial photographers. The paper ceased publication on January 20, 1951.

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption de la Sainte Vierge

  • AR-MS-112
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  • 1928-1972

Les Soeurs de l’Assomption la Sainte Vierge was founded in the parish of Grégoire-de-Nicolet, Quebec in 1853. In 1891 the order began to offer educational opportunities at boarding convent and day schools in St. Paul, Bonnyville, Maillaig, LaCorey, St. Vincent, Brosseau, and Lafond. In Edmonton they were known for the Assumption Academy, which offered a bilingual education to Edmonton girls from 1928 to 1972.

Old Strathcona Foundation

  • AR-MS-113
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  • 1972 - current

The Old Strathcona Foundation (OSF) was founded in 1972 in response to citizens' concerns about the future of the Old Strathcona area of south Edmonton. A 1976 agreement between the Foundation, the City of Edmonton, and Heritage Canada paved the way for a successful program of heritage preservation and renewal in the area.

Canadian Athletic Club

  • AR-MS-1142
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  • 1937-current

The Canadian Athletic Club (CAC) was started in 1937 by a group of sports minded community league members who recognized a need for athletes from schools and community leagues to have a more competitive environment in which to play, in order to develop their skills. The club was involved in a variety of sports, such as hockey, baseball, soccer, lacrosse and boxing in the early years. However since the early 1960’s, the club has focused on hockey offering a complete program from Bantam to Junior. In the early 1980s the CAC began a hockey school and in the 1990’s expanded their Kurucz Tournament, as well as established a scholarship fund. The CAC celebrated their 75th Anniversary in 2012.

Ramsay's Flowers Ltd.

  • AR-MS-117
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  • 1905-1983

Ramsay’s Flowers Ltd. is a successor to the company formed by Walter Ramsay. Walter Ramsay was born near London, Ontario, in 1870. He came to Alberta in 1899 and was principal of McKay Avenue School and then Queen's Avenue School.
In 1905 he left the teaching profession and founded the florist firm of Walter Ramsay Ltd, which operated a large array of greenhouses near the General Hospital in Edmonton AB. He was a pioneer in this field and his business grew to become one of the largest in Canada. Walter Ramsay died in 1958.
Ramsay’s Flowers Ltd. was operated by Walter’s son, Donald McRae Ramsay (1904-1974).

Byron-May Company

  • AR-MS-1192-S-1
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  • 1906-1917

Percy Byron arrived in Edmonton in April 1906 with the intention of ranching or farming. However he quickly realized there were no ‘photographic engraving’ businesses, ie businesses capable of producing publications with photographs, in the area at the time. In fact there were none between Winnipeg and Vancouver. As the son of famous New York photographer Joseph Byron, he saw an opportunity. Within twenty-four hours of arriving in Edmonton, he telegraphed his father to ship one ‘complete photographic engraving plant’. He set up a shop on First Street (now 101 Street) and by August he was producing photographic images.

The following year, Percy’s brother-in-law, Gustave May, joined him and the Byron-May Company was formed. While Byron-May are often credited with predominance in scenic imagery photography, a staple in their business was the capacity to produce illustrated catalogues and brochures with their photoengraving equipment. This was a crucial advantage in the early days of advertising.

By 1913, the Byron-May Co. had over 10 employees. As their business grew they found an investor and built a two-storey brick building at 252 Howard Avenue (now 100A Street). The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce commissioned the Byron-May Company to create images and produce brochures promoting Edmonton. Some of these images have become iconic in telling the history of Edmonton.

The Byron-May Company fell on hard times with the coming of World War I and the business was sold to McDermid Engraving in 1917. Both Percy Byron and Gustave May returned to New York with their families.

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